my stoopid art

my friend @kitty-is-not-on-fire wanted usuk fluff and who the f am i to disagree 

plus clingy alfred is best alfred!1 f ac t

so have this stupid doodle 

First time posting artstuff here(my apologies for bad scanner) <_<  quick scribble of christmas DKs. Tried to draw them in the style of their manga… When I saw Thassarian for the first time, I thought he totally looks like Santa - A grumpy, but kind Santa.

Koltira is an Elf, no further explanation needed here.

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That bit of motorcycle was my first time ever trying to draw one. 😳

Also my sig is upside down because I was eating a chocolate and caramel square and a droplet landed on the paper. Immediately, I had a heart attack and scribbled my sig. Then I smacked myself…

Heyyo! I decided to practice my manga style and I quiet enjoy drawing in it! I think I’ll keep it around, also I was very inspired by Hyanna-natsu on DA, her drawings are great so you should go and check them out! ^v^

It was honestly extremely fun drawing this, the colours, the line art, the process felt like I was bringing something to life! :D

Anyways, enjoy! <3

Don’t claim my stuff as your own cause that’s stoopid


Smol angry Chiss VS Tol chill Cathar
*Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix playing in the distance*
(Yeah I listened to it on repeat while drawing that xD suits the mood too well…)

Thank you so much @wereleel

Dammit. Tried to post this from my phone and I think it ate it. Grrr.

Anyway…I hope this one is okay.  I did make it a little while ago, but it’s never been posted anywhere. Made as a gift, this is a little charm bracelet with lots of Metalocalypse-inspired mementos of all the band members. Michael’s was carrying this line of components called Industrial Chic that was supposed to be kind of steampunk, I think, but with all the gear imagery, I couldn’t help but think of Dethklok.

The locket opens up and has a picture of Charles in it (a really tiny one, I almost lost it a couple of times trying to put it in there), and the frame has a picture of Nathan and Pickles on either side under glass. I thought I had some close ups of them to see better, but I can’t find them on my computer and I don’t have the bracelet myself any longer.

You could probably wear this out to dinner with your in-laws and still not scare them too much in being a rabid Dethklok fan. :D