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i got my grandma to take me to beauty and the beast and now i think my dad might take me to power rangers what they don’t know is that half the reason i wanted to see these movies is because of the gay characters mwahaha

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holy shit if you wrote a fic based off my art i'd die omg you should do it

@trashtacular15  Based on this post  Have a college-ish au.

Thomas had discovered it when he went to Hamilton’s usual library haunt and found the man actually napping. There was a white noise sound coming from his desk and it took him a moment to figure out that it was supposed to sound like rain, and a split second later, there was a rumble of thunder. It was odd, as he’d heard that the man was terrified of storms. Why didn’t this one bother him?

Maybe because it’s far from realistic and didn’t pose a threat. He’d been to a journalism club staff party where everyone crowded around to watch a movie, which had a scene with a storm throwing a wrench into the plans of the protagonist, and that didn’t bother Hamilton. In fact, he had dozed off.

From then on, he started to experiment. He’d watch Hamilton after turning on the rain noise on his phone, and it only took a few minutes for the man to be out cold. Even during a club meeting, the guy started to fall asleep on his feet mid-speech. It didn’t take long for Hamilton to figure out what he was doing and during one meeting, Hamilton stormed over to him, mid-rant, and muted Thomas’ phone to shut it up, and then went right back to what he’d been yelling about.

The fun came when they went to class and Hamilton was paired into a group with him and James. They came to an agreement to not speak to one another, and Thomas took this chance to turn on the soundscape with the volume as low as possible, and then every few minutes, he’d bump the volume up a little more. He watched as Hamilton’s eyes kept drooping, his head falling forward every few moments, only for him to jerk awake again. It was adorable.

Until Hamilton slumped over, asleep, on Thomas’ shoulder. It took everything he had in him to not jerk away from the sudden touch. Thomas gaped at the man at his side, blinking slowly as he took in the smaller man. He looked a little healthier overall, now that Thomas had been knocking him out every now and again.

James leaned forward, brow raised as he took in the sleeping student beside Thomas. Thomas could only shrug with his free shoulder, and when Hamilton started to slide back, Thomas immediately reached around to wrap an arm around him to keep him from falling backward. The nuzzling was new and oddly welcome, and the guy squirmed in his seat to get closer to Thomas and leach the heat off of him. Thomas didn’t mind at all, except for the fact that his typing was a little slower with his weaker hand. Oh well.

Maybe the guy would be more bearable if he had a little more sleep in him.

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In ancient Philippine mythology, Mayari is the one-eyed moon-goddess of war, revolution, beauty and strength- daughter of the chieftain of the gods, Bathala, and a mortal woman, Mayari battled with her brother Apolaki, over who would rule the earth.  

She graces the night sky with her light, and she is said to be the loveliest out of all the gods. 


mccree’s filling his flirting quota before going on a mission with reyes

Context: We (A Warlock (me), A fighter, a ranger, and a bard) had just emerged from a long cave system back into open sky to find dawn breaking. In the distance we see a fuzzy black cloud approaching

GM: Ok so a swarm of bats happens to be attempting to enter the cave you just left, and -rolls behind sheet- they didn’t get anything to eat last night, so guess who’s on the menu…

Fighter: don’t worry, I got this -unsheathes massive greatsword- 

Fighter (OOC): So I could technically target an individual member of a swarm right

DM:….I…-proceeds to read swarm rules for 10 minutes-…uhh….yes but it wouldn’t really do anything

Fighter, with mischievous grin: I attack the closest bat to me -rolls not a 1-

DM: You hit. It dies

Fighter: Awesome. Now I’m gonna great cleave


Fighter: -proceeds to great cleave all 56 bats in the swarm over the course of several minutes of rolls, somehow not rolling a 1-

Bard: My god how did you do that

Fighter: I learned that in the great mosquito plague of ‘89

-entire table proceeds to lose their shit laughing-


it’s been a week since YOI has ended and all i had to contribute are these bad genderbend doodles :’) 
I’m doing a lil’ explaining below about my thoughts n headcanons about this au. 

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