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[image description: Shuri and T’Challa grinning, standing back-to-back, arms crossed over their chests with their fists closed and the Black Panther symbol on the backdrop behind them]

screams a lot about these siblings and their secret/special handshake

Kuran Kaname

The passionate and seductive Lover.

The caring and super-protective Brother.

The mysterious and legendary Father.

The strict and proud Friend.

The most dangerous creature.

The most powerful vampire.

The most beautiful man.

The saddest gentleman alive.

The most contradictory ruler.

The most empathic Human with blood-covered hands.

The saint Sinner.

The Vampire Knight.

The Vampire King.

The cornerstone of the entire story.


I miss you so much…


I watched him adjust the cufflinks on his tux for what seemed the tenth time as he paced in the small garden area outside of the church.

“Why are you so nervous?” I finally snapped, “Aren’t you two already married?”

“I’m not,” he lied.

“Yes, you are,” I argued. “Do you think she’s going to say ‘no’ and what? Go back to that house you guys just closed on? Get a divorce? Because you guys are already married.

“It’s not the damn wedding,” Yulian bit out. “Today just marks the start of me taking over. I’ve got to grease up a lot of assholes that I don’t care about all night long. All I want to do is go home and fuck my wife.”

Hector snorts, “You’ll grease them because if you mess up, that’s the only thing you’ll get to fuck tonight.”

“God, don’t fucking remind me.”

“Trouble in paradise already, boss?” I tease lightly.

“Em was seasick the entire way here and when we finally got in town, she’s been too tired to do anything. I haven’t gotten laid in almost a week.”

“Poor baby,” Hector croons dramatically.

“Yep, get married and she stops putting out, that’s the way it goes,” Lobito grouses. The sharp sound of a top being taken off a bottle makes all of our heads swivel to where he’s sitting. “What? It’s true.”

“Where’d you get the beer, man?” I ask suddenly thirsty. I figured it wasn’t going to be a dry wedding, but I hadn’t found the bar, though they probably hadn’t set up yet.

“I asked The Shepard and She provided,” Lobito answers with mock piety. “Through her-“

“Shut up, Lobito. Where?”

“The bar in the reception hall. They wouldn’t give me any liquor but I saw Em’s skinny little brother run off with some. The fucking jerks.” He takes a swig, “I brought up a case. Want one?”

“Pass that shit over!” I made to hand the first one to Yulian but he shook his head.

“My Nonna caught me drinking out here one night. She dragged me by the ear all the way to the confessional. She’s buried somewhere in the church’s crypt. Her ghost would rise up against me if I did it again.”

“But the reception hall here is a-okay?”

“My Nonna’s whims do not have to make sense to you. You just obey and pray to god she’s not carrying a spoon.”

“You want one, Hector? Or are you afraid of your spoon wielding grandma, too?”

“Different Grandmother,” Hector says, taking the top off with his teeth. “Mine was Chief of Police in Newcrest, she’s already spinning in her grave. A beer won’t make it worse.”

my gf picked me up today after i told her i was having a rough day and wanted juice but was too lazy to go out and buy some and she handed me orange juice and a rose and like it was a small gesture but it really made my entire day better and she really is so good


| FENRIS | DAII + | Disembarked |

“I belong here, Hawke.”

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Welcome to a world without Light.

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Cleaning day

(i sketches some more of my kid AU)

“then the ball hit my hand and I was all like WOOSH!!”

Hinata and Kageyama as third years, they grow up so fast *wipes tear*


The Adventure Zone - Episode 68 (Part 1/ Part 2)

doodeling some TAZ while i relisten to all the episodes again


A Month of Spook - (17/31)

↳ What’s This? - Fall Out Boy



in this photoset you can see just a fracture of all astro did in their first year as a group. things these six boys accomplished in a year is stunning. they managed to create their own fresh sound, participate in various events, become faces of brands, participate in a number of variety programs while simultaneously working to put out new music every 3-4 months. thank you for your hard work, astro. thank you fantagio for molding these six bright boys into a group and a family. thank you astro for all the happiness you made us feel over the past year. thank you for the heart-warming music you put out. thank you for making every concept about your fans. thank you for loving us unconditionally. thank you for being born. i love you more than i could express.

let’s go together forever!!

story time👭

i was told i should definatley post this story so here we go!:

So I was selling Girl Scout cookies at a cookie booth this weekend, and this little old lady walks up to the booth to buy cookies! She looks to me like she’s at least 70 she’s really old. She’s super friendly talking to us and telling us about what it was like when she was a Girl Scout. So finally she picks out 5 boxes to buy and she says “you know I don’t really like these cookies but my, uh, my spouse Sharon did.” And she continued to tell us about her wife Sharon who died 2 years ago from cancer. Sharon was a Girl Scout leader and she was 6ft tall and she just loved thin mints. And then Margaret (she said at this point her name was Margaret) pointed down to her shirt (which was HUGE on her) and said it belonged to Sharon and even tho it’s really big on her she still wears it all the time because it feel like Sharon is still there hugging her. And she told us that they had been together for 28 years and really loved each other. Then Margarets old lady friends came over so she had to go and she said good bye and after she left we were talking about it and I was so happy to have met her because it just made me so happy to meet this elderly lesbian Girl Scout and all of the sudden the sort of sad mood is interrupted because the other girl in my troop looks over to me and says “wow Kaitlyn, she was the first gay Girl Scout I’ve ever met besides you!” and all I responded with was “it was an experience"