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okay but where are my childhood book fandoms at.. everyone has their Harry Potter and their Percy Jackson and that’s great bc I like them too but those aren’t my childhood books.. give me the Roman mysteries and skulduggery pleasant and Artemis fowl! come on guys I know somebody else must have read them let’s get together I need this

Okay, random thought time. I’ve been calling the aspects of (Breath, Hope, Space, Life, Heart and Light)  and the aspects of (Blood, Rage, Time, Doom, Mind and Void) as Fantasy and Realism respectively. I want to honestly rename the names because it just throws me off all the time. In one post, I was rambling on what the heck are aspects supposed to mean and I randomly said that aspects are either “aspects of optimism or pessimism” as a point of wonder. Then I thought, Huh, what does these words mean anyway?

Is it possible that one aspect of the aspects is the same as the general outlook of the character or their peers? They also have to find the balance between their main aspect and their opposite so that they would not be deliriously and delusionally happy, or utterly defeatist that they are unable to do anything and give it up to the others?


Edit: Hilariously sums it up