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“So I just finished delivering not one, not two, but three babies ten minutes ago. I was hoping to call it a night and get home to watch my shows…” he crossed his arms, side eyeing the man in his office with a hint of a grin. “Was this an emergency, or are you just not into the whole appointment thing?”

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Lisa couldn’t tell what the last straw was, she doesn’t know which prompts the bubble that had been growing in her chest ever since she laid eyes on him. Whether it was the fact he addressed these strangers as his crew, or the way they looked at her when he, or the way he sauntered in after eight months of leaving her in limbo when he said no time would pass, or that smooth FUCKING mouth of his. She’d felt so many things since Len disappeared: sadness, emptiness, uncertainty,hope. But they’d always danced and melded together, a symphony of mangled notes driven by fear.

Now it’s a single song, and the sound is something singular. 

So you found a place where the grass is greener and you jumped the fence to the other side.
Lisa said in an ominous tone, the first warning
Is it good?  
She asked pointedly, the second. 
He doesn’t get a third.  
Are they giving you a world I could never provide? ❜

Well I hope you’re proud of your BIG DECISION.
  Yeah, I hope it’s ALL that you want and MORE,
  now you’re FREE from the



Lisa spat out the words like molten gold, burning her throat as she spoke them and making her brother a statue in response. She couldn’t even make out his expression with all the red in her vision.

And you say what you need to say, so that you get to walk away. ❜
She gestures wildly, the accusation flying off her tongue. Run away Len, that’s what you do best. Disappear for months at a time, turn back up like nothings changed. In the beginning, it was never his choice to leave her. Juvie for dad’s fucking stupid plans, or because he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time with a last name like Snart. But pain poisoned her mind, and all she could see was this time. This time it was a choice.  
It would KILL you to have to stay T R A P P E D, ❜
Lisa gestured to herself, the burden, the dead weight, the chains around his ankles.  
 When you’ve got something new. ❜
And his beloved team. And he moves to interject but she allows him no room, spitting her most lethal acid yet the second he steps closer to her. 

Well I’m sorry you had it ROUGH,
  and I’m SORRY I’m not enough.
  Thank God they rescued you. ❜

The statement leaves him frozen, leaves the onlookers ghostly pale at the violate exchange, and leaves Lisa panting. Taking a break to breathe for the first time since she’d started. Her head is spinning as if she’d just been sick, and she feels more words rise into her throat like hot bile. 

 So you got what you always wanted? ❜
She asked and her voice is winded. 
❛ So you got your dreamcometrue?
And her voice is almost nothing but how breathe. 
❛ Got a TASTE of a life so PERFECT, so you did what you had to do. ❜ 


And her voice finds it’s second wind. Len can’t even get a swipe in, he can’t calm her down and he doesn’t dare move a muscle as she paces fists white with rage at her sides. 

❛ Does it cross your mind to be slightly sorry? ❜
She can hear a pin drop when she asks it. People are still watching, eyes glued to the scene but her eyes are laser focused on him. On every twitch or lack there of in his expression. Everything she could interrupt as a reaction was being filtered through rage filled eyes and kept stoking the fire. 
❛ Do you even care that you might be wrong? ❜
Her blue eyes meet his, he was always the smarter one. The smartest one in any room and she’d be the first to tell you he was. She took his word as near gospel for most of her life, never questioned he had her best interest in mind…Lisa had never had a reason too before. 
❛ Was it fun? Well I hope you had a blast while you dragged me along. ❜ 
Eight months: that’s thirty-two weeks or two hundred and forty-three days or three hundred and fifty thousand and some change hours. All of it wondering, waiting for the moment if or when the other shoe dropped. 
❛ And you SAY what you need to SAY & you PLAY who you need to PLAY.
 And if somebody’s in your way CRUSH THEM & LEAVE THEM BEHIND.
Out of the corner, she sees Mick’s gaze drop. Lisa couldn’t stop herself, she knows her brother good, bad and ugly and loved him unconditionally. He was her hero long before he cozied up to his spandex clad sorority, and she was furious that being a legend made that so irrelevant to him. 

❛ Well, I guess if I’m not of use, go ahead you can cut me loose. ❜
It’s what he did isn’t it? With Len you were in or you were out, and you were only in as long as you were useful to him. She wasn’t. But she watches him recoil at the words as they come out. 
❛ Go ahead now I won’t mind. ❜
She egged him on, seeing the recoil as an opening. Fight back, she demanded with her tone. Come on Len, let’s make it a good one. She wanted him to say nothing, she wanted him to scream at her. She wanted him to tell her to go, and tell her she was stupid for ever thinking he could tell her to go. Lisa wanted a million things all at once, her rage not dimming for a second. 
❛ I’ll shut my mouth and I’ll let you go. I’ll just sit back while you run the show is that good for you? ❜
Leonard in control. Leonard driving the ship, a captain in role and in rank. Leonard didn’t get to talk this time. He would listen, and listen, and listen until she was good and done. She is inches away from his face now, she’d barely noticed the way she moved closer with each syllable until she was so far into it there was no longer an exit available. 


Another Drabble - Music to my Ears

The inspiration for this one came to me after watching RTTE episode ‘Tone Death’. For starters - the gang singing? GOLD! My dream come true. But I was disappointed by the lack of Astrid singing! So I came up with this instead. Enjoy

Drabble 12 – Music to my ears

Hiccup would always sing to the baby.
He’d been singing to the baby since first learning Astrid was pregnant. He liked to sing to the baby and he was at least better than Gobber!
He was not the only one to sing for his child. Snotlout was sat in the hall, singing to his own babe, his small son pulling at his leg.
Tuff was singing, and not well, to Chicken.
At another table Fishlegs was singing with his wife to their child.

Hiccup couldn’t help smiling. He could still picture them all singing for a tiny baby Deathsong back when they were staying at Dragon’s Edge. It was then that he first came up with the idea for Inferno. It was also the first time he had heard most people sing, except the twins, unfortunately. Despite that, it was nice to see them sing to their children.

He watched and listened for a while, even when Ruff joined Snotlout in singing, but then he left to find his own wife and baby.
He was in the mood to sing for his baby, he liked seeding the smile on her face and her bright eyes. But as he reached the door of his hut, he was in for a surprise.

He could hear singing.

Astrid never sang. He didn’t think he’d ever really heard her sing.

He cracked the door open slightly and peeked inside to see if it really was Astrid singing.

It was.

She was standing, swaying gently in her furs and long deep red, cotton dress with long, low hanging sleeves, the baby in her arms cooing. Her hair was so loosely braided it tumbled out in waves and curls with every move she made.

She was beautiful.

Hiccup smiled as he listened to her. She had a wonderful voice.

“…And when the Night Fury calls he will come,
Leading the way from above,
And the dragons will roar
and the people will call
And you will know,
That our alpha will always come home.

And he’ll sing for you darling my dear,
A song just so you know he’s near,
A tale of the truth,
A song just for you
For the chief protects his own,
And our alpha will always come home.”

Hiccup couldn’t stay out there anymore. Quietly, he slipped in behind her and wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist and smiled down at his baby girl.

“You never told me you sang.” He whispered.

“You never asked.” Was Astrid’s response. For a moment they just stood. But when the baby began to cry, Hiccup began to sing.

She smiled at him and for the first time ever, Astrid sang with him.

femme-fairy  asked:

Pidgey is my partner Pokémon because when I got my first Pokémon when I was 7 (Gold version) I put my starter on the back burner and basically made Pidgey my starter. Pidgeot was the first Pokémon I got to level 100!

That’s great !! Giving those “beginner Pokemon” some love is good, they’re always so unwanted 😭 I usually bring one along for my entire game, like my Yungoos in Moon (:

It was the first time in her entire life that she’d snuck out. It’d been several days since her father had attempted to kill her or whatever he was trying to do, and she looked normal beneath her make-up. But, the bad dreams and horrible flashbacks just wouldn’t leave her alone. So, she tied up bedsheets like she’d seen on television and snuck out the window of her second story home. She ran until she found herself in a bar, her outfit a little shorter and tighter than something she’d normally wear. Why? Because she thought she should look the part, if she wanted to fit in and get herself into some trouble.

The Long Island Iced Tea tasted like regular tea to her, so drinking that powerful concoction was quickly taking its toll on the young woman. She felt lighter, freer, smilier, but on the negative side, dizzier. As she leaned back to take the final swig of her glass, she had to reach out to grab the neck of a nearby stranger, laughter following once she’d swallowed. “I’m so sorry, I thought the floor moved. Or like I could fly and I needed to be kept on the Earth.” She nodded to the empty cup, “I don’t get why this stuff is illlllllllllegal. First law I’ve ever fricken broken on purpose. Wanna have a drink with me? You do. I’ll answer for you. You definitely, definitely do. Don’t worry – I’ll buy. I have lots of gold.”

"I don't even need to title this starter pack" starter pack

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Guardian Angel

Nights were strange for Laney recently. She would often have this strange feeling as she drifted to sleep, like a shadow had fallen over her. Like something was watching. The strangest thing was, the feeling didn’t scare her at all. It was more comforting than anything, thinking she wasn’t all alone at night, even once her parents had fallen asleep.

Tonight though, she kept thinking about it. She had mentioned it to Mommy, but Mommy didn’t really understand. She thought Laney was scared of monsters under her bed and things like that and had reassured her that there was no such thing. But it wasn’t like that, and Laney didn’t know how to explain it.

So tonight, she laid in bed awake with her eyes closed. She usually fell asleep quickly, but lately, she’d been taking naps in the middle of the day sometimes. So, she just wasn’t that sleepy just yet. Rolling over to get more comfortable, Laney felt that shadow fall over her again, blocking the moonlight that usually came through her window.

For a minute, she told herself that her mom was right and there was no way there was anyone there… But the feeling didn’t go away. So finally, she cracked one eye and looked up at her window.

And what she saw was a man, floating just outside her window, bathed in moonlight… An angel. She opened her eyes all the way then, and stared at the angel in silence for a moment. She was so excited, but what do you say to an angel!?

“I was right!” she beamed, sitting up and leaning on her window sill. “You are real!”