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Dean being protective of jack because Cas would have wanted Dean to protect Jack, and because Jack reminds him of cas, and because cas gave his life for jack’s- it just gives me all the feels, okay?! Because Jack has so many of Cas’s qualities and he’ll be dammed if he can’t protect and keep this kid safe. Because he owes it to cas who always gave his all for Dean. Dean will protect Cas’s scense through Jack. Cas will live in not only in dean’s heart and mind but in this kid.

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god shut up misha/cas is still a minor character no one cares about him

Sorry nonnie – 

I can’t 

hear you

over all the love

all the concern

all the care

(let’s throw in a prolonged/reversed version just for good measure)

all the acknowledgement/validation

Or, perhaps I’m whipping this outta thin air and Misha actually is so minor, eh? 

‘As executive producer Andrew Dabb told TVLine in our Fall TV Preview, “death is not the end for Castiel. It’s a part of his story. That being said, he’s more dead than people usually get on our show when we pick up our season. Castiel has a big role to play for us, but that may not be as soon as some people are hoping.”’

*Jensen’s chainsaw ripping through your hate*