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A Dance...

[Context: We’re a party of 5, who’ve stumbled into an underground lair full of pretty nasty enemies. We’ve been playing for a while, and have finally managed to find somewhere quiet to pause to take stock of our situation. We’re stood near a door, deciding what to do next. One of our party is a human warrior, who is known for asking to do slightly wacky things in dangerous situations.]

Human Warrior: (tries to peek through a keyhole to see inside a room, and rolls a natural 1.) ‘Whoops!’

DM: ‘You lean on the door, and it swings open! You stumble into the room, stopping only when you hit a table, and you hear the door slam shut behind you, trapping you alone in the room with four bandits! They aren’t pleased to see an intruder, and draw some rather nasty looking weapons’.

Human Warrior, immediately after DM stops talking: 'Can I do a provocative dance on the table to distract them?’

DM, slightly incredulously : 'I mean… I guess? Roll me a 20 and you can do that.’

Human Warrior: (rolls his first 20 of the entire campaign)

DM: (pauses for a good ten seconds, then sighs loudly) You climb on the table, and begin to dance. The bandits, rather out of character (pointed look at the instigator of the whole thing) put away their weapons and watch you dance.’

Human Warrior : 'If I roll another 20, can they all pass out at the brilliance of my dance?’

DM: (stares, then says) 'Sure. Chances of that happening are slim’

Seconds later, the DM is sat with his head in his hand, four unconscious bandits, as our human warrior celebrated his second natural 20 in 2 rolls. Everyone else round the table is in hysterics. Our warrior now introduces himself to NPC’s as a 'Legendary Dancer’. Our DM has outlawed anything dance-related.

I’m always watching scary youtube videos about cryptids and monsters and shit, and I’m just thinking that if I ever met these creatures face-to-face or had a paranormal experience I’d just chalk it up to my mental illnesses/disorders getting outta hand.
Like, oh a creepy demon sitting in my living room, chill, I’m seeing shit now

Fallout oc thingamagig

Stolen from @madddraws, thanks gal

Name: Patrick Saemus Sheehan
Nickname: Paddy
Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 215
Specials: S:10 P:8 E:7 C:8 I:10 A:10 L:3
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Body type: Built but still has some body fat and has developed a bit of a beer belly post war
Status Pre-War: Gunnery Sargeant
Status Currently: Minuteman General
Relationship Status: in a relationship
Spouse(s): Nora(dead)/Piper
Sexuality: straight
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian hes a good ol irish lad
Family: Nora/Shaun (pre-war) piper and synth shaun post war
Languages: English
Allergies: n/a
Scars: scar through left eyebrow and scar on hand near thumb
Physical traits: uh not sure hat to put here, hes short, stocky, hair covering most of his body, huge beard and long hair
Voice: Medium-low range, mostly soft spoken, slight gravel when engaged, and more gravel when shouting
Clothing: Hunters longcoat(fav), minuteman general’s uniform, and drifter outfit are top 3
Fashion Style/Lifestyle: fashion style, pretty basic. Never fancy and always comfortable. Lifestyle, also basic. No need for flash and extra stuff, the basic necessities and some minor decoration is good
Weapon of Choice: Old Reliable is his go to, but when in close range either Deliverer or a combat knife.
Skills: Master skilled sniper and extremely skilled in hand to hand combat. Also good at lockpicking and expert hacker
Weaknesses: family
Poor skills: terrible at being subtle about things. Horrible at decorating and is not easy to work with
Affiliations: Minutemen (primary)/ Railroad (secondary) and of course friends & family
Former Affiliations: BoS (only to help danse and secretly steal tech and knowledge for the minutemen)/Institue (to find shaun and also steal info and tech)/Nuka World Raiders (only to help Davy get Gage)
Enemies: BoS/Institute/All Raiders
Neutral Affiliations: n/a hes either friend or foe no middle ground
Religion: Atheist
Likes: Hunting, writing, proof reading for piper, drinking, and modifying his weapons to test what he likes
Dislikes: cleaning
Hates: raiders, THE RED MENACE, and bloatflys
Friends: Old Longfellow, Cait, Curie, Preston, Hancock, Davy, Maddy, and Codsworth
Acquaintances: Danse, MacCready, Strong, Gage
Former friends: X6-88
Enemies: Shaun, All raiders, and Children of Atom (excluding far harbor)
Pets: Dogmeat and Mishka
Personality: Paddy is a mixed bag. He had a good heart and genuinely wants to help people but he carries around a wrath that could destroy the world all over again. He is extremely sarcastic, but understands theres a time and place for it. He loves to be inappropriate too. He is a loyal friend. He is quiet and looks unapproachable but if you get to know him he is pretty much a teddy bear.
Favorite color: Black
Favorite foods: Salsbury steak, insta mash, and all alcohol
Favorite Sweets: doesnt really have a sweet tooth but when he does he goes for sweet rolls

Like this post if you’d read that.

i highkey want to write a western with cowboy smut. but i have no idea about a) horses b) the wild west c) US american history d) literally i have no fucking clue about the entire western genre apart from some good movies so it would be a fuckton of research work and I’m not sure if that would pay off?? 

concept: two protagonists (cowboysss - let’s call them L and N) + the evil villain: The White Mean Sheriff (who I might or might not plan on naming Dronald Tump) who in some way doesn’t obey the law but manipulates it so that he’s getting money and power; the lesbian couple that saves the protagonists lives bc L and N are dumb and dont get shit done without some professional help. One of the lesbians is a Latina and the other one is the Britishest, poshest person to ever walk on earth. Imagine the contrast! Anyway, L and N obviously save the day (after some serious communication problems/ bickering/ argueing/ flirting) and fuck in a tent. And then they’ll all live happily ever after.

Ja or nah?


just imagine…
the moment Lance learns how to unlock his bayard  :’)

slightly older Lance with different guns like, Pistols? Long Sniper rifle? pow pow 
Lance would ACE bc he is a fantastic sharpshooter.

  • Ravenclaw (right after they've graduated hogwarts): You know now, as far as society is concerned, we're adults.
  • Hufflepuff: Yes! Isn't it exciting?
  • Ravenclaw: Adults who have to make their own decisions about their lives.
  • Hufflepuff: It's so freeing, isn't it?
  • Ravenclaw: I have no idea what I'm doing and I want to go back to school.
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Ravenclaw: I don't want to do classes or anything, I just want someone to cook for me and tell me when meals are so I don't forget and basically be able to ignore life's responsibilities.

Animagi? Animagi.

Newt’s animagus form is a Eurasian Red Squirrel, Tina’s is a pigeon, Graves’ is a greying timber wolf (most people assume he’s just a very large dog) and Credence’s is a Hebridean lamb/sheep :’ )

Meanwhile, Jacob had no idea what’s going on but he’s a little weirded out by all these vaguely familiar animals…