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“What would I do without you?” I crouch down and squeeze her in a hug, as I do seeing our whole life together: her tiny infant toes and scalp that smelled like baby powder; the first time she tottered over to me; the first time she rode a bike and fell and scraped her knee, and when I saw all that blood on her, I almost died from fright, and I carried her all the way home. And I see beyond it, strangely, glimpses of her in the other direction: Izzy grown tall and gorgeous with one hand resting on a steering wheel, laughing; Izzy wearing a long green dress and picking her way in heels toward a waiting limousine on her way to prom; Izzy loaded down with books as the snow swirls around her, ducking into a dorm, her hair a golden flame against the white.


I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods


lit meme: [¼] deaths

patroclus, the song of achilles

“The spearhead submerges in a sear of pain so great that my breath stops, a boil of agony that bursts over my whole stomach. My head drops back against the ground, and the last image I see is of Hector, leaning seriously over me, twisting his spear inside me as if he is stirring a pot. The last thing I think is: Achilles.”

She wanted to ask the stars why they are so beautiful, but little did she know that these stars wanted to ask her the same question.

you’re beautiful.

He reminds her of earthquakes,
he always comes back,
even after a long time,
she learns to live again,
she learns to forget the past,
and here he is, in front of her,
scaring the hell outta her,
because what if they are meant to be?
what if they have to be together?
what if it’s a sign?
what if they make the biggest mistake
leaving each other?
what if? 
But she knew,
earthquakes are meant to destroy things,
earthquakes have their reasons of coming back,
they have to damage what’s not yet ruined,
she knew,
you can’t ask for peace from something
that was meant to be a destroyer.