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for him ;

Mark is so, so convinced that Donghyuck belongs on stage. Even if it’s a crappy high school performance. Donghyuck absorbs the light, kind of, and over the years Mark has seen the younger boy under spotlights so many times and the light always shines on his tanned skin like glitter. Mark might or might not love Donghyuck. A lot.
markhyuck / AU: high school / fluff / 943 words / warnings: - 

a/n: a response to this prompt: “CAN U DO "you’re breaking my heart, babe” FOR THE FIC THINGY???? i will actually lov u forever okay bye;;; also i know it’s not a headcanon,, more like a prompt but it still screams markhyuck @ u so!!“” 

ok but that sentence could be both angst or fluff so i went w the fluff bc…. i write too much angst.. but seriously if this isnt enough i can write another version bc i kind of slipped off of the prompt lol just hmu!! <3

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