my strongest power

Pokemon Art Meme! Send me a number and I'll draw...
  • 1. My first-ever starter
  • 2. My most recent starter
  • 3. My favorite water-type
  • 4. My favorite grass-type
  • 5. My favorite fire-type
  • 6. My favorite flying-type
  • 7. My favorite ground-type
  • 8. My favorite electric-type
  • 9. My favorite fighting-type
  • 10. My favorite dark-type
  • 11. My favorite steel-type
  • 12. My favorite fairy-type
  • 13. My favorite dragon-type
  • 14. My favorite poison-type
  • 15. My favorite psychic-type
  • 16. My favorite ice-type
  • 17. My favorite rock-type
  • 18. My favorite bug-type
  • 19. My favorite ghost-type
  • 20. My favorite normal-type
  • 21. My favorite legendary
  • 22. My favorite Eveelution
  • 23. A shiny Pokemon that I have/want
  • 24. My strongest/most powerful Pokemon
  • 25. My weakest Pokemon
  • 26. My cutest Pokemon
  • 27. My weirdest Pokemon
  • 28. My Pokemon team (from any game)
  • 29. The Pokemon I'd have IRL if Pokemon were real
  • 30. My favorite Mega-Evolved Pokemon
  • 31. My in-game character's appearance (from any game)
  • 32. My all-time favorite Pokemon
  • 33. My least favorite Pokemon
  • 34. A Pokemon that's really underrated, but I love
  • 35. A Pokemon that's really popular, but I hate
  • 36. A Pokemon I've always wanted to have, but haven't caught
  • 37. A Pokemon of your choice in a realistic style
  • 38. A humanized Pokemon of your choice
  • 39. Any Pokemon of your choice (in my normal style)
  • 40. Free space! Draw any Pokemon!

“Thank you. It’s hard to accept being a role model for women when you’re trying to lose weight. But, it’s true. I’ve always discovered the heart of my characters, I guess, by asking, ‘Why?’

You know, when I was handed Annalise Keating, I said, ‘She’s sexy, she’s mysterious, you know?’ I’m used to playing women who gotta gain 40 pounds and have to wear an apron. So I said, ‘Oh God, I gotta to lose weight, I gotta learn how to walk like Kerry Washington in heels, you know, I gotta lose my belly.’ And then I asked myself, ‘Well, why do I have to do all that?’

I truly believe that the privilege of a lifetime is being who you are, and I just recently embraced that at 51. I think my strongest power is that at 10 o’clock every Thursday night, I want you to come into my world. I am not going to come into yours. You come into my world and you sit with me, my size, my hue, my age, and you … you sit, and you experience. And I think that’s the only power I have as an artist, so I thank you for this award. And I do see her, just like I see me.”


game of thrones + power