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Favorite Introductions of Characters | Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson)

His name is Peter Bishop. He’s a high school dropout. IQ of 190, just 50 points north of genius. Misfit. Nomad. Hasn’t kept a job longer than two months. He’s been a wildland fireman, cargo pilot, and briefly a college chemistry professor, he falsified a degree from MIT. He even managed to get a few papers published before he was found out. He sounds like a massive pain in the ass.” - Olivia Dunham (Fringe 1x01)


Fringe Rewatch: 77/∞

↳ 2.09 Snakehead


“Look, I’m half-Italian, half-black. My name is Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito. I’m Italian.” It didn’t matter. I was asked to choose. And out of having to make that choice in so many different situations, I became an actor. Because I was constantly flipping between black and white, and the one thing that I missed then was being human.


“I remember just the one scene that I shared with Giancarlo where I was sitting in the hospital waiting room. And seeing him onscreen is so intense, but seeing him in person just being this close to him and watching his body language, you know the way he was always coiled like a panther that was about to strike? That scared me so much in person that I was just - and I wasn’t supposed to know who he, you know - but I just sat there watching him working, and it was one of my favourite days actually on set. I mean I just was amazed to watch how he barely moved a muscle! And his eyes were so laser focused everywhere he looked it was extraordinary to watch him. It was really an exciting day.”

- Anna Gunn on Giancarlo Esposito