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Strange Magic Modern Day Fancast

Fairy King-Derek Jacobi

Fairy Queen - Charlize Theron

Marianne - Kristen Stewart

Dawn - Elle Fanning

Roland - Alex Pettyfer

Bog King - Adrian Brody

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I don’t view the whole Twilight blow-up as being generally traumatic. It would take someone with a really unhealthy amount of ego to be upset that everyone doesn’t love them. It would be silly to say I don’t care what people think of my work and who I am, but stuff is polarising, period.
—  Kristen Stewart

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Favorite YA Books with Lady Leads

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Melinda Sordino busted an end-of-summer party by calling the cops. Now her old friends won’t talk to her, and people she doesn’t even know hate her from a distance. The safest place to be is alone, inside her own head. But even that’s not safe. Because there’s something she’s trying not to think about, something about the night of the party that, if she let it in, would blow her carefully constructed disguise to smithereens. And then she would have to speak the truth.

“I have survived. I am here. Confused, screwed up, but here. So, how can I find my way? Is there a chain saw of the soul, an ax I can take to my memories or fears?” 


If a woman isn’t happy and un-opinionated and long-haired and pretty, then she’s weird and ugly. I just don’t get it. I hate it when they say I’m ungrateful and I fucking hate it when they say I don’t give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do. I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.