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Sorry to hear you're not felling too great about Robron, I really hope you're not leaving the fandom for good. I love seeing you on my dash and I've missed you xxx

thank you anon! i definitely haven’t been feeling great about it since shit hit the fan but i thought it would be easier to stay away for awhile so i could sort my head out but i do feel a bit better now (hence why i’m back even just to answer a few asks) and i’m hoping my enthusiasm for robron can be salvaged at some point!

-shows up at 7 a.m. and does a hero pose-  morning glitter bombs  !!!!

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3

Happy birthday @nightsofllyn, you beautiful enabler and wonderful writer and friend <3 You’re to blame for the beast that this AU has become in my head so here’s my gift back to you for that, stay beautiful and have the best birthday ever <3