my students surprise me every day


(Not My Gif)
Requested by anonymous

“No one likes you” Pansy called as she followed you through the halls. You felt your blood boil. You hated her so much! Why couldn’t Pansy just leave you alone!

“Just disappear!”.

That was the last straw. You couldn’t take it anymore.
You spun around surprising Pansy quite a bit. She even looked scared, maybe it was because of the look of complete fury on your face.

“What is your problem!” You yelled your voice echoing through the halls. The few students who were nearby turned to watch but you were so mad you didn’t care.

“You’re my problem” Pansy shot back her scared expression becoming hard again.

“What have I ever done to you?” You asked furiously “give me a good reason to why you bully me every day!”.

“Don’t you get it?” Pansy scoffed “have you not noticed how he looks at you?”.

“Who?” You demanded.

“Draco!” Pansy hissed “I don’t understand why he fancies you so much!”.

“This is all over a boy!” You shouted “he doesn’t like me! Just get over it!” You snapped and with that you stomped away. You just couldn’t believe you’ve been bullied for months just because of Draco Malfoy! Merlin why were people like this?