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Mentally ill trans people with stigmatized disorders are not less valid than other trans people.

Mentally ill trans people shouldn’t have their identities dismissed as just a symptom of mental illness.

Trans people deserve access to mental health treatment with competent providers who will respect their identities.

Trans people deserve access to hormone replacement therapy and gender confirmation surgery even if they are mentally ill.

Cool? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader is an avenger and she is Peters age and she has a huge crush on him but shes really shy, and barely ever talks to him because she is too shy, but the everyone but Peter knows. and they know that Peter likes the reader also. so they try to get them together? Sorry if this was really long/ confusing!!

(A/N) Y’all I’m sorry I’m such a shitty person, but I feel like I needed to post stuff to keep you guys entertained. I feel as if this wasn’t really what the request wanted but this was the direction it ended  up going in and I hope it’s up to the requesters standards. Also, I must say that this will officially be the first thing that is posted on my main blog. Much love!

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Do you really think it’s wise to get pissed in full view of any of your men that may stumble in here just before they’re about to embark on the most dangerous journey of their lives? Wise? Probably not. But then there was 36 hours before castoff, so I thought why not live dangerously?

he keeps a picture of you in his office downtown

zimbits not!fic

(read on ao3)

There’s a reason that Jack Zimmermann never lets anyone look at his phone. (And contrary to what some of the Falconers rookies might think, it’s not because he’s hiding porn on there.)

After he and Bitty started dating, Jack took pictures of Bitty whenever he could get away with it. Bitty never let him keep the pictures he saw, so Jack had learned to take quiet photos in loud moments. One picture, his favorite, was of Bitty in the kitchen. He’s got flour all over his shirt (there may or my not be handprints on his legs), and he’s half turned toward Jack, smiling blindingly. He looks happy, happier than Jack would have ever thought it possible for one tiny human to be.

Jack made it his lockscreen the morning after he took it.

He’s not stupid! As much as he would love to have that boy beam at him as soon as he turned on the phone, he keeps it hidden behind a password and pages of apps.

Of course, sometimes he can’t helping making heart eyes at his phone screen. He is dating Bitty, after all. (Dating!!!! Sometimes he can’t believe it) So far, he’s been quick enough to lock his phone before anyone can grab it from him.

He takes Bitty to family skate. Most of the team knows by now, and the ones that don’t are abruptly informed by the way Jack and Bitty share quick kisses on the ice. Marty takes him aside later, and doesn’t say anything to him. He does pause for a moment before giving him a hug that Jack is almost too shocked to return. He tells Bitty about it later. (Completely by coincidence, three of Marty’s favorite pies show up in his locker later that week.)

Jack definitely gets more careless after the whole team’s met his boyfriend. So one day, when Snowy grabs his phone and he can’t lock it in time, he laughs and sits back. The whole team crowds around the phone as Snowy ceremoniously presses the home button. Jack thinks he hears Tater squeal before the whole team begins to chirp him.

Poots shyly tells him later that Jack and Bitty make a good couple, and he’s glad that Jack is happy with him. Jack smiles and asks if he’d like to come to the Haus for dinner that Saturday.