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How much alike Victor and Yuuri are (1/3)

So one thing I absolutely love is the fact that at the beginning of the anime it looks like Victor and Yuuri are complete opposites but then as the story goes and we learn more about them they turn out to have very similar ways of dealing with emotions and people. And I think this is one of the reasons why their relationship is so strong because they really are able to understand each other quite well.

Let me start with that “opposites attract” trope because I think that yoi creators play with that a lot at the beginning. It’s even in those obvious features like with the fact that Victor is taller and has light hair and blue eyes while Yuuri is smaller and dark-haired with brown eyes - it’s just so cliche? And there’s more of course, while Yuuri is shy Victor seems to be very open, Yuuri doesn’t believe in himself and Victor seems to be even over-confident, Yuuri gives up easily while Victor always pushed himself further, also Victor acts like he’d be very experienced with love while Yuuri never even thought about it and so on. Funny thing is that actually all of these things we think about both of them and especially about Victor turn out to be wrong at some point.

It’s so interesting to rewatch everything after ep 10 because it shows even more how unreliable Yuuri’s narration is. Yuuri learns very slowly that Victor is a human being too and I think that it’s not until ep 7 where he finally lets his idealised image of Victor go. But even then I think that most of the things we learn about Victor we know from the man himself in these rare moments of his narration and I love how much more Victor is willing to admit they’re alike. 

Like really willing to admit it. If he goes to Japan to find his inspiration it’s not because he lacks some technical or even presentation skills that Yuuri has. It’s because he sees in Yuuri someone who treats skating very similarly to Victor’s way, he sees that Yuuri puts his emotions into his routines and all his determination he puts in order to win and that’s something that Victor’s needs to get back as a skater. In other words, he sees in Yuuri his younger self, eager to win and challenge and brave enough to put all his soul into his performance. And that Victor knows from the very beginning (apart from the fact he probably thinks about them as soulmates since banquet).

And there’s another attitude they share as skaters – at some point, they both really gave up everything for skating. 

A lot of things, like including “life and love” maybe?

It not only gives us a hint of how much they’re both inexperienced with relationships and having fun they are also realising at the same moment that they are not satisfied with their lives and careers anymore. And this is so important because probably the most significant thing we learn about Victor in episode 10 is that he needed Yuuri as much or maybe even more than Yuuri needed him. The point is that they both lack exactly the same thing, they need their inspiration to skating back and they need someone to share their lives with and this is precisely what they find with each other.

So in firsts episodes, we are meant to think that Yuuri and Victor are very different but what we learn from Victor tells us a lot about how similar they are. And what they share as skaters is their determination to win and love for skating itself but also they way they sacrifice everything for skating to the point where it doesn’t make them happy anymore.

Another thing I’d like to discuss is how many traits they share and how similar are ways in which they express their love but I just feel this post is long enough and I’m very tired. Anyway, this for #victuuriweek and also for a wonderful @blue-phoenix-tears who suggested this topic long, long time ago.


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max and the way after midnight visitor (bmw 1)

So last weekend I decided to check back in on Paranatural for the first time in years… such a good move. Still my favorite by far. And hey, I’m apparently back just in time for bullymagnet week, which wasn’t even a thing before. My timezones may be a little off, not quite sure, but this is for day one - night.


Max wakes up at 4:17 AM to the familiar sound of ol’ Hissin’ Pete freaking out. He groans, rolling over to put a pillow on top of his head, only to bolt upright when he rolls right onto his fractured arm.

“FLIPPIN’ HECK,” he screams through gritted teeth, curling over it.

“Mister Max! Are you okay?” PJ inquires, looming out of the darkness with a nightmare grin. Max means that literally. He’s had nightmares about that grin.

It does look a little more nervous than usual this time, though. He squints, honestly just to get a better look in the darkness, but PJ immediately quails before his face, admitting, “I’m sorryyyy, it was me that got Hissin’ Pete going but I only did it because a weird kid on your roof threatened to punch Lefty!”

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Stuff I've Actually Heard People Say Part 4
  • "Mmmmmmmmilky me."
  • "Who's your dealer?" "My mom."
  • "Have you seen my chicken dog?"
  • "Use that picture, but only the frame."
  • "This is a blank Maya file? Best work I've seen from you."
  • "Wait, if this isn't your number, then who have I been sending memes to?!"
  • "Octology is the study of eight."
  • "You're a disgrace to the marshmallow making community."
  • "How are you eating an airhead at 6am?" "I lost control of my life a long time ago."
  • "The chocolate releases the orphans."
  • "No, like... noodle lizards."
  • "It makes me feel like I have a unibrow, and that makes me feel so self-confident."
  • "I'm gonna start a 40 day fast like Jesus." *20 seconds later* "Ooh, watermelon!"
  • "If you could survive two and a half hours between two morbidly obese, sweaty men on that flight, it was worth the $15-25 you saved!"
  • "I know I'm weird, but I don't think I'm singles ward weird."
  • "I think you should stop saying that, and knit him a blanket or something."
  • "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes down to the bone."
  • "I think you're taking the thank you note thing too far by giving away kidneys."
  • "I love swallowing saliva."
  • "I'm not hairy."
  • "Those scares sure are stairy."
  • "You were a macaroni girl for prom?"
  • "I don't want to see your calves anymore!"
  • "Oh, I only have one pair of glasses, I'm not going to be able to read."
  • "I'm going to yell because she's blind."
  • "We can finally go see Gardens of the Galaxy!" "...Gardens?"
  • "Well I'm lactose intolerant, so I don't need any of your cheese."
  • "It's a man man!"
  • "Mickey Mouse is the Taylor Lautner of furries."
  • "Stop bird thigh erasure."
  • "Yeah, he's abnormal dude; he kinda lives somewhere."
  • "He has like, flesh lumps, but he doesn't have eyebrows."
  • "It's a fact that the longer your legs are, the more attractive."
  • "He's got like... cybernetic eyebrows... oh my gosh... cybrows..."
Yavin 4 - Malavai Quinn
Richard Teverson
Yavin 4 - Malavai Quinn

Quinn’s comments on Yavin 4 - one of them is really horrible though … I always thought that he had changed his xenophobic views during the travels with the SW - but it seems that was only my headcannon.

The one about his childhood dreams in interesting too … both quotes are fanfic material!

 all for you (girls like dollies epilogue) 2/4 (11275 words)
Trixie loves their apartment in California. It’s tiny, it might not even be half the size of their nice two-bedroom back in Chicago, tucked into a corner of West Hollywood in a building where the elevator never works and none of the neighbours say hello when she passes them. The rent is extortionate and the heat is even hotter than she expected it to be, their a/c never works when they need it most, she’s always boiling hot even when she sleeps naked with the windows thrown open, sheets pushed to the floor and Katya banished to the furthest away point in their bed to sweat as far away from her as possible.


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Bad Habit

(Pietro x Reader) (M)

You got yourself a (real) bad habit for him.

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Part 4

You practically sleep walked into the gym, it was the last thing you wanted to do, to have to train with Pietro and act like nothing had happened. Yet a part of you wanted to show him you weren’t as weak as you actually were, that you weren’t dying inside.

Steve’s eyes regarded you with concern when he saw you walking towards him, hugging you before you could say a word. Pulling away you gave him a fake smile you knew he saw right through.

“I’m ok, where’s Pietro?” Your voice was flat, just like you wanted it to be as you begin helping him move the mats.

“He’s on mission,” you stared up at him, nearly dropping the mat in your hands, “he went to Fury last night, asking for anything available.”  

“Oh.” Was all you could manage, too shocked to really take it in, you felt like you were slowly shattering inside. He just left? 

“I guess you told him?” Steve asks you softly, taking your hand when he gets no response, “y/n?”

I want you, I need you’  You almost laughed, so much so he would leave everything behind just to get away from you. He was all you ever wanted and those three words had put the nail in the coffin forever. You finally look up into Steve’s eyes and break down. 

“He didn’t even say goodbye.”    

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