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i have an idea about these rival assassins (m vs f). both orphans, or so they thought. turns out the boy is the rightful heir to the throne and assumed dead after the current dictator and his court killed the guy's family. the leader of the assassins guild works with the dictator; knows the female assassin is better than the rightful king so pits them against each other despite his sexist ways. the rightful king goes into hiding. eventually they usurp bad guy by killing. how do i fill in blanks?

Woah, this sounds amazing! Just so we’re on the same page, do you mean that the girl is hired by the assassin guild to kill off the remaining member of the family, so he has no threat of a next heir? I’m going with that! I don’t even think you have all that many blanks, but plot twists might be something you could consider?We love a good old plot twist! So I had a few ideas if you’re interested, otherwise just scrap them, I don’t mind!:

  • Have the girl fall in love with the heir and not have the heart to kill him. Leading to many complications and her lying to the king to protect the boy…
  • Have the boy poison her or knock her out, capturing her for interrogation on finding her in his house on multiple occasions.
  • Have the dictator fall ill, requesting that the girl kills the heir immediately, but she fails to do so in time and is cursed/tortured/etc until they find the heir and kill him. He finds her first and releases her.
  • The girl being distantly related to the heir and can’t bring herself to kill him.
  • Have the girl find the heir already dead and a note declaring that the person who would read it next would be dead. It appears the roles are now reversed and she’s the one running.
  • Have one of the heirs family members protect him from the assassin. He has no clue that they’re related, but totally loses his shit when he finds out.
  • Have the girl find out that she’s related to the dictator and is also entitled to a place on the throne if she lives long enough. She shares her knowledge with no one…

So you asked about filling gaps and I don’t really see what gaps you’ll need to fill :). I’m assuming you’ll have some sort of chase and capture that is directed by the girl? I also love that you chose for the assassin to be a girl- I love a badass female protagonist! Also think about other characters to incorporate. Think about family members, friends, distant relatives, people whom she may create alliances and whom he will become archenemies with- vice versus. 

I can’t see any huge or obvious parts that you might need to fill out or add, but if you have a draft that you want some help on, be sure to message me :)

Good luck! It’ll be great, lots of love from Yasmine xox

back in time
  • 17-years-old Yuuri: who are you?
  • 24-years-old Yuuri: I'm you but more happy and confident and engaged to a man of our dreams so whatever happens please don't ever give up!
  • 17-years-old Victor: who are you?
  • 27-years-old Victor: ...
  • 27-years-old Victor: god, I was cute


#happy_dk_vernon_day to the dk side of the equation!  thank you for being a bright ray of happiness!  here’s to more beautiful smiles and incredible vocals! happy birthday, sunshine! ♥

The ADHDstudy Masterpost Is Here!!!

For the past few weeks I’ve been moving all of my resources and links over from my old (and far less organised) masterpost to a new one. Now, I can proudly say I’ve finished the new masterpost and it is ADHD friendly. Organised, efficient, and ADHD and mental health-centred. There’s also plenty of resources for note-taking, studying, procrastination, dealing with adulthood, and an entire page of links to other websites and apps that students have found helpful.

If you have any resources you yourself use, send me an ask and I’ll add it to the masterpost. There are currently 289 resources and I’d love to add more to the collection!

Good health and good studying! ~ adhdstudy


He thought I was a pervert. That’s fair.

i hadnt drawn these 3 together so i had to change that !!

Ok so quick version:

>Krys was fighting with mysterious creature
>Creature kicked his ass
>But Krys never gives up
>When he was barely standing on his feet, creature suddenly started changing it’s form
>SURPRISE SURPRISE IT WAS LUCIEN (they thought he was dead when they felt into an ambush and couldn’t find his body after fight)

@drawfee give me more bad jrpg and those two. I need it.