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111 Steps to Make Brownies From a Box Mix

1. get up to date with my thankfully not too active tumblr dashboard
2. make sure no one is trying to get my attention on discord or twitter
3. rest computer screen with tumblr open (The first three steps are a routine to try to bring this ‘task’ to completion, but the internet is never complete.)
4. stand up (this is significantly harder than it should be, something about task switching, I think.)
5. walk around desk, to get to the door (which direction? the long way, or the way with wires? I need to know, to do either.)
6. open door, the door nob turns either direction
7. enter next room while closing the door so the cats don’t get into my stuff
8. walk into kitchen
9. remember I had to bring stuff from my room, such as the brownie pan, and the brownie mix (This always happens with me, invariably.)
10. return to my room, locate the remembered items, which thankfully stay in the same spot, and so aren’t ever out of place
11. return to kitchen, remembering to close my door again
12. put obtained objects onto the counter
13. stand in the kitchen for a few minutes, trying to proceed, not knowing what’s next. hope my housemates don’t ask me if I’m okay (this means the next steps are probably hard)
14. gather every ingredient listed on the brownie mix’s box, so I know I can make them (This is actually just the eggs and oil, at this point.)
15. realize I forgot the canola oil in my room
16. return to get it, being sure to not let the cats in, still
17. put oil onto counter
18. set oven to 350 (just a dial, its not extra steps)
19. repeat step 13 for at least a few seconds
20. obtain a mixing bowl (This step is SO hard. I don’t own one myself, so I have to figure out WHICH bowl to borrow and to commit myself to cleaning it.)
21. inspect each possible mixing bowl to judge how clean they are
22. feel bad that I’m going to make someone else’s bowl dirty
23. place selected bowl onto counter
24. pick up canola oil
25. read brownie box, for measurements
26. put oil back onto the counter
27. return to my room
28. find my measuring cups
29. bring my measuring cups into the kitchen, don’t forget to close the door again
30. take canola oil and pour it into the listed measuring cup, holding both over the bowl in case it spills
31. once filled, dump the measuring cup’s contents into the bowl (31 steps in, and we’re finally putting the ingredients into the bowl, yay!)
32. use the water measuring cup amount, to obtain the right amount of water from the sink
33. dump that water into the bowl
34. crack the instructed number of eggs into the bowl (possible step: fish the bits of egg shell out, if any fall in.)
35. find mixing utensil (what, a fork, a whisk, something else? something that’s mine, something that’s better to use? Lets say I went with a fork of my own.)
36. mix up the wets with the fork, until the yolk is spread throughout
37. open the bag of brownie mix (with what, my hands, my teeth, a knife, some scissors?)
38. pour brownie mix into bowl
39. mix until consistent
40. notice i never cleaned the brownie pan
41. take dry paper towel (which paper towel, from the kitchen, or from my own roll in my room?)
42. wipe out last time’s crumbs best I can
43. think “good enough”
44. place pan onto stove
45. pour canola oil onto the pan, and use a dry paper towel to spread it across the bottom and sides of the pan
46. pick up bowl with brownie batter in it
47. live over pan, and begin to pour
48. ensure none of it falls outside of the pan
49. use the fork to coax as much of the batter out of the bowl as possible
50. set bowl down, such that it doesn’t drip
51. put on oven mitts
52. open oven door
53. pick up the pan of brownie batter (with one hand? two?)
54. place the pan of brownie batter into the oven (the easiest spot to put it is good, nothing tricky here)
55. close oven door
56. take note of the time
57. promptly forget the time
58. go to my room to get my visual timer thing (close the door behind me)
59. think to turn the dial, to the amount of time the brownies should be in the oven for
60. realize I don’t know how long that is
61. go back into the kitchen (remember to close the door)
62. pick up empty brownie box with other hand
63. read the table on the back, to see how long the brownies should be in for
64. set box back down
65. turn dial on timer to the greater of the two listed times for my pan size
66. inspect counter, to find a clean dry spot (I forgot to put this step, every single time I put anything down so far, but this step is always inevitable)
67. set timer down on the cleanest driest spot of the counter
68. unaffix all ends of the brownie box and flatten it
69. put box into the kitchen’s recycling container
70. think to myself “yay, I did it, good job, me, we’re done!”
71. realize I’m not done, because now I have to clean the fork and bowl
72. take a moment to do nothing but take note of my emotional response (probably dread, but more active and tense)
73. walk over to the fork and bowl (I forgot to say, but those are also on the counter on a clean dry spot. the fork inside the bowl, but touching the inside as little as possible so the batter doesn’t dirty the fork more)
74. carefully pick up fork, only touching a clean dry part
75. turn sink on all the way, on hot
76. hold fork under the hot water, until all visible brownie batter is washed off
77. think “this is my fork, and this is all i ever use it for, so this is good enough” while turning off the sink
78. carry the fork back into my room (the door)
79. place it back with the rest of my utensils
80. return to kitchen (If I don’t sit down for “just a moment”)(the door)
81. look at the bowl to be cleaned
82. freeze up, standing there, unable to proceed
83. eventually, mentally prepare myself to deal with cleaning the bowl (though not nearly enough)
84. turn the sink back on with hot water
85. pick up bowl by the sides, not touching any of the dirty parts
86. carefully hold bowl such that the sink washes the batter off, without the water or batter ever touching my hands (this step is tricky and can take a long time)
87. set the mostly empty bowl down on the counter
88. grab the dish soap
89. squirt a little of it into the bowl
90. set the soap back down exactly where i picked it up from
91. stare at the bowl, unsure of what to do
92. think about how gross sponges are, and how i refuse to touch them
93. pick up bowl
94. set down bowl
95. walk around the house aimlessly, in my confusion (continue this step as long as needed)
96. return to bowl with the resolve to clean it, even if it means getting my hands wet (idk why but I have a big problem with getting my hands wet, unless the water is 100% known to be ‘clean’)
97. take a paper towel and fold it over a lot
98. completely wipe the soap and water around
99. throw away the paper towel
100. rinse the soap out
101. put bowl in drying rack, or on other counter, if drying rack is full
102. take a moment to take in how exhausted I feel after all of this
103. pick up the timer
104. return to my room (door)
105. sit at computer, exhausted
106. place timer in range of vision on desk
107. watch something online until timer is done
108. return to kitchen (door)
109. put on oven mitts
110. open oven door
111. pick up brownies, to move them to the stove top