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guess who got sick? me, I did! I feel like dying. I’d say that dont expect many drawings from me in the next days but Im a stubborn f.cker who will probably draw anyway so yeah

did the first pic some days ago but it’s relatable everyday

second pic is self-indulgent appletiara gosh I dont draw this ship enough. Diamond sometimes feels bad for have been such a butt to her current gf for so many years.

Third pic is a more realistic RD and Rares?? Lately Ive been feeling like all of the faces I draw are identical, so I did these to remind myself of their facial features and because drawing faces is fun too also Dash that rainbow hair doesnt make you look cool u loser

sidotsy  asked:

Ok, this swap AU is amazing but it totally got me thinking. Apple Bloom is probably a little southern belle and probably hanging with Diamond and Silver Spoon, while Sweetie and Scootaloo are tough girls, with Scoots idolizing Rarity or Fluttershy instead of Dash. Or would Scoots basically be Heathers, trying to get in with the cool kids?!

Basically what you said first

AB hangs with DT and SS, and are, like, the trash rich kids in town who likes to do fancy stuff like playing croquet and having tea parties

On the other hand, Scoots and Sweetie Belle are the tough girls and love to skate and cause some mischief, they both kind of idolize Rarity (specially Scoots)

The trash trio and the dinamic duo butt heads a LOT as kids, though there’s no legit reason as for why, they just are jerks. They eventually end up getting along, as they mature

another important fact: sweetie belle is still a big cute patoot and needs to be protected at all costs