my star wars feels are coming back

New Girl

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1493

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Stiles and made this cute little thing. There will most likely be a part two if people want it. Thanks to the greatest @dumbass-stilinski for editing it, telling me that one part was confusing and making me realize somethings that I wrote didn’t transform from my phone to my computer. Enjoy all!

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Could you do a headcanon where your dating Cassian but your shy and nervous person?

(Oh my god I feel like I haven’t written about Cassian in ages mY LOVE)

Dating Cassian as a shy and nervous person:

  • Him being super protective and caring, always checking in on you to make sure you’re doing ok.
  • Never leaving your side if you ever have to go to a meeting with lots of people.
  • Giving you a thumbs up or squeezing your hand whenever you have to give a presentation at a meeting.
  • Standing up for you all the time.
  • Him giving you lots of little kisses on your cheeks or forehead, and thinking it’s cute when he sees you blush.
  • You always getting super anxious when he has to leave on a mission.
  • Long hugs before and after he comes back to base.
  • Him always sending K-2 with you when you have to go somewhere and he can’t accompany you.
  • Always having his arm around your shoulders to make you feel more comfortable. 
  • Hugging you from behind and rocking back and forth.
  • Lots of hand holding !!
  • Him being the only one who can hear you, because you usually talk really quietly.
  • You always borrowing his jackets and shirts because they make you comfortable.
  • And him thinking you look adorable.
  • “Did you take my jacket?” “…yes?” “Nice.” 



“I should have ordered you to take me along…”

Rex regrets letting Ahsoka leave for Malachor and it’s killing him to know that his little'un isn’t coming back. He stands in his quarters and looks at a holo-image of Ahsoka that he froze before their last holocall ended. He looks back at their moments in the Clone Wars and it makes him even more torn up.

I really shouldn’t put my feels through such torment. It’s not healthy… Enjoy!

(P.S. Ahsoka Lives!)

Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…

Great fandom things of 2016

(because something positive is always nice)

* A glorious sendoff for an amazing cartoon

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* We got to meet this cutie!

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* And these guys!

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* Sun and Moon is coming out soon

* Stranger Things is apparently awesome

* Also, I hear RWBY started a new season recently!

* Lots of funky mystery music stuff

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* FNAF: Sister Location. Welcome, Eggs Benedict

* Speaking of which, I love FNAF World

* Star’s back with a vengeance

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* Weird Al’s voice-acting again and it’s great

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* Star Wars: Rebels

* Star Wars: Rogue One

* Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

* Basically, SW’s slaying this year.

* IDK if any of you guys watched Battlebots this summer, but my family and I did and it was awesome.

* Moana’s coming out soon!

* Probably more that I forgot. Feel free to add on!

Can You Teach Me [Part 2]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Stiles x Reader


Word Count: 2,717

*Here’s Part Two of the series! I hope you’re enjoying it! You can find Part One here!*          

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          “Stiles I swear to God if you put Star Wars on again I’m going to smother you with this pillow and feed you to Derek.” I say, glaring at him from where he has his hand half frozen between the DVD case and the open slot on the DVD player.

           “Gahh, not the Sour Wolf. Y/N why do you have to be so cruel.”

           “I don’t want to hear any sass from you, Stilinski!” The doorbell rings and I get up off of the couch and start to head towards the front door.

           “Where are you going?” Stiles asks, grabbing my hand and keeping me from continuing to get the door.

           “To get the pizza?” I question, raising an eyebrow at him and he runs a hand through his hair nervously.

           “Umm, like that?” He asks, trailing his gaze down my body and I look down at my simple thin strapped black tank top and short denim shorts.

           “You’re right, so silly of me,” I say and Stiles seems to relax a little, but his expression quickly turns confused as I grab the bottom of my tank top and begin to pull it up, “I meant to go like this…” I start to say but Stiles cuts me off.

           “No, no, no. Y/N stop,” he whines, wrapping his hands around mine and pulling the bottom of my tank top back down by my waist. “You pick the movie, I’ll get the pizza.” He hollers over his should as he scrambles away from me and I laugh.

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anonymous asked:

Here's a Cassian/Jyn plot for you: Everyone in the Alliance knows they're bloody in love with the other, except them. Or in which Cassian and Jyn pine for each other for years. Any headcanons?

shit, i live for this trope: 

  • bodhi figures it out first. he sees the way jyn’s eyes light up when cassian comes into the mess and notices how cassian always stands up a little straighter when jyn joins them for briefing. he hears how they gush about each other, singing praises to the high heavens, totally unprompted. he’s got a mental tally of how many times they do something couple-y, but loses track after three days.
  • princess leia isn’t much for gossip, but even she can’t avoid some of the more junior recruits huddled around x-wings between runs. they just assume jyn and cassian are fucking, but leia brushes it off. then she takes a closer look, sees how their arguments are full of passion and their normal conversations are full of unfiltered happiness. it reminds her of…well, then that settles it. just gossip. they clearly just respect each other.
  • baze and chirrut aren’t quite sure what to make of jyn and cassian at first. baze thinks they might just be doing some kind of mating dance around each other, but chirrut thinks it must be something deeper. when they catch cassian screaming his head off at jyn for getting hurt on a mission, they know it’s love. at least, that’s how it’s always been for them – constant worry because one of them just happens to be a smartass. baze laughs because he knows cassian has a long life of that yelling ahead of him. 
  • luke gets it from bodhi. “they’re totally in love with each other!” bodhi says one day while they’re eating lunch together. luke doesn’t get it at first, but then he sees the warmth in cassian’s eyes when he looks at jyn. it matches the way he looks at bodhi, so he just smiles to himself and nods along the next time bodhi brings it up. 
  • once han starts paying attention (at chewie’s insistence) he figures it out immediately. the way jyn seems to purposefully antagonize cassian to get a rise out of him is…exactly what he does with leia, if he’s being honest. (the way she looks so lost when cassian’s gone resonates with him – he feels for that scrappy little rebel).
  • shockingly, it takes kaytoo the longest to make the connection. he notices the little things – upticks in cassian’s body temperature and strange blood flow patterns – but assumes its just his human male biology being an inconvenience. after all, he sees that in a lot of the recruits when jyn’s around. but then he notices the same things in jyn when she’s around cassian. their symptoms don’t go away – he can cross out alien virus – so he does some research and comes to this conclusion: romantic love.
  • jyn and cassian figure it out dead last. they’re arguing in the mess – not an unusual occurrence – and then in a totally unplanned move, jyn fists a hand in his shit and pulls him down to kiss her. he doesn’t pull away in a timely manner and it takes bodhi clearing his throat for them to remember where they are. jyn turns bright red and cassian shrinks into his parka. kay says, “oh, so you are aware of your romantic feelings,” and they both start sputtering, but eventually stop, meeting each other’s eyes. 
  • “we’ll be back,” jyn says, and drags cassian out of the mess. everyone there burst out laughing because no one thought two of the most talented alliance assets could be this kriffing stupid
Is John Williams eluding to Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture?

So hear me out.

I always felt like the music right as Kylo Ren bridal carries Rey up the ramp into the shuttle sounded like something “love theme-y” but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it was until just now. That short musical moment doesn’t really sound like anything else in the track, and I realized that it totally has the feel of the beginnings of Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture.

Now, you know this music. I KNOW you do. This is the classic “running through a field of flowers into each other’s arms” music, that you just maybe didn’t know was written back in 1870.

This is the classic music.

And this is the music from the film

Am I the only one who hears them as feeling very similar?

Am I the only one that loves that this comes from freaking ROMEO AND JULIET?

Am I crazy? I’ll answer that. Yes, I am i’m sure. 

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For RebelCaptain Week, Day 2: Comfort

“What is this?”

Cassian regrets the question as soon as he says it–an occurrence that’s become much more common since he met Jyn Erso, it seems. He knows the second the words leave his mouth what will happen, and sure enough, Jyn’s jaw sets and she tenses defensively, ready to run or fight.

“It’s a coat.”

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Detroit already had a perfect name for a post-BLI world: Motor City.

It’s a manufacturing capital again, BLI’s tech city, not just for cars anymore. The scientists there pioneered the droids over years of research. Rebooting the factories won BLI a lot of points in the early days. 

Of course it was a problem that the city was so sprawling- all those cars were built to get them somewhere, right? So they razed a lot of the surrounding area, some of it partially done for them during the wars. But the zones extend through the buildings that got away from the bulldozers and the bombs, going into the areas that were the suburbs once upon a time. The killjoys who occupy these places are the runners and raiders, mostly ones who got out but know it well enough to get back in and out without capture by the high-tech security. These joys work little sabotages, and get the supplies needed out to the ones who live farther away- they built all those cars, so they built miles and miles of highways too. 

Up and down the broken asphalt, reclaimed by nature through nuclear and natural winters, there are settlements that hide in plain sight. The trees have started growing back in, scrubbier than before, browner, but trees. The bright neons of the killjoys in the desert would stick out like a sore thumb here. The forest dwelling joys use things that glow instead, glitter in the day to create flashes in between trees as they run like deer, flares at night to guide travelers to safe spots. Most of them are not actively fighting BLI in any way other than living, truly living. They just wanted to get out and rebel in the simple way of feeling, and so they did. And they guide others on their way as well, up to the neutral northern towns. 

On a clear night, up in the top of the mitten, you can see the stars are coming back. 

breezyfosheezy  asked:

And i jymust have to laugh bc in the old star wars tpm game, qui gon literally can't pay the 5 credits it takes to repair his ship at watto's.... what does that make him?? Like, is he NOT a true jedi?? Ffs i love star wars and lego so much

OK I am sorry I did not include this ask back when I answered the first part of it (you guys, my drafts are a fricking MESS, so if you’ve sent me something and I didn’t reply it’s often because it’s buried somewhere in there with a partial-sentence-reply from me that I meant to come back to when I had something funnier to say, and I still haven’t come up with better material.) 

This cracks me up, because A) I too love Star Wars and Lego, and B) I feel like Qui-Gon is maybe terrible with money for real? Like Obi-Wan is constantly having to spot him with cash from his meager Padawan allowance because Qui-Gon is that guy who just like, randomly buys an entire bar a round of drinks on some random-ass planet they got sent to? 

Yoda and Mace are always like “wtf is the deal with this expense report?” because he’s always asking to be reimbursed for random-ass things like 5,000 credits worth of chewing gum or a bunch of ponchos that he claims were essential to a mission’s success. 


I rewatched ANH, and now I have Leia feels. Also, I decided to experiment with writing stiles again.

It’s not real.

That’s all you can think when they lead you away, Vader’s iron grip still on your shoulder. You hardly feel it, all you feel is numbness. You can’t feel your legs moving, either.

It’s not real.

Even though you felt it, somehow, even though your whole soul contracted and screamed. Even though you could swear you heard them scream.

It’s not real.

They throw you into your little cell, dark and cold and hard, and you don’t get up again. Why would you? There is nothing left. Nothing left that’s worth getting up for, nothing left that matters anymore.

It’s not real.

The tears won’t come. There’s only numbness, as though you are floating somewhere, and you can’t reach the safe ground anymore.

It’s not real.

Eventually, a boy comes to save you. He seems so… alive, so full of energy, that you can’t help but be pulled along. For the first time since… that, you feel something again, anger, hatred, a desire to do your duty, and you hold onto it, you refuse to let it go, because it’s all that’s left, all that you have.

It’s not real.

Stupid boys, men, whatever. They have no plan. You want to shake them, you want to scream at them, you want to hug them, because they give you something. Because you don’t feel numb anymore.

(You scream at them)

It’s not real.

The old man, the one your father called your last hope, dies. You can’t feel anything. All you feel is anger, and a hint of compassion, and you grab that, too, because it’s not numbness.

It’s not real.

The boy… Luke, the one who saved you, the one you saved, he is grieving for the old man. You sit down next to him, give him a blanket. You can’t grieve yourself, but you can help him.

It’s not real.

You win. Luke shoots down the death star, and Han comes back, and you celebrate. You laugh, and you shout, and you sing, and you feel alive, somehow, fire in your veins and tears in your eyes.

It’s not real.

You wake up. Everything hurts, every single muscle in your body feels torn and battered. You remember everything with frightening clarity. Suddenly, you face is wet.

It’s real.

Okay, so. This is a choice I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and I feel like ultimately, it’s the best decision for my mental health.

I’m quitting Tumblr. Okay, well, I’ll keep my account up in case I ever decide to come back, but this blog is going to be put into “deactivated mode” until such time as I feel ready to return. It’s just that being around here has been draining lately, and at the end of the day, I just…don’t get as much enjoyment out of this website as I used to. I think somehow, it’s contributing to my depression and anxiety. (My hair-pulling has gotten worse lately, and devoting my time to this blog certainly hasn’t helped.) It’s unhealthy the amount of time I spend online. I have to move on and work at getting my life in order. I hardly feel like I’m in a good mood these days, and it’s not fair to me or you guys that I’m more bitchy than I should be. 

I don’t blame my followers. I love the mutuals I’ve met on here, and I wish everyone all the best. If you want to stay in touch, I’m going to be on and off my Twitter account, and if you’re not on Twitter, you can IM me here and we’ll work something out. It’s been real great interacting with y’all, and hey! Maybe I’ll come back when something big happens in Star Wars news, or possibly when TLJ comes out. That depends on what outcomes the movie brings, though. 

Until then: MTFBWY. 

title: i want to leave (in the worst possible way)

summary: While on a deep undercover mission, Cassian learns what it means to want to return home.

notes: So, I found the inspiration for this in the strangest of places. I’ve been picking through my old CDs and found Blink 182’s self-titled album from 2003. Remembered I liked it a lot, figured I’d give it a whirl. In between songs 4 and 5, my favorites, is an interlude of a woman reading a letter from the lead singer’s grandfather to his grandmother back in WWII. And unfortunately for me, I got hit with the worst of feels and became really emotional over it. Plus, it’s May the Fourth, so I wanted to write something Star Wars-related at least. I definitely suggest listening to it, as it heavily inspired me.

I want to leave in the worse possible way so I can come home to see you
But things don’t look so good in that subject
This war has spoiled a lot of things for everyone I guess
I’ve never been so lonesome in my life as I am right now
I’m completely lost without you darling
I never realized I could even miss any one person so much
I just hope it won’t be too much longer till I’m able to be with you again
And live a sane and normal life

It had been nothing special, but the memory of that night crept on him whenever he tried to sleep. The warmth of her body in the bed next to his, the way her trigger gently finger drew circles and loops on his bare back as he laid on his stomach, the soft and somber look on her face as she gazed at him. He was so used to seeing a hard expression staring back at him that this one caught his attention. He’d only had an hour left before he had to leave, but had been loathed to leave.

When had that become an issue? He used to get itchy on the days in between missions, pacing the halls and rooms, like he didn’t know where he belonged on base. The field was where he was supposed to be, his ship the closest thing he could call a home, but truth be told, he hadn’t had a home since he was six. The Rebellion was his life, but it wasn’t where he lived.

And yet he had lied in that bed and thought, I could stay here.

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Did you just kiss me?! [Mike Wheeler Imagine]

Prompt: “Did you seriously just kiss me?!” w/ Bella name insert instead of reader.

Requested my @imastrangerthang on Wattpad

A/N: I’m starting to write the part 2 of the Steve Harrington imagine and I want an opinion if they should make up or not. Of course I have the main idea down and written but all I need is if you want a happy or feels ending. Also for this imagine I realized half way through that I started with first person and ended with 3rd so please don’t mind that. But I hope you enjoy this! And side note this is a semi AU after the events of season 1.


Today we were planning on seeing a Star Wars film! Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, El, and I were planning on hanging out together like we always do. Mike got a VHS of Return of the Jeti we were going to watch it and sneak a butt load of food into Mike’s basement and after we would reenact it like we always do. We have been planning this day for about 2 weeks now and everyone seems to be canceling on us. Dustin has to go to the doctors for a check up, Lucas is grounded for cussing in front of his family, Jonathan is taking Will on a trip to a museum, and El is having a girls day with Joyce.
“Ohh my god! Bella! We’ve been planning this for ages we can’t just cancel the whole thing now!” Mike lets out a big sigh and jumps face first into the couch. Mike wanted us to get together and bond since we all make been busy or having nightmares about the Upside down.
I copy Mike’s sigh and place down a bag of potato chips is was just eating. I roll over to Mike and get up and sit on his back and start hitting it. I let out a big yell and say, “We can’t just cancel this, Mike! It’s Star Wars! ITS STAR WARS!”
“Bella! Get off of me! UGHHH! There is no way we can just everyone to stop what they are doing and come over here to watch Star Wars.” Mike rubs his face on the arm of the chair and starts do make annoyed sounds.
“I know. I know. But it’s return of the Jeti! I guess we can just watch it together. It won’t be as great but it’s something and we still get to watch it in the end.” I let out probably the 50th sigh I’ve let out today. I get off of Mike’s back and continue back to my potato chips as I feel a small dust of pink make its way to my cheeks. Thinking about spending time with Mike alone makes me feel a little flustered. Usually we are never alone together because we are always with another person in our gang. I have always had a close relationship with Mike even though I was one of the last people to move here considering I lived in California. Mike was the once who quickly warmed up to me as he saw a collectors Star Wars pin on my backpack. We soon became best friends and stayed together since.
Mike was one of the first people to talk to me in my new school so I have always felt like I owe him my gratitude and that means me probably spending time with him 24/7. The endless hours of us hanging out has made me develop a small crush on the floppy haired male. I was a grade below them but every hour after school he would be with me cheering me on or making his sassy remarks. No one knows about my crush besides El and El finds it really cute and wants us to get together even though we are still very young. El found out when she came over to my house and my older sister was teasing me and El overheard.
“Bella! Bella! You are zoning out again, you airhead! What do you want to go home now even though you were complaining just a second ago?” Mike sits up on the couch and crosses his arm and raises an eyebrow at me.
“I did not zone out, douche. I’ll stay here and we could still watch Star Wars and have a sleep over but it’s only going to be us! There will not be Dustin and Lucas to scream at the TV anymore!” I let out an exasperated breath and I hear a chuckle escape Mike’s lips.
“Why are you saying it like its a bad thing?” Mike’s bad mood starts to life and a smile starts to build itself on his face. His features light up at Bella’s ridiculousness. Bella doesn’t know this but Mike has had a huge crush on her the first time he saw here in the school campus looking oblivious to what’s going on in the real word as she whispered the script to Star Wars. Mike had make an effort to grow some balls and go talk to the girl and when he finally did he was relived at how normal it felt to talk to Bella.
“Because now you have to deal with my constant yelling and questions! You know me Mike-” Bella continues to ramble out a bunch of words that Mike would probably not even understand if he was listening. Instead of paying attention, Mike’s eyes drift to Bella’s plump light pink lips. Mike finds himself captivated as he soon focuses on them and wtches them move as she talks and occasionally would bite them when she stumbled on a word. Without realizing Mike started to lean closer to Bella.
“Mike? Mike!” Bella tries to get his attention as she notices his absence in the conversation but she soon realizes his close proximity. “W-what?”
Mike leans closer and soon their lips are touching. Considering this was their first kiss together it was a little unplanned and not practice for but they both felt like they were meant to me. It may all sound cheesy but they did love each other with all their heart and would do anything for each other.
Mike soon realized what he had done and pulled away quickly and soon followed by Bella as she stared shocked at him as her whole face turned a bright pink color.
“Did you seriously just kiss me?!” Bella lets out a loud breath that she realize she had been holding in and tries to avoid his gaze at her outburst that may had come off as rude.
“I-I mean.. Yeah. Ohh I’m so sorry, Bella! Was that your first kiss! I didn’t mean to but you are just so pretty and I really like you! Did I just say I like you I mean! Uhh I’m sorry…” Mike find it hard to form a complete sentence that makes sense but ends up finding his fingers more interesting than ever before.
“No no it’s okay Mike. How do I say this? I guess I like you too. Sorry I never told you I just didn’t know how! I know it’s not like me but I can’t help it!” Bella grabs Mike’s hands that makes his eyes land on hers.
Mike lets out a relieved breath as his nerves seem to lighten up. Mike’s grin that makes millions or girls swoon without realizing makes its way onto his features as he says, “umm since we like each other… Do you want to be my girlfriend?”
A smile that always seems to be molded on Bella’s face forms again as she looks like the happiest girl alive brings Mike close and kissing him on the cheek and whispers yes in a sweet tone.

  • Obi-Wan [In a ghost voice]: Luke…Leia…
  • Leia: Who are you?!
  • Obi-Wan [In a ghost voice]: I’m the ghost of Kenobi, and I’ve come back with a warning
  • Luke: You’re not Ben! Ben’s not blue!
  • Obi-Wan: Shut up! I’m a freaking ghost! Have you ever seen something vague and unnecessarily confusing that wasn’t blue before?
  • Leia: Yeah, it’s definitely him.
  • Obi-Wan: Now I gotta start over again. Ahem.
  • Obi-Wan [In a ghost voice]: Luke…Leia…I’ve come back with a war–
  • Leia: Is it really necessary to do the voice?
  • Luke: Yeah, it’s kinda annoying.
  • Obi-Wan: Fine! Okay! Here’s the deal; I’ve come back from the dead to give you a warning about Vader–
  • Luke: What’s the warning?
  • Obi-Wan: Shut up for one second and I’ll tell you!
  • Luke: Oh, sorry
  • Obi-Wan: Seriously! I mean, I’m coming back from the great beyond here. You think this is easy? It’s not! It’s not just, you know, pop in and out whenever I feel like it, unless I feel like it is. It takes a lot of concentration.
  • Luke: Sorry.
  • Obi-Wan: I mean, it’s bad enough that you lead to my death to begin with, but now I come back and I can’t even get a word in edgewise.
  • Obi-wan: [Sighs] Okay, here’s the deal–
  • Luke: Is this the warning?
  • Obi-Wan: Alright, that’s it. I swear, Luke, your ass is haunted. When we’re done here, I’m gonna haunt you.

stargazeranswers  asked:

About Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan: does he manage to get his office moved to somewhere more secure and to his taste? Maybe with a small space for meditation or practicing his saber form?

Combining this with:

Anonymous said:
…welp since now Obi-wan’s life is so freaking busy, how does anyone get him to actually like.. sleep… at all…

Now, they don’t seem to be on the same topic, but you’ll see why. You’ll see why as soon as you read. lol

Obi-Wan has had to give up his small desk in the corner of the huge Chancellor rooms, instead he has a huge desk in the corner of the rooms. He adamantly refuses to sit with his back to those huge windows, even after he managed to convince the staff to let him set up thick curtains to cover them. It means that there’s no natural light in the rooms, but it also means that no sniper has a free shot straight into the rooms.

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Acting Tip #2

This one is very important to know: how to act with emotion!

Some people I know and have worked with have difficulty acting with the correct emotions in certain scenes. I have a few ways to act with the right feelings in a scene.

  • Analyse what is being said in the scene: This will let you think of what emotion your character is feeling in the scene. This may take several re-reads. 
  • Think about how you feel with any emotion: We all have emotions unless you’re some kind of robot, and we all know how we feel when we’re happy, angry, excited, sad, etc. Think about how you act when you’re feeling happy or angry or whatever and this will allow you to transfer those feelings to your character.
  • GET WORKED UP!! My favourite example of getting worked up comes from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. While the movie overall was terrible, I’d like to point out the fantastic acting of Ewan McGregor at the end of the movie. In the scene, Obi-Wan watches Qui-Gon Jinn get stabbed by Darth Maul. Obi-Wan lets out a horrified and angry scream as his master is killed. That, to me, was the highlight of the whole movie. Then it went back to emotionless choreography, but I digress. To shout such an angry noise, Ewan said that he started breathing heavily and getting very worked up, then when it was his time to shout, he did and it was brilliant. So, to be angry, maniacal, or distraught, get pumped. Feel what you would when you normally get angry and then get super worked up.

So emotions! Those are good things! Keep in tune for more acting tips from yours truly! 

anonymous asked:

Remember Me - Cody & Obi-Wan (post order 66 or deaged Obi-Wan)

Originally posted by viccessszindi

Playing fast and loose with canon because I do what I want.
Written for this meme

Objectively, Ben knows that you are supposed to have memories, even blurry, of your early life. He knows this.
But for him, anything before he joined the Imperial Academy at eight is blank. Nothing here.
His first memory is of the Academy large doors.


Ben learns quickly not to trust anyone. His teachers are mostly sadists or spiteful beings, the others students all dream of being Inquisitors or even one of the rumored Hands and don’t hesitate to literally stab each other, the watchers, mostly stormtroopers, will never, ever help them.

However, you don’t survive long without alliance either. Ben makes contacts, temporary alliances and even more fleeting ‘friends’ and learns to sleep with one eye open.

Despite his best effort, though, something tells him there are two beings he can trust.
The first one is Mara. She’s younger, vicious, and as trusting as a beaten cat. But once he managed to approach her…
He had no idea loyalty was something that existed inside the Academy.

The other one is, to his utter bafflement, a stormtrooper. He has no idea what the Force (because that’s what the little voice must be, he knows this) is on about with that, they never talked, they never even interacted, he can’t even begin to understand how he knows it’s this trooper watching them and not another of the hundreds of soldiers that come and go.
But listening to the Force hasn’t led him astray, yet. So. Mara, and a random trooper.

That is more than most of them have.


As soon as Ben understands what the teachers plan to do with those that trust each other, why they were subtly, covertly, encouraged to form at least one true alliance, Mara and him get in the worst fight of their young lives.
She gives him a long scar across his left eye, narrowly missing gouging it out while she tried to plunge a stylus into his brain.
He gives her three deep scars across her throat, avoiding the jugular only because a trooper – the trooper – pulled him off Mara just in time.

At least, that’s what it looks like.
Better estranged and safe from the death matches, than pitted against each other to kill any strong attachment they may have.

If they talk at all after that, it’s only when they are absolutely certain that there isn’t a single soul or device able to see or hear them. And even those encounters are short.
They are also only possible at all because the trooper is helping them. He keeps silent but turns his head the other way or signals them when the coast is clear.
Mara doesn’t trust him, but Ben knows he can.


Darth Vader doesn’t come to the Acadamy that often but, when he does…
Well, let’s say that Ben is pretty sure the Sith is totally bipolar.
Sometimes, he can feel the man’s gaze upon him, greed and longing sickeningly mixing into the Force, and the Sith will offer him praise, fighting tips, lightsaber training.
Other times, the Emperor’s right hand will take great pleasure in utterly humiliating him in front of his peers and leave him bruised and bloody on the floor.

Ben doesn’t know if the Sith wants him as his apprentice or wants to kill him with his bare hands.
He doesn’t plan on staying around to find out.


Fleeing the Academy on his own would have been impossible.
Fleeing the Academy with Mara playing diversion would still have been pretty infeasible.
Fleeing the Academy with Mara playing diversion and the trooper alongside him, opening locked doors and using secret corridors that Ben never found even during all his explorations…

It’s not easy, they are almost made a dozen of times, but almost is all that they need and they make it.

Soon, they are far from Coruscant, in a small ship bound for the Outer Rim, safe in hyperspace.
At fourteen years old, Ben is free for the first time in his life, free from the black taint of the Dark Side of the Force which was never is calling, which he knew wasn’t right.
The reality of the situation gets to him like a punch in the gut and he collapses in the trooper’s arms.

When the noise stop rigging in his ears, Ben is lying in the man’s lap, bare fingers stroking his short, red hair and hesitantly tracing the scar across his eye.
The trooper has removed his helmet and Ben can see his face for the first time. Tanned skin, harsh lines, black hair with white stripes at the temples… a large scar around his eye, too.

« I’m Cody. Do you remember me, Gen… Obi-Wan ? » the man asks, like the question has been burning his lips for years.

There is a whole story behind that question, behind that name that is not his but feels right, and Ben will get to the bottom of it, learn what he has apparently forgotten.

« No, » he answers and watches as the man’s – Cody’s – eyes darken with grief and anger. « But I don’t need to. I trust you. »

Ben (Obi-Wan ?) closes his eyes and hums softly as Cody’s fingers resume their soft stroking through his hair.
He’s safe. Memories can come back later.