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T’Challa - The Tourist

“If I were to do this - If I even could do it, I’d need a guarantee. How do I know you can deliver?”

“You don’t. But I can.

Assemble your team, Mr Rogers, and choose your people wisely.”

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i coudnt resist to stop drawing this. i know less practice but now i am happy to upload this drawing on my account. sorry for NOT sherlock bbc stuff, it’s from “inception“. i do love my OTP, authur and eames. i also will continue to contribute to sherlock bbc, so my dashboard will become mixture of inception and sherlock bbc :) i hope somebody enjoy this one. cheers! have a nice weekend!

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: It’s been five years and there’s still no official follow-up of any kind to Inception, and I guess that’s ok, I understand Nolan not wanting his ~artistic vision~ to be tampered with, but I wonder if he has any idea how much that world and those characters mean to so many of us, if he has any idea what kind of amazing world-building and dedicated fandom has grown on the back of his movie, how it’s bigger than just his thought experiment now, it’s about giving us a chance to return to this universe we all love. I’d be okay with a prequel, a look at the early days of dreamshare, if it’s a way of avoiding screwing with the ambiguity of the ending, because there’s still plenty to explore there. Heck, they could make some kind of film version of The Big Under, the comic, I’m sure Ken Watanabe would be up for it, and we could finally learn more about Tadashi! Or they could just make a sequel focusing on a completely different dreamshare team. That way maybe Eames could still turn up, maybe, and Arthur, and we could see them together again, just for a few more precious moments, and it would be the most wonderful thing, and oh, Arthur and Eames, there’s nothing like them anywhere. But I just want more Inception, it’s not like I can’t be satisfied if I only have JGL and Tom Hardy back together again. Show us what Robert’s up to these days, or give us a whole TV series with a whole new amazing team. It’d be so cool. What’s holding you back, Warner Bros.? We need this. Do you even know how hard it is being in a fandom with no new canon material produced for five years? Do you even know how amazing what you’ve given us is, that we’ve been able to stay happily playing in this two-hour-and-28-minute-long sandbox for five years? New canon isn’t asking too much. We deserve this.  I’ll be okay, really, if it never gets made, because what we’ve built as a fandom is so incredible. But please, oh, please. We’ve waited so long. I just want to see Eames kick Arthur’s chair one more time. 

omg i apologize for everything

Kate Winslet’s face lights up when she sees Arthur on the red carpet, and even though Arthur should be used to seeing her by now, he still goes red-faced when she flings her arms around him. 

“You do remember we’re kind of neighbors,” he says, hugging back while trying not to crumple his suit too badly.

“Oh, shush, I haven’t seen you two in weeks,” she says, kissing him on the cheek. Then she turns and punches Eames on the arm. “You’ve got to stop squirreling him away, don’t you know if you only ever bring him out in small doses it just makes the paparazzi frenzy worse?”

Next to him, Eames is casually sporting tailored all-black Versace and is quite simply the hottest thing Arthur has ever seen. Arthur had tried to tell him so, but he’d been so worked up when he’d been doing Eames’ tie earlier in the evening that his hands had been shaking, and finally Eames had simply clasped Arthur’s wrists and stilled him and backed him against the dresser and said, “Arthur, darling, we don’t have to go to this rumpus if you don’t feel up to it,” and he’d been totally relaxed and smooth and earnest in a way that made Arthur feel as though he could take on eight awards ceremonies and then several afterparties without breaking a sweat as long as Eames kept looking at him that way. 

Now, though, Eames only smirks and slides his hand around Arthur’s waist in one of those suavely possessive moves Arthur just knows is going to be giffed all over Twitter in five minutes. Jesus, that’s hot. Arthur’s face is still red.

“Ah,” Eames says with a wink. “If I let them look too long at our dear Arthur, I’m afraid they may steal him and never give him back to me. I keep him under wraps for my own protection, not his.”

“That’s egregious and I’m too drunk to scold you for being ironically regresive,” says Kate Winslet. “Come on, I’ll take you to the Girl Scout cookies.”

“The what?” says Arthur.

“I bought Samoas,” says Kate Winslet.

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(Continued Arthur translation from yesterday, lol)

“Where you gonna go?”

“Buenos Aires. You?”

Fuck you, Cobb, I’m going to visit Eames, don’t you dare try to find me or call me up for a job because if you do I’ll put it on speakerphone while Eames is fucking me so you can remember what actual sex sounds like, and then I really will go to the U.S. and I’ll drop by your house and tell your kids that their Daddy is a putz who make stupid speeches and cries in his sleep and has a subconscious that’s so fucked up he fantasizes about shooting his only friend in the goddamn kneecaps, Jesus, ‘one apology’s all you’re getting, arthur,’ listen, fuckface, there’s a statute of limitations on being loyal to the guy who probably incepted your best friend into killing herself and we just passed it AT DUMBSHIT ASSHOLE O'CLOCK