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Finally a new fic from yours truly! L’Chaim 

Summary: Cheers to Erik’s life and faith as a Jew. To the strength he finds in the figures he identifies with, the belief and disbelief down the road, and to the peace he finally finds in Charles.
“It’s a bit lofty and self centered to picture himself as a sort of Moses for mutant kind, but Erik’s always been cocky as can be. Wanting to compare himself to the grandest figure of his faith? That’s right up Erik’s alley.”

nothing warms my heart more than erik’s jewishness

No Hometown

You’ve been all I’ve known for my entire life, and that’s been ok so far. With your hot, metal playground slides, cracked-plastic diner stools, and haunted streets; what more could a kid ask for?

But people need more than that, more than the nostalgia. More than the safety of childhood.

When things started to break apart like wasp-dotted apples on the side walk, were you there for me then? When the first hits came and the streets grew dirty and cold, where were you? When the brilliance of life faded into murky and unsure waters, what did you do for me then?

My home town. My old, battered shoes.

What did you ever do for me?

“Despite the blazing fire and dozens of lit candles, the room was still dreadfully dim, but at least he knew the source of the purple sparks. Perhaps he would be able to see more had the fire been orange and yellow, but instead it was a deep purple, richer than the finest fabrics for sale in the village. Takashi had always liked purple, it was such a calming color for him, but this hue was sinister, evil almost. Even the tiniest of flickering flames seemed to sneer at him as they licked away at the candle wick and wax.” -Hocus Pocus Prologue

im really proud of this ok

anonymous asked:

so i need some uh. honestadvice. i'm fifteen, i've been with my current boyfriend for two and a half years now, and we fully intend on getting married. i go to a catholic school, we're taught that sex before marriage sends you to hell but i hate that shit it's awful and demoralizing. anyway, my boyfriend and i have had sex. we're safe about it, we use condoms. however people who hear about it call me a whore or offer to pray for me. should i tell them to eat my ass or should we stop having sex?

i’m so sorry that you’re dealing with this and i’m so glad you haven’t internalised that disgustingly harmful mentality. that said, i’m just a stranger on the internet and it would be irresponsible of me to give you any sort of advice on how to proceed without knowing the full picture. 

all i can offer: refraining from having sex now probably won’t change their opinion of you. the only way to come out on top is to rise above it all. your sex life is your business and whatever you choose to do, you should absolutely not give them the satisfaction of knowing that they got to you.