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@crabbng‘s bnha fantasy au is a blessing in general and Kiri’s fancy clothes are a blessing in particular

fancy clothes call for some fancy dancin’ dontcha think?

“Love at first sight.”
You might need to do Right click > Open image in new tab to see details.
How Killua met Gon, and how Ladybug met Chat Noir from my Miraculous AU, which I’ve decided to call Miraculous X Hunter. :P

(Killua and Gon met real young, like in elementary school, Ladybug and Chat started working together in middle school. Killua and Gon are juniors in high school currently.)

Welcome back, Hunter x Hunter!!

Not gonna lie, I cried a little when the hiatus was announced to be ending. Here’s a little celebratory artwork from the sketchbook! 

I can’t WAIT for june 26. 

More soon, 

This is Kite in my Miraculous X Hunter AU. He has the peacock miraculous and he acts as a teacher to Ladybug and Chat Noir.


-By day Kite is a biology teacher at Gon and Killua’s school.
-He has a large insect collection at his home and he often brings them to school to show to his classes.
-His class is one of Gon and Killua’s favorites! They take a lot of cool field trips.
-Ging (previously the Jade Turtle and also the person who slipped Gon and Killua their miraculouses) is the one who instructed Kite to watch over the boys and teach them if things got tough.
-He loses his miraculous and dies in the fight with Pitou. When Pitou’s akuma is purified and the damage is reversed, he is resurrected. (I’m not even joking Thomas Astruc said that Ladybug can reverse death so long as it happened after the akuma appeared–like. Damn.)
-He never gains back his miraculous, though.

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