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First Lines

SOoooooo!! Fun! I was tagged by the lovely @bixgirl1 (I highly recommend the technique of sliding into someone’s DMs and screaming at them how much you love their work as a way to make friends).

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favourite authors!

(Insert) Bossy instructions.  I will do what I want.  *glares*  (…I may be too bored right now.)

Okay, crazy that I actually HAVE 20 first lines!! So in reverse posting order, here goes.

20. From Puppy Love: Eyes closed, Niall leans against Liam in the car as they head to…“Where are we going again?”

19. From Just Give Me One Thing (That I Can Hold On To): Louis stared at the flight information board first in confusion, and then in mounting rage. Cancelled. Cancelled. Cancelled. What the fuck?

18. From What’s Another Word For…: Louis kicked off his shoes by the front door of their Queens apartment and tossed his coat over the newel of the bannister.

17. From Accidental Buttplugs: “And so,” Harry concludes, “We can see from these end-of-year-sales projections…” His voice trails off as a text flashes up onto the screen the screen of his iPad, and, is, of course, projected onto the screen on the wall, because for once, the integration is seamless. Louis: So I accidentally bought butt plugs!

16. From The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth: Louis shifts on the sofa, and hopes he doesn’t look as awkward as he feels. He hasn’t been allowed to be alone in an interview with Harry since France in 2012, and they all know how that turned out. 

15. From There’s No Wrong Way to Tumble: L: HARRY. H: Yeah babe? Everything okay? L: NICK GOT THE ACCOUNT

14. From Hold My Heart (written with the amazing @a-writerwrites): Harry looked up from his Kindle as the heated discussion at the ticketing desk turned to full blown shouting. 

13. From Open the Closet Door: Louis leans into the mirror, concentrating as he carefully applies first the one set of false eyelashes, and then the other. The bustle in the dressing room fades to background noise as he blinks a few times to make sure they are on securely, and then grabs his eyeliner. 

12. From Just the Two of Us: “Cut.” Louis could hear the frustration in Harry’s voice, and honestly, couldn’t blame him in the slightest. 

11. From Dance Me (to the End of Love): “Marry me.” The words fly off of Harry’s tongue before he even realizes that he is speaking. 

10. From Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance: “Mrrrow?” Louis is juggling an armload of groceries and books while simultaneously burrowing in his backpack for his keys, so he really can’t be blamed for the fact that it takes a few seconds for the quizzical sound to travel from his ears to his brain.

9. From Twist of Fate: Louis yawns and stretches as he steps out into the sultry heat of the late afternoon, eager to get home, get out of his suit, sit on the back deck and drink a beer before he heads over to Liam’s weekly Friday night cookout. 

8. From Love Amongst the Bubbles: Standing on the Charles Street station platform, Louis groans and leans back, trying to ease the ache in his back.  

7. From Feels Like Coming Home: Harry steps out onto the tarmac at Logan, the humidity of the late August afternoon immediately wilting his curls and drawing the sweat from his skin after the cool of the airplane. 

6. From Wherever I Go (You Go With Me): Harry turns into the driveway and parks his car down in the turnaround spot where he always leaves it, making sure there’s enough room for Louis to get the minivan in next to it. 

5. From I Always Get Lucky With You: Louis groans as he begins to wake, swimming towards consciousness like a diver rising from the seabed.

4. From This Magic Moment: Harry hangs up the phone in a daze, and flops down onto the couch. 

3. From Some Nights: Louis rolls over slowly, the pounding in his head letting him know that opening his eyes at this time would be a mistake.

2. From If I Had Three Wishes (They’d All Be For You): Harry puts the last of the things he thinks he might need for the drive on the passenger’s seat of the car, and slams the door. The car is full, and he hopes he has everything, because if he doesn’t, it’s gone

1. From Now That I Found You: Louis sighs, turns off the tv and drops the remote onto the couch next to him. Having a birthday on Christmas Eve sucks. 

Okay, this was fun, revisiting things from the past 8 months or so!!

Now, if you’re reading this and want to do it, CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED but I’m gonna call out: @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee @domestic-harry @lululawrence @a-writerwrites @becomeawendybird @afirethatcannotdie @icanhazzalou @allwaswell16


💚I thought it would be fun idea to upload some of my drawings I did during my final year of high school 💚

Here are some achievement hunter related ones 👈👈

I dunno where y’all came from but I’m happy you’re here!! Tumblr activity feed is kinda junk, so if I ever missed replies, I’m sorry. Thank you for all your nice tag comments and stuff!

Would you like to send me some art requests to doodle? …or chat with me, idk. I need to kill time between DPS/PvP queues o:




Hello friends and pals and little kittens and small young-lings in addition to the tallest flowers that are living the adult life hello hello

everything I post from 6/24 - 7/15 will be on queue/scheduled !

The reason is I’m going to be gone on this trip out of country for 3 weeks and so updates will be slower than usual, because wifi there is unstable and I won’t be able to dedicate a lot of time here while I’m gone because of that unfortunately and I have a feeling I won’t be “home” much- that being said, I plan on having at least 2-5 posts per day minimum while I’m gone, hopefully there would be more than that rip but I definitely do not want to leave this blog dead bc this blog is my baby and I am it’s mother and I am nurturing it and taking care of it and giving it love every day but anyway that’s off topic. Yes this is my major announcement, I have been putting some stuff on queue and scheduled already, so we should be fine for the first week- at least but don’t worry I’ll figure something out huhu…

Until then, this has been, ohm-pawat’s!/’s! major announcement!

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Things I want from Season 13
  • Cas back
  • Dean crying and cradling Cas’s body
  • Jack to not be evil but a cool character
  • Cas back
  • Lucifer to be killed (preferably by Cas or Jack or maybe Dean)
  • Crowley back
  • Rowena back
  • Jody, Alex, Claire and Donna more on the show
  • Cas back
  • Jack calling Cas Dad
  • Jack and Lucifer meeting and Jack telling him that he’d never be his father
  • Jack becoming a Winchester
  • Eileen back
  • Cas back
  • More love and kisses and cuddles
  • Dean sitting alone and listening to the tape he made Cas
  • Sam finally getting his way out and his endgame
  • Cas back
  • Dean refusing to burn Cas’s body because he could be back
  • Dean being a walking shell for a while
  • Claire being sad about Cas’s death
  • Cas back
  • Claire and Cas in the same episode
  • Someone thinking Cas and Dean are Claire’s dads and no-one thinks to correct them
  • Hugs
  • Cas back
  •  Reverse!Verse Episode
  • Cas and Dean listening to the mixtape together
  • Hand holding
  • Hunter husbands
  • Cas back
  • Cas being in more than 10 FUCKING EPISODES
  • Cas back
  • Dean to come clean with his feelings
  • Dean growing the balls to kiss Cas
  • Cas back
  • Team Free Will
  • Hunting together
  • Cas really learning how to shoot
  • Cas back
  • Cas back

I don’t care, just give me Cas back

dumb things I want for TS4
  1. the ability to name cowplants
  2. the ability to bulldoze lots from map view
  3. child support
  4. inheritance
  5. laundry
  6. the ability to change the opacity on makeup
  8. better, more plain, swatches on base game beds
  9. real garage doors
  10. cars (they don’t even have to work, I just need the aesthetic for houses)
  11. graveyards
  12. sims 3 traits (the really dumb ones): coward, brooding, diva, technophobe, hates the outdoors, neurotic, etc.
  13. really just more traits (I miss the more personality based ones)
  14. a nice, simple, bathroom sink to put in counters (they’re all for kitchens)
  15. more planter boxes for gardens
  16. green wall colors that aren’t ugly
  17. better kitchen cabinet sets (don’t even get me started on this)
  18. the ability to paint portraits
  19. actual group photos
  20. swing sets for my kiddos (and adults too)
  21. really just more playground equipment
  22. more of these new semi-interactive City Living type careers
  23. graduation ceremony for teens when they age up (a rabbit hole even)