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When I, 31m, was out for a powerwalk/run with my dog, staffie boy, early morning. I met a 13f out with the family dog. We started talking because the dogs started to play with each other. Long story short, we tied up the dogs & I ended up fucking this girl doggystyle on the ground. She was so tight pussy that I had to almost choke her because she made so much noise/screaming to keep her quiet. When I was close to come I forced her to swallow every drop of my cum.

a little big thankyou

I just wanted to thank all the countries who are helping my country atm, the earthquake is still taking so many lifes, but others are being rescued thanks to the help of mexican volunteers,And 2 days ago help from different countries arrived with high technology and awsome architects and ingenieers to help even more.
I also want to apologyce for the HORRIBLE hoax that was “FridaSofia”, mexican tv can be really desesperate for rating that they made up the false story of a girl who was still alive and dragged all the attention to that little girl, but thanks to social media it was exposed this girl never existed.
Germans who are still working in the school searching for survivors and recovering bodies were really shocked about this, in other collapsed buildings japanese groups couldn’t start working because people of the goverment can’t decide who is in charge. some other buildings will be demolished when there’s rumors of people still trapped inside.
I am so sorry for my goverment showing the worst of them, But I’m sure mexicans have shown the best of them. Please don’t think mexicans are the same as our burocrats, we don’t trust them and we fear them, but I need to say thank you because a lot of people of different parts of the world are helping us, thank you so much. there are no words for me to thank this help even if the corrupted goverment is making things difficult to you ☆ Gracias.

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i'm a new follower so i probably missed these stories since i'm sure you've talked about them in the past but please tell me how you guys met and who asked who out first and who said i love you first and all the juicy deets :'D

I got two asks for how we met! So basically rob and I met in a skype chat thing, we were both artists in there. The way Rob describes it to me… He just really wanted to be my friend when he met me, and so he made an effort to talk to me. Eventually we ended up chatting privately and well…. The rest is history… No one asked anyone out, but one day he refereed to me as his s/o and i died of happiness…

I can’t remember who said I love you first, But I remember the first time Rob said it to me. I was really upset and he just gently told me he loved me and I was so taken aback I didn’t respond how I wanted to 8,) 

And then the summer of 2015 I want to go see him in Sweden for the first time and we had out first kiss sitting on his bed cause I was too shy to smooch him in public

the summer of this year I fell in love with him all over again, I fell really hard while drunk at a wedding in Sweden dancing to oldies in a boathouse in the woods

The First & The Last (Hoseok’s POV)

Disclaimer: All of the things mentioned in this story are all works of fiction and have been made up by me, the author.  I did not intend to make anything based on real life, and any coincidences to real life are purely coincidences.

Genre: Smut / J-hope X reader / College!AU / House Party / Rough Sex? / Kinky? / Namjoon & Suga appearances

Inspiration: This video (gif taken from video – gif made by @xwonho​) & this picture

@1leeminhyuk​ Request: “You show up at his house party and you never show up to parties because you’re a good person and you keep to yourself, pure or whatever, and Hoseok sees you and he’s like ‘Damn I need a piece of that.’”

Length: 11,335 words

Masterlist Reader POV

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Writer Interview: Tag Game.

I was tagged by @thewanderingsaylor

1. What made you start writing for the first time?

Ummm…being alive.  I started writing a lot in Jr. High when I went through my first depression and had a lot of pain I was trying to understand and work through.  I eventually started doing a lot of journalling mixed with poetry and that was my primary form up until I went back to poetry on Tumblr two years ago.

2. If you could only write about the ocean, the forest, or the desert for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

The ocean!  Always the ocean.  I often can’t find a more accurate and poignant metaphor for the coming and goings of moods than the tides, the way the moon pulls the waves at will…and drowning in a tumultuous sea always resounds with me on bad days when I fear or hate the struggle.

3. Would you ever write a memoir?

YES!  One of the reasons I write.  I have probably 50 plus journals dating back to Jr. High that I intend to consolidate and expand upon.  I want to reach people that might feel the same but need someone else to put it to words.  That is the driving force behind all my writing.  To connect.

4. Do you like writing by hand, or writing with a computer?

I’m afraid I’ve turned into a computer writer.  I have a small notebook handy in my purse so I write ideas and lines all day as they come to me, but the actual poem is written on the computer.  I do haikus on paper to help with the syllable counting.

5. Would you rather be popular with your readers or critics?

Readers readers readers.  Of course, recognition is always exciting, from all sources.  But I remind myself of my purpose whenever I start worrying about the “numbers.”

6. Do you listen to music while you write? What is the best writing music?

Omg almost always.  I go through phases with different artists (I’m a big fan of “repeat”) – I often make playlists exclusively for writing.  Right now it is full of all of Lana Del Rey’s slow songs.  They get me in the mood.  Although I dug out some Coldplay today.

7. Do people you’ve met find their way into your writing?

Mostly my husband inspires my happy love poetry because he is just that awesome.  My struggles and anger with my parents inspires my therapeutic rants.

Thanks for asking!

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Hoe story: Was at a party this weekend, expected 2 hook up w whiskey-dick (we r sort of fwb?at parties at least lol), kinda excited kinda not bc he haven't made me cum once. Whiskey dick hooked up w one of my best friends (not mad @ her or him i literally dgaf lmfao). I, on the other hand, hooked up w someone else. We fucked three times that night/morning but neither of us came, it was still gr8 tho. Him > whiskey-dick anyday, n we gave each other hickies lol n we still talk/flirt so thats nice

everybody wins

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When Necros, Fi, and Kah went into that pirate AU, my first thought was "oml it's ocean tale" but thennnnnn I realized it wasn't and I was disappointed ;-;

For the main story I prefer to create my own worlds to mess around in rather than borrow someone else’s, that way I have complete knowledge over what can and can’t happen and I don’t have to worry about messing up anyone’s work. :)

This is a really dumb story.

So to preface:

I’m genderqueer and grey-ace.  This took a very long time to figure out.

Part of this story is that it’s the day, in retrospect, I should’ve figured out both, because my reactions and what everyone else had expected as reactions are explained THOROUGHLY by it. 

The other part and why I’m putting it under a cut is that my old stalker, before I’d hit being fed up with his bullshit and he’d hit “actively physically dangerous”, ran a D&D campaign.  He made two attempts at plots using my character for self-gratification.  Neither of them actually worked. 

The second attempt will probably get told sometime; it was an attempt at him using my character to both set up something where he could pat himself on the back about how clever and devious he was when he was neither, and where he could soapbox about how Morality is Fake and how “good” is a lie and it was easy to make “good” people do awful things b/c human nature.  It failed in hilarious ways and is the less creepy story in retrospect.  I can’t say it failed by accident because the entire time it was obvious what he was trying to do and I was going “….WHY ARE YOU TARGETING MY CHARACTER FOR THIS S/HE’S THE LEAST LIKELY TO FALL FOR THIS SHIT DID YOU READ HIS/HER SHEET?”

The first attempt is today’s story, and it only recently, over a decade later, sank in on me that he’d been trying to turn my character into fetish fuel, but it fell flat on its face and became a non-event b/c I may have bled a little too much of my own sexuality/gender identity onto the character without even realizing what it was yet.  (Over a decade and a lot of distance/work on dismantling shit and I can laugh about it, and have been since it hit me.)  

Warnings for attempted fetishization + his overall crappy grasp and handling of transgender/genderfluid and a lot of failed misogyny.  

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There was a hostage situation. I negotiated with Bale. He agreed to give himself up. He came out of the warehouse peacefully. I gave the okay to send 6 of my agents in and they never came out. It was a mistake. It was my mistake, I was, um, I was outfoxed by Mr. Bale. By you. I sincerely regret having made the decision to send those agents in that day. And I sincerely regret and apologize to the families of all those who died that day

Jason Gideon

Breaking Point

One of the Six: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

A/N: Thank you for reading Bets’ stories. It means a lot that anyone would take the time on something so out of focus as the show is now. I wanted to create something completely different. As there are so many amazing people writing fan fiction it was a difficult task. I hope I didn’t disappoint. xoxo Stu

3 days remain

“What can you tell me about bombers?” Jason began.

“Males, usually youthful offenders.” I answered.

“Loners, lots of times they are negligent and become their own victims.” Morgan answered, thank you Mr. ATF.

“About 50% of bombings are acts of vandalism, possibly politically motivated.” Bird chirped in with the statistics.

“Socially non-confrontational, bombs are weapons of choice for cowards.” Hotch added.

“If that is the case, do not say it to his face. This guy is delivering death on people’s doorsteps, he needs to see the destruction.” Jason was rubbing his hands together, pacing.

“Morgan, take Reid and go over the bomb fragments. Bets, you and Gideon can talk to the victim’s family, see if we can pinpoint a motive or…. a stressor.” Hotch got quiet. I nodded understanding.

I drove the dark SUV as Gideon reviewed crime scene photos.

“Sucks to be back under these circumstances.” Why was I making small talk?

“The team here seemed to have liked you, why did you leave for the BAU, Bethany?”

I sighed, not expecting a personal question. “Boston was filler, it was me bulking up my resume for another crack at the BAU.” I hated to admit so much, to Jason of all people.

“I’m sorry we didn’t hire you the first time.”

“Don’t be, no one can ever truly replace Rossi, I get that now.”

“Why was it so important to you to get on the team? You don’t have the same curiosity as Reid, or the same dedication to justice as Hotch and Morgan.”

“I didn’t like losing.” I shrugged. “Devereaux’s don’t give up.”

Jason nodded, peering across the rims of his reading glasses.

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1, 10, 19


10. What’s a favorite line of yours? “Love. Miss Kringle has given hers to you. And in return, you hurt her.”

We don’t ever talk about this line so I’m picking this cause it’s obscure. I just think it sums up Ed’s ideal of what love is, and it fits in with my headcanon of his parents being very abusive and Ed building real love up to be this perfect, flawless thing where you never hurt each other. In reality, love is messy, sometimes you’ll hurt the other person, even if it wasn’t your intention. Mistakes get made. I think Ed’s learning that sometimes love hurts, friendship hurts. (Sometimes it ends in betrayal.) His philosophy about love is evolving and this is a part of that story. 


Cheritz hardcore testing my devotion for this route

Relationships for writers

I’ve been doing more writing recently (cough fanfiction cough) and noticed the romantic relationships I was writing fell into categories based on their foundation. And because I’m ~that~ type of person I made up little guides for each of these categories. Thought other writers might find it helpful too…

Feel free to add on!

Built on: chemistry


Strong start


Sex is not a replacement for talking

You might hear this couple say:

“It was love at first sight”


Ariel and Eric (the little mermaid)

Red and Kitty (that 70s show)

Tony and Maria (west side story)

Built on: Friendship


Common interests outlast infatuation


Differences in life goals or living styles

You might hear this couple say:

“I’m so lucky to be in love with my best friend”


Monica and Chandler (F.r.i.e.n.d.s) 

Carl and Ellie (Up)

Aang and Katara (Avatar the last airbender) 

Built on: loyalty


face everything as a team


Is it love or adrenaline

You might hear this couple say:

“I trust them with my life”


Han and Leia (star wars)

Katniss and Peeta (the hunger games) 

Mulan and Shang (Mulan)

Landlord is jealous of my income, raises my rent $500. I screw him years later for $20k.

All names have been changed. Long story:

In the late ‘90s wife and I were just married, just getting started, and we decided to DINK (“double income, no kids”) it for a few years to save up for a down payment on a house.

The dotcom bubble was still rising and I was a newly minted software developer. I had an entry-level job for a while and then got recruited to a new city and a new job that paid 3x what I was making before. It was an offer too good to pass up. I ran the numbers and it was a no-brainer: by living frugally and saving my entire salary, living off just her income, we would easily have enough in a year to put 20% down payment on a new house.

We rented an apartment in the new city that was listed for $950/mo. The landlord was a real estate agent who owned a two-bedroom condo as an investment property. Let’s call him “Hank Wazowski”. Hank was a thin, gray, no-nonsense guy. He was pleasant enough, but perfunctory, dry, and had no sense of humor. He made a point of explaining that under no circumstances was he responsible for maintaining the garbage disposal and that it was NOT included in the rental agreement and he would not be responsible for fixing it were it to break. Um, ok.

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I was always so impressionable when it came to you. I was like a blank piece of paper you could write yourself on, or the perfect little origami square that would fold to the will of your hands, twisting myself inside out to become whatever pleased you. But now you’re gone and the words can’t be erased, the creases won’t come out and I feel torn up and thrown away… I am a paper crane with no wings, a poem with no ending… the discarded story you never cared to finish.
And that was where I made my mistake because I was not created for you; I was born to create something of myself and I am learning that you should never let somebody else become the main character in your story because when they leave, everything stops.
I exist in this world to write my own story… to shape my own destiny. It’s the unexpected plot twist I never saw coming – it’s not all about you… my life is about me.
So I’ll gather my torn and tattered pieces and become something new… The past can’t be erased and I will never be a blank slate again, but I’m beginning to see that as a good thing because for better or worse my past has shaped me… it has made me who I am.
You will always be the pivotal character in a chapter of my life that hurt to close, but it made way for something beautiful because where it goes from here is up to me… I may have been your impressionable piece of paper once, but now I hold the pen… and I’m writing my own happy ending.

Made my own #inktober prompt list inspired by nature, feel free to use! Reblogging/sharing it would be great too (not a must tho). The tag #reltober is so i can see your work and maybe feature it later, reblogging here and doing daily features in my instagram stories too! (Using the tag is up to you too!) This went really well last year, i loved seeing everyones work and hopefully since im not as busy as last year i’ll be able to do more as well.