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Royalty AU - Crown Princess Marinette of the Dupain-Cheng Twin Kingdoms

(Adrien, Alya) (other classmates coming soon)


‘Cause past is past but not in my heart.

I’ve been through this before; then it broke my heart.


Happy Valentine’s Day! (even if you’re single like me, it’s a day to love yourself)

And a thank you to @turquoisetacos and @allaboutthewitcher for your help with some of these ^^

This took forever

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His Thoughts

 Nobody noticed him.


 Nobody cared about him.


 If anything, his existence was meaningless.

 Arms lowering down from the target board, Takumi only stared blankly. Sunset eyes hazed with sorrow and emptiness. Flickers of hatred and resentment stroke across the surface of his irises. Dry lips pursed and tightened for Gods know how long, he only let his mind wander to such malicious thoughts.


 That’s what he felt. That’s what he’d always be.

 Utterly, laughably, alone.

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# gotta love how Flint lowers his gaze and looks away :) # as if his chest just got a little too tight suddenly :) # because he realizes that’s not what he wanted to hear :) 

Stuck Together

Summary: Alfred and Arthur were best friends until Arthur’s family circumstances tore them apart. Years later, Alfred sees Arthur with someone else and he just can’t stay away anymore! (usuk, omegaverse au)

For @mi-chan4649​! I was your @usuknetwork​ Summer Festival Exchange partner!! :0
I’m so so sorry it’s a little late!! I really wanted to finish it earlier but I am just 
p r o b l e m a t i c. i really hope you like it… I tried to use all three of your prompts! 

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