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When you shoot yourself into space to look for your lost older brother and you end up with two ୧(๑ ⁼̴̀ᐜ⁼̴́๑)૭

At least I’m hoping she does cause you know there’s always the possibility she might end up with neither but lets… lets not go there…



[Insp] from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Original here


Magnus and Simon visit Agra, India, and look at the Taj Mahal - ‘the tear-drop on the cheek of time’.

bonus: Magnus looking as beautiful as the scenery

What we know about Malec in every episode of season 2 + Todd Slavkin's tweets.

2x01 - Promo’s scenes
2x02 - //
2x03 - //
2x04 - //
2x05 - Terrific Alec/Magnus
2x06 - Malec first date
2x07 - Malec fans will be over the moon / Malec mania
2x08 - Party at Magnus’s place
2x09 - Hug & kiss in public
2x10 - Beautiful Malec

+ Yes there will be lots of passion. The show is sexier than ever in more ways than one. #malec #ShadowhuntersS2 #hot
+ All the episodes are emotional, some more than others. Lots of feels, happy and sad. #ShadowhuntersS2 #laughandcry
+ Malec all around the globe
+ Honored to be a part of  #fallinginloveisagloriousjourney
+ I haven’t counted but we are deeply invested on Malec. Lots of great moments ahead. #ShadowhuntersS2 #whataride
+ Malec fans will be thrilled in #ShadowhuntersSeason2

Sherlock put the recording device into John’s cane.

Sherlock broke into John’s flat to put the recording device into John’s cane.

Sherlock saw Rosie’s baby stuff that hadn’t been touched in a while, saw what of it was missing. He saw the empty bottles of Whiskey in the kitchen, the dirty glasses in the sink, the empty fridge, Mary’s clothes still on the coat rack…


Shadowhunters Meme: [1/1] ultimate parental figure

Luke Garroway» “Wait a second,“ Clary said. "I never understand why people say that,” Luke said, to no one in particular. “I wasn’t going anywhere.”