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Okay so...

This is one of my favorite Ziam moments:

The fact that they even kept this in the video is still surprising to me. Anyway, what I love about it is how nonchalant it is; Zayn looks perfectly content to have Liam on his lap and is untroubled even when Liam starts acting silly for the camera. It just looks like an every day thing. 

However, what made this moment better/worse for me was when I saw this:

It is clearly from the same day/place (SNL) though I don’t know if this was before or after the previous gif. Once again Liam is being silly for the camera while Zayn could care less (talking or warming up) in the background. From this moment we can see that there is a TV on the wall. 

Now looking back at this moment:

I used to not be sure if Zayn was talking to someone out of frame but now I’m fairly certain he was just watching TV. Though its quick, it also looks like Liam’s head is tilted up in the direction of the screen before he turns to the camera. So…they were just casually sitting like this while watching TV. Pardon my language but that is some cute domestic shit. 

I don’t know why I love it but I do. 

*not my gifs

Ok but an AU where chris buys victor pole dancing lessons for his birthday because he knows victor thinks it looks really cool and victor goes for his lesson at the Yu-Topia Club and this adorable lil bean with jet black hair and big brown eyes behind bigger blue glasses checks him in and then goes backstage to (victor assumes) get the instructor and victor is poking around, checking the place out when suddenly the lights dim a bit and music starts playing and victor whips around towards the stage and there that same adorable bean except now he’s more sexy than adorable with his glasses off and hair pushed back and wearing nothing except some low slung leather pants and fire red stilettos, and he’s staring right at victor with the hottest damn bedroom eyes and the most sinful smirk victor’s ever seen (and he’s best friends with chris “nut button” giacometti so that’s saying something) and victor just kinda- freezes- for a second before stumbling back a step in surprise and slipping on a piece of paper and falling ass over teakettle and knocking himself out on a table and then the next thing victor knows he’s coming to and opening his eyes and staring right into the wide, concerned eyes that were just seducing him from the stage a few minutes ago and the gorgeous raven-haired man just a smiles the most beautiful smile victor has ever seen and says “maybe we should lower the the session difficulty from intermediate to beginner hmm?” And victor just- falls in love right then and there.

Confession:  In all my previous playthroughs of Inquisition, I was always so bored with the character creation bit. In attempt to make each Inquisitor good-looking, eventually they all started looking the same and that got me to stop playing the game for a few months. When I finally came back to it I thought “Y'know what? It’s time to make an older dwarven veteran-like guy.” Gray hair, lots of scars, heavier eyes, rougher complexion. That kinda stuff. Honestly made me feel more interested in the character as he was the only one who didn’t look like he never battled in his life, unlike all my other lazy-ass fine-trimmed pretty-boy Inquisitors!
Now I only wish there was a Character Creator option to make the Inquisitor canonically old for the sake of unique veteran dialogue options.
Also, it’s quite hard to have characters in Origins and DA2 that are almost as old as their parents.


I “love” when I start creating a post and look my photos and realize they all look the same. haha. anyways, who cares. :D

Shoutout to chubbycartwheels for sending me these awesome VELVET leggings. they are super comfortable and keep you super warm in New York. haha.

anyways, heres some stuff.

Shirt: H&M
Pants/Leggings: chubbycartwheels
Lace Cardigan/Fauxmono: H&M
Shoes: Thrifted
Hat: Forever21
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I Can See That You Want Something Else

Tyler Seguin x Reader

Word Count: 798

Fandom: NHL (Dallas Stars)

Warnings: Shouting

Summary: You know what you want and that includes a family of your own. But is Tyler the right person for that?

A/N: Just a little something that came into my mind on the way back from school. Want something else? Request it.

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The silence was almost unbearable. You had to admit that “We’re not on the same page anymore” hadn’t been the best way to start this talk. Tyler was looking at you like you just kicked him in the guts. He seemed to be unsure of what was coming while you know where you wanted this talk to end. You were sure of what you wanted and in case the talk ended like you had imagined your stuff was packed and you had an emergency driver.

This was it. all or nothing. You couldn’t deny what you wanted any longer.

“What exactly do you mean?”

Tyler’s attempt to start the conversation surprised you and his voice in the silent room was like an echo that seemed to go through the entire house. Although the house was big, you were now able to notice how cold it was. And empty. This wasn’t your home.

“I don’t think we work anymore.”, you confessed.

It was hard for you to maintain eye contact while you were repositioning your feet on the ground in front of the couch. Your hands were fumbling at the sleeves of your shirt but you sat up straight, giving you a somewhat sense of control over the situation. 

“Is it the road trips? I mean I know you don’t like them but I thought you knew what you were going for when we called this a relationship.”

Tyler’s brown eyes were fixated on you like he was thinking he cold figure you out by staring at you long enough.

“It’s not the road trips. It’s not your job. It’s just about you and me. You know we used to be on the same page but we aren’t anymore. And I don’t think we want the same things.”

“Well, what DO you want?”

“I thought about it a lot. And I know it now. I’m ready to settle down. I want to get married and eventually have children. But you… Tyler we both know that you’re not ready for this. You love traveling around and partying and that you’re not in for something that serious.”, you said quietly.

“So you think I’m too immature for you just because you want children?”, he asked with a slightly raised eyebrow sounding offended.

“No, we both know that being happy you’re still young isn’t the same as immaturity. But you know it, Tyler. Or did you change your mind? Tell me, what do you want?”

Tyler looked down, breaking eye contact with you for the first time since you had sat down, opposite to each other.

“See.”, you pointed out. 

Tylers’ eyes flashed back up to meet yours, now with an angry look.

“So you’re leaving me? To find some boring guy that wants to get married? Just because I don’t want to agree to a long-term commitment?”, he snapped standing up.

You wanted to start talking and explain yourself but Tyler didn’t even let you talk. He just started rambling about how in a few years he might’ve been ready for marriage and eventually wanted to have kids. But a few years, in Tyler’s mind, we’re like five to ten years and you knew that you couldn’t wait that long. Because maybe he would’ve been ready. Or maybe he would’ve decided against it.
You were too afraid to say it, but you were afraid that he might’ve decided he didn’t want a future with you anymore and that he would search for a different girlfriend.
You were afraid that you would wake up some day and realize that you had wasted your time with him.
But you couldn’t say it.

“Tyler!”, you shouted in anger as he was continuing to not let you speak.

He stopped ranting and looked at you, a little shocked.

“You enjoy your life the way it is! And I don’t. So I’m doing this because of me. It’s not your fault but you can’t change it either!”

“But I love you! I want you to be in my life! And I would do anything for you maybe even get married!”

“You don’t think I love you too? That’s what I’m doing this!”

“You don’t make sense!”

“I can see that you want something else!”

You both just stared at each other, Tyler’s look was sad now and you were pretty sure that he saw the tears you had been fighting back. 

“I can see it. It’s obvious. And I love you too much to expect you to change for me.”, you finished, not shouting anymore.

Omg, I'm in my twenties.

This year, I turned 24 – and with it came a startling realization.

Oh my god. I’m 24. What the hell?!

Now I know that sounds stupid. “You’re only 24,” my colleagues tell me - in fact, somebody said this to me today. “You’ve got your whole life ahead of you!” my older friends preach (if you reckon you’re one of these older friends, I’m sorry for calling you old and appreciate your endless wisdom. You look extra dashing today).

And yeah, I suppose I still am quite young. I haven’t had to start using Just For Men quite yet. Sure, I’m just getting started with things like my career and other adulty stuff that I’m too scared to even write because they’re so daunting. Because if I write words like rent or mortgage or bills, then that makes them true. It makes them applicable to me.

But at the same time, a tiny (and by tiny I mean huuuuuuuge) part of me is screaming that everything just needs to slow down. Because how am I 24 already? How have I not achieved THIS LIFE GOAL yet, and not accomplished THIS DREAM by now? How am I not the person I wanted to be? How are so many of my Facebook friends doing better than me? Look, they’ve just bought their first house. And how nice, he’s moving to America. And her job probably pays her a shit-ton of money. When you’ve got people like Zara Larsson making millions at 18, and you’ve got young people making entrepreneurs out of themselves through social media, it can be crippling to realize that you’ve done none of these things. As though it’s expected of you. As though that’s the norm.

It all gets a bit much sometimes. You realize that the months are blurring into years and that today you’re 24, but one day you will be 30, then one day you’ll be 40, and then it might just be too late to do all the stuff you always wanted to do. We all give ourselves a sort of itinerary for life, don’t we? We’re in the age of the bucket list. When the future is one enormous, foggy tunnel that you’re racing towards and you can’t stop, it’s all you can do to stop yourself from diving into bed with a multipack of Reese’s peanut buttercups and hiding away from the world with your favourite memes. Because let’s face it, we’ve all got ‘em (quite fond of the latest Kermit craze, tbh).

Stop. Breathe. Just freakin’ calm down and stop overthinking for a second, alright? Have a cup of tea and pet something fluffy. Sometimes I literally just grab my half-pug and bury my face in his abundance of rolls and instantly feel better.

My problem is that I’m quite self-critical. And if there’s one thing that my boyfriends asks me all the time, it’s this: why do I keep comparing myself?

And he’s right. I do constantly measure my own life up against that of other people. Mostly in terms of career success. I sometimes look at other authors, others who have literary agents or who have even been published by my age, and I wonder – how come they’ve managed to do that, but I haven’t?

The thing is, we’re living in an age of instant gratification. Our internet is faster than ever. You can take a picture, upload it to Instagram, and rake in the likes in just a few seconds. Everything is happening now, and as a result our attention spans have taken a real hit. Hell, my attention has wandered several times just writing this blog post. Oh, let me just check Facebook real quick…

So it just makes sense that we’ve accidentally conditioned ourselves to expect the same from life. From our long-term goals and aspirations. They need to happen right now, and then we need to tell everyone about it.

No. No more. Social media can be great. I couldn’t live without it now. But it’s also toxic. We poison ourselves into thinking we need to be something, when all we really need to be is happy. Happy and in the moment. And what makes me happy? Well, Tom makes me happier than anything. So does our dog, Buzz. And travelling. And going out. And reading. And writing. And good food.

And I get to do those things a lot. On a weekly basis. Daily, for some of them. I get to go to work and come home to cwtches (Welsh word for cuddle, which I will use unsparingly… you would do well to integrate it into your own vocabulary) from my amazing boyfriend and our sausagey little pupper. We have travelled to, and will be travelling to, some amazing places and I don’t think we’ll ever tire of it. We’ll always be jetting off to somewhere in search of adventures. We have some amazing friends, and we go out pretty much every weekend. I get to read books I love and write books I love whenever I want.

And don’t get me started on the food. I will hoover up anything and everything you set before me (I have been known to eat dog biscuits, but that was completely an accident and I probably need a whole other blog post just to explain myself).

Those are the things that make me happy right now (okay, so maybe not dog biscuits). Within instant reach. My real life instant gratification. Not the faux kind that comes from a little red bubble on Instagram telling you how many likes you’ve had. Or the artificial validation you get when you boast about something on Facebook. Because that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m surrounded by people and things that I love.

As for the other things? The long-term stuff? They will come. Keep hacking away at things in your own time, and things will start to happen. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Life isn’t a race. JK Rowling was in her thirties before her first book was published – and look where she is now. Maybe instead of reading about people’s successes, read about their failures. Normalise it. Accept it. Know that failure isn’t actually real – it’s only an internal measure of yourself. It’s fictional.

So if you’re like me and you’re in your 20’s, feeling like you should have amounted to something by now, please stop. You’re doing just fine. Go at your own pace. Stop comparing yourself to others, because it’s dangerous. It rots your mind. It makes you lose sight of what’s important. Make a list of the things that give you that real life gratification and focus on them. Because they’re what matter the most.

And next time those slimy thoughts start creeping their way back in, come read this blog post. I’ll be here, probably experiencing exactly the same thing.

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Can you explain to me why you ship masugaku and, if you know, how they got paired together by the fandom? I mean, they're not even in the same clubs! That being said, I love your blog; it's really great that a niche fandom has such a great blog in it.

hm idk, i started shipping it when i saw it in the fandom and i was like “oh thats cute!”

i think a lot of people like pairing together the upbeat, outgoing type with the reserved, loner type. at least thats part of why i like it~ budo is overzealous and excitable and shin is quiet and responsible. i think they would be really cute together ♥ 

it makes me really happy that you like my blog lol (its such a small fanbase, i figured i’d just be posting off by myself haha)

♥ here’s some budo whispering sweet nothings into shin’s ear~ ♥

Like I’ve always said there’s a diff between copying and being inspired. So you anons sound so stupid cause you don’t even know what you’re saying or who you’re talking to. Yes everyone is inspired by stuff and that’s cool never claimed to start nothing and I’m not telling you who inspired me cause you’ll attack her with your basicism too, also you’ll never know cause my look is so diff from hers, and that’s the beauty of inspiration, it produces something new. Don’t you guys think it’s embarrassing to go out and have the same look as 30 different people. I personally think it’s dead and go out of my way to avoid it so it’s annoying. Take a look and add something of your own to it, don’t be a clone bitch. Show your personality and be creative bitch, make something, that way no one can ever say something and you feel they are coming for you cause you’re genuinely not a basic. Thank you and goodnight .

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I always feel like your art reminds me of Studio Ghibli's concept artd. Like not in the looks, but the feeling is the same?? I think that's what I'm trying to say??? It's all really nice to look at, it's gorgeous haha!! I really love it!!!!

s-s-studio ghibli… STUDIO GHIBLI…. 

t-thank you I’m… I’m glad it gives off a vibe like that,,,,????? w-what–

The spring semester begins Monday for me and I’m kinda sorta looking forward to it??? I also get to start reading the Sorcerer’s Stone this week and it’s been so long since I’ve read it; reading the series again this semester will make it 100x better by default lol also, get ready for an update on Monday, too, regarding my HP critical creativity class!! Tbh I’m determined to actually learn something that I don’t already know about Jo or the series lol

i can’t believe i totally spaced on faybelle week, please everyone accept my sincerest apologies??

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Hello :3, i was wondering if you could give me a few spell tips?. I've been having a pretty difficult time with getting materials and such for spells. I'm a 3 month beginner kitchen witch :).

Sure! For me, kitchen witchery is what I started with because I didn’t really need more than what I had on hand, and I expanded from there. It can get pretty overwhelming if you look at prewritten spells because likely they have some ingredients you don’t have at all. I found it easier to see what I actually had in my house, look up the properties, and then adapt spells from there. The first spell I finalized for myself was mostly flour - I made bagels, but I shaped them in triquetras. I blessed the water they boiled in. I stirred the batter clockwise with my intentions of increasing health and energy, and channeled the same intent while I kneaded the dough. Stuff like that!

So, start with recipes you already know and use, and think of ways you can incorporate magick into them. Soups are good, or cakes or pies you carve sigils into before baking.

I hope that helps, but if you had something more specific you needed help with let me know!

(I’ve been meaning to write up my recipes that I regularly use but I have a hard time taking pictures, heh)


so figure skaters are like. they have to be super flexible and limber and stuff and be doing stretches all the time right

so just imagine with me for a second. after Jack and bitty adopt their first kid (who’s like 2yo) bitty decides he wants to get back into figure skating because he does miss it and hockey just isn’t the same? so he breaks out his old figure skates and starts going to a local rink to practice. and then he realizes how out of shape and inflexible he’s become (bc he didn’t really keep up on his stretches) and Jack comes home to see bitty playing with their kid while a very loud angry Russian woman screams over their phone. jacks kinda worried until bitty laughs and says “thanks katya” and hangs up.

so bitty starts a relatively grueling training regimen that literally is only to help him get his original flexibility back. (disclaimer: bitty is still p flexible, which Jack appreciates, but he needs to be way more bendy for figure skating.) to do this he practices his stretching at home at the most random times.

he’ll sink down into a full-leg split while they’re watching tv together after dinner. he’ll touch his toes and then tell Jack to come put their kid on his back so that he goes down farther and can actually feel the muscles working

Jack will walk in after hockey practice and see Eric balanced on one leg, holding his other leg up next to his head, while he cooks their dinner.

once, when Jack walked in after having taken their kid to the grocery store with him, he walked in to Eric bending over the counter with one leg on the ground and one at a perfect 180 degree angle, and he dropped the groceries. thankfully, it was just the bread and coldcuts.

You know what I love?  When I get a notification for kudos from a03 and I have kudos on multiple works from the same reader.  That tells me they binge read my stuff.


When I first started reading AO3, I wouldn’t kudos or comment everything I binge read because I didn’t want to look like a stalker. Now that my stuff it on AO3, I realize how wrong this thinking was. (This also applies to commenting, commenting on every chapter, reblogging picture posts, etc. Go forth!)

Readers, we don’t think you’re crazy. We love it. We love you for it.

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I belong to the Scandal fandom too and the male lead, Tony, was hanging out with Priyanka at the Emmy's and he called her a goddess. So the rumors started and he is married too. My point is when you are a celebrity, to call for people's attention and make the interview interesting they have to flirt a little I believe that it also helps execs to hire them for a show if they see chemistry or a role that fits for them according to the behavior they saw. Chill people! Jeff and Hillarie are fine!

I saw the same thing! People look too deep into stuff lol

Hi there!

My name is Noémi and i’m just your average 17 yrs old girl looking for a pen pal, obviously :D I live in Hungary, and as you’ve might guessed, English is not my first language, however, i’m learning hard to be able to speak it fluently. Apart from english i also learn german (can communicate mostly in basic sentences, my vocabulary is rather poor) and a few months ago started to learn russian (I..can read and write, but it’s getting better.)
My interests mostly contain drawing and painting, reading, cooking and watching shows like Steven Universe or Hannibal, and everything in between. 
I personally don’t have any expectations towards a pen pal, I’m just looking for an international friend, with the kinda same interests? It would be good to talk to someone, and later sending mails? I’m really into old-fashioned stuff and mailing is actully a kind of dream for me. 
My social media accounts:
Tumblr: (Not so active here, i only check it like two times a month.)
Insta: rrochen15
and my email which i actually use: sanyikaktusz@ gmail. com (just delete the spaces i put there!)

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'Till death do us part' is literally my favorite fanfic, I am BEYOND excited to see your drawings!!!!!


SAME anon same im just absolutely blown away by it

im really happy to hear ur excited!!! the rest of them should look like movie stills with little script things underneath them, and maybe a few like concept art/storyboard stuff

im really pushing myself to finish this project even w/ school starting again so having all of these folks care really helps!!!!

Pet/Neighbor AUs???

- I was walking my dog while you were jogging and my dog saw something and ran through your legs and oh shit are you okay???

- I’m like 90% sure your cat is the one that got mine pregnant so I think we should get to know each other since we’re basically in-laws now

- You had a birthday party for your dog and invited everyone from our neighborhood but I’m the only one who showed up… This is awkward

- We just found this puppy/kitten at the same time so I guess we have to raise it together now

- My cat would always steal your stuff and you’d always have to come to my house to get it but lately he’s been bringing more things than usual and I’m starting to think you’re giving it to him just so you can come over

- Your dog keeps barking at 3 in the morning and in my sleep deprived anger I started barking back and now you’re looking at me weird- I swear I’m not insane

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I became a larrie on February 1, 2016 after I finally broke down and read some of the fanfiction that I'd seen all over AO3. It was really good, but there was a lot of references to stuff that I thought was fanon, but I looked at some of the author's tumblrs and saw that it was real, not fanon at all. Then I saw all the stuff about Freddie and realized it was fake. I've stuck through babygate, and nothing can change my mind. I'm a larrie for life now!

Anonymous said: I got curious about same sex relationships in 2010 and started reading stuff on Wattpad (yikes I know) when I started reading Larry fanfics. I didn’t even know who 1D were at that point lol. Then in 2012 I went to a yoga class on my college campus and the instructor had More Than This on her playlist. Needless to say I looked them up on YouTube, remembered the Larry fanfics, and I fell down the rabbit hole. I was reading fic before I was even in the fandom lmao 😂🙈

this just goes to show that no matter whether you read your fic on wattpad or ao3 the end result is the same = larrie.

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idk. kissing. stroking. staring at in gay awe and wonderment (ur face, and what it is good for). its just a good face okay. im too gay to explain myself

…kissing and stroking sounds so weird and I totally have this image of the anon icon doing this on their screen @____@”””””

Thanks for saying my face is an okay face tho. haha i have this generic face i always kind of draw and it was the “good” face for me before. But after a while I realized all my characters look the same and they get pretty boring.

That’s why I started the selfie project. So I could draw different faces and study different features and stuff :)