my strong foundation

To my beloved acquaintances on the internet:

Do not care if people like you. Do not care if I like you. What worth are my words? What worth are the words of strangers?

Care naught for and listen little to people on the internet.



Reconciliation Chapter 4: Triggered.

Chapter 1: Easter Eggs

Chapter 2: Memory Lane

Chapter 3: Tiny Dancer

Chapter 4: Triggered.

Warnings: SMUT. 

Thunder rang through the mountains that surrounded the Avenger’s compound.

Each passing boom shaking the whole house. Each boom makes my heart skip a beat, but the little girl before me lays in her bed completely asleep. I watch her closely, my eyes narrowed as I study her. As I take her in and memorize her. After the attack we faced I could still feel my irregular heartbeat. My hands still shook and my breathing was still uneasy.

Hydra’s threatening message and antics had impacted my daughter. She had to experience the fear and horror that I’d been trying hard to keep from her. The same horrors her father and I faced.

Thunder rings through the mountain once more, lightning causing the world to light up around me. In the bed she stirs, her small body holding the blanket to her as she turns in her sleep. My eyes continue to watch her closely until I feel the faint touch of hands on my waist. At first my body tenses at the touch, my paranoia from the earlier events still weighing on me.

“She’s safe.”

His voice whispers in my ear, his lips dangerously close. So close that I can feel the hairs on my neck seeming to stand on end as I look at our little girl.

When I don’t respond he gives the side of my head a faint kiss, his hands drawing my body in against his. It’s a slight touch, but it’s enough to make my breathing hitch.


My voice shakes lightly as his hands manage to turn my body towards him. Once we’re face to face I feel all my fear waver. The moment I look at his pale blue eyes at pierce me as he peers up at me through the brown hair that falls in his face.

“… I’m scared.”

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askneonflight  asked:

The "friends turned lovers" option~! The protag's sweet friend who always encourages them and is genuinely oblivious to any feelings. It takes a walkthrough and veryyyyy carefully answered questions to even unlock you as a romance option, let alone actually romance you. You remember that dating sim scene from Nozaki-kun? You're the Tomoda. ;3

I simultaneously approve of this sweet assessment, and wince at its accuracy in places. :’D

Never actually seen Nozaki-kun. What’s this Tomoda like?


when in arkham, it is easier to let the currents carry you where they may… and hope they wash you up on dry land.

Books and Cupcakes September Book Photo Challenge.

September 1: Introduce yourself

Hello there. You see that girl over in the corner of the room, her knees pull up to her chest to hold up her book, her fingers toying with the fabric of her scarf, the glasses slowly sliding down her nose just begging for their ceremonial lift? That’s me.

My nose is small and probably smells of books since it’s favorite place is buried in one.

My eyes are green like the emeralds Harry and Lily’s are compared to.

My hair is naturally fair, like my sunless skin, but I believe a chocolate hue is more my calling.

My mouth is small, much like my voice, but my teeth are big and cause my words to stumble sometimes.

My stature is small, but my passion is fierce. I don’t let the smalls things hold me back.

My fingers, long and thin to easily tickle the ivories, dance across the keyboard or curl around a pen when my passion and inspiration meet head on. Writing is my calling and I answer every time.

My foundation is strong and consists of my family. They are my everything and without them I eternally falling.

My grace may be lacking, but in my clumsiness I find humor and the humor I find in myself allows others to read my pages.

I may not be a social butterfly, but that does not mean I am careless. My heart swells larger than most and its weight may make me stumble, but I’m trying to find my footing.

I may not have rhythm, but music feeds my soul.

I fall in love every Fall with the breeze and the trees, the rain and the leaves, pumpkins and spice, and everything nice. That’s what why Autumn love is made of.

My Parisian dreams are far away financially, but forever in my heart.

My love for carbs in unhealthy, but if food wasn’t meant to be tasted we wouldn’t have taste buds.

I may have forgotten a lot, but the time has come to end this game.

However, I cannot forget my name.

I am Christine and it has been a pleasure.