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Who here would want to headcanon about Caesar Calore and his takeover/construction of Norta

A Norta origin story with all the founding members of the High houses, the first queenstrial,and the founding division of the reds and silvers


Klaroline AU: Caroline hears Klaus’ voicemail and decides to leave Mystic Falls and travel the world with him.

I’m on my way
Driving at 90 down those country lanes
Singing to “Tiny Dancer”
And I miss the way
You make me feel,
And it’s real
We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill

Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill


a series of unlikely crossovers


Some Altean headcanons of mine.

(Please feel free to use this body mark ref sheet for your own art, just be sure to give credit for the designs and tag me! I wanna see all the pretty Alteans!)

The Altean people have marks over their whole body, though royalty, such as King Alfor or Princess Allura, or someone who works closely with royalty, such as Coran, it’s very rare that they show off these marks. It’s consider to be more ‘proper’ if you cover them up. This is why their outfits do a pretty good job at covering up. (even their necks)

The markings are very similar for both male and female Alteans, though there can be minor differences. The males’ body marks often are sharper, thicker… almost boxy? Whereas the females’ body marks are usually thinner, curvier, more ‘feminine’. However that’s not always the case. Everyone’s marks, as similar as they seem at first glance, are always just a little different.


a series of unlikely crossovers: Klaus and Caroline find themselves chasing the same quarry


Because Magic! in which Caroline is a witch and Klaus is her familiar

Caroline Forbes had always been a cat person, and yet her and cats simply didn’t get along. Her mother had a cat as familiar, a beautiful ginger ball of fluff named Millicent. Caroline loved Millicent, but Millicent hated Caroline.
It took Care years to accept that she would never have a cat for a familiar, the animals simply couldn’t stand her.

Years later Caroline happened upon a gray wolf as she was collecting flowers in the woods, she didn’t expect the animal to grow a liking for her. And she certainly didn’t expect the animal to grow on her and to become her familiar; and yet that is exactly what happened.

The gray wolf (she called him Zircon, after a gemstone used for protection and to drive away evil spirits) lived with her in the small village close to the woods she called home. Caroline was one of the young witches belonging to the small town’s coven, which mainly practiced nature based spells and was infamous for its experimentation with potions.

And brewing potions she loved. 
It was the reason Caroline moved into the small town in the first place. She regularly experimented with potions, she revelled in testing out the effects certain spells had on potions and how her potions worked when she used them in combinations with certain crystals.

But quite a few of Caroline’s experiments went wrong; just like the one in which she involved the stone zircon, hoping to be able to use it’s protection properties to strengthen her healing potion. But the result of the experiment was a success nonetheless. Because as it turns out, Caroline turned her beloved familiar into a man, who had been cursed to live as a wolf several centuries ago.

Klaroline AU: Queen and King of France.     

When Bonnie Bennett casted a spell to send Caroline Forbes back in time, the vampire didn’t expect to find Klaus Mikaelson ruling France in 1630. She also did not expect falling in love with him or becoming queen… wait, how did it all happened? Maybe it was the spell that messed Caroline up… however, now she knew why the hybrid had all those “stolen” things from the Louvre. 

Kindly named KING AND QUEEN OF FRANCE I SAY OUIIIII by @lclrgsl​ 



Hiro Hamada, a young robotics prodigy and superhero is suddenly grounded from all his projects and duties when there’s an accident in one of the labs at school resulting in the teen loosing his right arm.

For a while, it was hard getting used to using one arm and being prevented from doing what he loved, and he started to wonder if he’d ever be able to do the things he used to, but the boy bounced back eventually. With lots of hard work and determination, Hiro managed to piece together a very sturdy, functional and ‘cool’ new prosthetic arm that he worked hard on perfecting to work with his own muscles and move like his real arm. It’s stronger too.

Once he’s mastered controlling his new arm and fixing any minor bugs, he’s back in action, eager to start creating new amazing inventions and join his team to protect his city.

He also finally earns his very own nickname from Fred, who now lovingly calls him ‘Robo-Boy’, or just ‘Robo’.

[art and idea by me]

Her Crowning Glory

Summary: When Caroline’s father suddenly shows up in her home town of Mystic Falls where she’s been living peacefully with her mother for the past 18 years, and declares that she’s his sole heir to the throne of Misthaven, what will she do? And what happens when she’s introduced to Prince Niklaus of Camelot, who she finds out she’s been engaged to since she was born? Is it hate or love at first sight? A Klaroline twist on The Princess Diaries.

Rating: M

A new fic I’m working on which will be posted around August time since I’m full of exams right now but it’s a royalty AU so I’m really excited about it! For now, enjoy this graphic and a tiny sneak peek.


His lips are soft, as they caress her hand and his eyes are bright and mischievous as they gleam up at her.

“Princess Caroline,” he greets, a grin pulling at his lips that is all too smug. “It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance, finally.”

She forces her body into a bow as her knees bend, watching as his head tips towards her slightly when she rises to her full height and she swears she’s not mistaking the lust in his eyes as his finger crawls over his too red lips.

“Your highness,” she grits out between clenched teeth as she tries to remember her manners, the hours full of princess lessons she’d attended.

(Prince or not, did it hurt him not to look at her like she was a piece of meat? Like, ugh. You’d think she was something to be hunted by the look in his eyes.) 

His teeth shine in the sun as his eyes flash and when he murmurs, she bites her lip at his possessive tone.

“How about we go for a stroll in the garden’s, my fiance?”

Yeah, he was definitely a smug asshole. Just, one, she was being forced into marrying. Whether she liked it or not.