my sto

  • Todoroki: Babe... are you awake?
  • Midoriya: *smiling lazily, acting cute, kissing the top of Todo's nose* yeah sweetheart, good morning~
  • Kirishima: Babe... are you awake--
  • Bakugou: *turning swiftly to look at kiri* i fucking am, shitty hair, fuck you and fucking good morning--
  • Jaal: I can't imagine what some of the Initiative members have seen. Drack is 1400 years old. That's hard to comprehend.
  • Liam: He's not so bad. Asari: now they really dig in with the "You don't have the years to understand."
  • Jaal: But we really don't.
  • Liam: Okay, sure, but nana doesn't have to be so snotty about it.

finger guns

don’t flirt with me if we’re not extremely close friends(in which case i’d know u were joking and i’d be fine with it) its so weird and makes me uncomfortable