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Ladies of Star Wars Appreciation Week
Day 2
- Favourite Cast Member - Daisy Ridley

It’s definitely the most nervous I’ve ever been for an audition. And I was there an hour early, so I went to, like, sit in a coffee shop, and then I still got there half an hour early. I mean, I must have gone for a wee a million times. Then I’m pretty sure they told me to go away and come back, and I was like, Oh god! Just really nervous. It felt like a huge deal. And it’s funny, because Star Wars was not that huge in my life [growing up] at all. The whole way through, even though I was riddled with doubts and I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job in the auditions, I’d had this feeling that something was going to happen from it. So it’s that weird thing of both being driven on by something and being terrified by what that might mean.

I’d rather die with you than live without you
because the world is cold and hollow
and there’s an empty space in my chest where you used to beat

so I have to believe that the universe will grant us a miracle
that you’ll rise from the ruinous below
and come running back into my arms
because, my love, we deserve the salvation that only the other grants

and we built this empire on the bones of our hearts
and it’s only when our hands intertwine that we feel golden
but these moments, this love, is worth risking even the stars

—  Unfinished Stories #308 by Abby S
New Girl

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1493

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Stiles and made this cute little thing. There will most likely be a part two if people want it. Thanks to the greatest @dumbass-stilinski for editing it, telling me that one part was confusing and making me realize somethings that I wrote didn’t transform from my phone to my computer. Enjoy all!

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Battle Sense | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars Legends

“Good,” Thrawn said.  But there was something preoccupied and troubled about the way he clasped his hands behind his back.

[…] Pellaeon frowned at the Grand Admiral’s back.  “Is anything wrong, Admiral?”

“I don’t know,” Thrawn replied slowly.

Not necessarily the scene I was drawing, but it made me think of it - it’s one of my favorite little moments.  But I have to actually credit @rattle-and-burn’s awesome cosplay for inspiring this.  :D

(more Thrawn fanart | more Star Wars fanart)

In retrospect, Finn knows that he wasn’t taught to fly for a reason.

The First Order relied more on indoctrination than honest and well-informed loyalty, and one means of subduing rebellion within their own ranks was to effectively minimise the selection of skills available to recruits. After all, it was much harder to organise an escape from a training cruiser when you couldn’t fly or you didn’t know any of the privates by name. So pilots understood basic hand to hand and not much else, data-miners could roughly navigate a simulator, but Finn didn’t know the feeling of a joystick between his fingers.

If he’d stayed behind, he knows, and graduated the way Phasma had wanted him too, eventually he would have learnt how to fly his own ship with his own crew, who would all, in turn, be categorised as gunners or pilots or navigators and nothing else, and would trust each other in the same way a man trusts a raft not to let him drown.

But instead of a manned battle cruiser cutting through the blackness of space, Finn is sitting in a dated Y-Wing with the sun shining through the open cockpit and Poe Dameron leaning over his shoulder, pointing idly at a series of buttons.

“This isn’t the model I would have picked for you,” Poe says, sounding almost upset. From behind them, BB-8 makes an amused warbling sound. “I mean, the drag isn’t the best, and honestly the hydraulics for sharp turns isn’t-”

Poe cuts himself off as Finn runs his hands over the board once, twice, and when he shuts his eyes he can see it laid out before him down to the last switch. Thus far, Finn thinks to himself, it’s been a whole lot less fuss than he’d been expecting.

Rey had described flying as exhilarating; her hands moving the rumbling body of the old freighter being the closest thing she can compare to freedom, while Poe had spoken of it as less of an experience and more of how he lived; seeing flecks of starlight through the scratched hood of his X-Wing, the gentle hum of the engine that sang deep in his bones.

To Finn, freedom is this: waking up as the sun rises, fresh air, the smell of tamales. Assembling and disassembling his blaster on Poe’s tiny boutique table, feeling his stomach drop when they disengage the artificial gravity to conserve power during a supply run, the feel of the plants that Rey has lined up against the sill in her bunk.

And now, perhaps, this.

“It’s a little different than the simulator,” Poe says, “and than flying with a copilot but!” He leans closer and grins wide enough that his eyes crinkle at the corners. “I doubt that’ll be a problem.”

“No co-pilot for me,” Finn says, grinning back and leaning into the chair. Sometimes the stitching on the back of his jacket itches through his shirts, but now it’s a comforting sort of itch. The kind that’ll remind him that he won’t have his feet on the ground.

“Damn straight,” Poe says. He cocks his head to the side. “In complete seriousness,” he continues, the emergency chute is on the far left, and the beacon is on the right.”

“I know.”

“I know you know,” Poe says, “I’m just making sure I know you know so I don’t have a goddamn heart attack once you’re in the air.”

“You don’t think i can do it?” Which is insulting, honestly, even from Poe. Finn is good at this, much more than he thought he’d be, and he knows he can do this. He can feel it in the weird tingling feeling behind his eyeballs.

Poe scoffs. “I’m more afraid you’ll pull a Tycho manoeuvre and then General Organa will finally realise that there’s no use for me at all.”

Finn rolls his eyes. “Come on,” he says, and leans in suddenly enough that Poe jerks back, surprised, “One Tycho manoeuvre? I’ll do two.”


Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1811

Prompts: Could you not talk to her, please? I think she’s trying to date you.” “Shit, how’d you make me blush like this?” and “I wish we could stay like this forever…” by anonymous

Author’s Note: This is adurable. Enough said! Thanks to my lovely friend @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!!

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True Romance - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen​ & @ninja-stiles

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 10,310

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Slightly Rough Sex, Protected Sex, Mentions of Drug Use, Mentions of Death, Talk and Eating of Pie! 

Notes: Hey look at that, we finish finished! A nice new collab from two of your favorite people in honor of belated Dave Week! The title is a play off of the fact that the beginning of this is inspired by the opening scenes of the movie True Romance. This is my fault, I’m sorry. Let us know your thoughts!

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Can You Teach Me [Part 2]

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Stiles x Reader


Word Count: 2,717

*Here’s Part Two of the series! I hope you’re enjoying it! You can find Part One here!*          

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          “Stiles I swear to God if you put Star Wars on again I’m going to smother you with this pillow and feed you to Derek.” I say, glaring at him from where he has his hand half frozen between the DVD case and the open slot on the DVD player.

           “Gahh, not the Sour Wolf. Y/N why do you have to be so cruel.”

           “I don’t want to hear any sass from you, Stilinski!” The doorbell rings and I get up off of the couch and start to head towards the front door.

           “Where are you going?” Stiles asks, grabbing my hand and keeping me from continuing to get the door.

           “To get the pizza?” I question, raising an eyebrow at him and he runs a hand through his hair nervously.

           “Umm, like that?” He asks, trailing his gaze down my body and I look down at my simple thin strapped black tank top and short denim shorts.

           “You’re right, so silly of me,” I say and Stiles seems to relax a little, but his expression quickly turns confused as I grab the bottom of my tank top and begin to pull it up, “I meant to go like this…” I start to say but Stiles cuts me off.

           “No, no, no. Y/N stop,” he whines, wrapping his hands around mine and pulling the bottom of my tank top back down by my waist. “You pick the movie, I’ll get the pizza.” He hollers over his should as he scrambles away from me and I laugh.

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I was going to try to do a Star Wars novels post this week, get back in the swing of things, but I can never stay away from STAR WARS fic for too long, there’s just too much that’s incredibly good! There’s so much that’s either just spot on to the characters or just hits the id or does something so clever that I’m enthralled (or does all three!) that is amazing and everyone should come scream about them with me!

Cataclasm by dendral, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & waxer & cast, 45.6k wip
   For reasons unknown to all but himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi has left the Jedi Order in the midst of the Clone Wars, taking with him a single clone. Anakin Skywalker has been unofficially tasked by the Order to find Obi-Wan and bring him home. Unfortunately for Anakin, it seems his former master is always ten steps ahead of him.
Fountain of Force by esama, qui-gon & cast, final fantasy 7 crossover, 8.9k
   In which Qui-Gon Jinn comes from Gaia.
Shih by esama, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon, time travel, 8k wip
   Obi-Wan Kenobi has a vision of the future, and tries to change it while elsewhere Ben Kenobi dies.
Equinox by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, sith!obi-wan, 40.8k wip
   During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin crash on a remote planet and take shelter in the ruins of a grand estate only to find they are not alone.
Ascension by lilyconrad, obi-wan/anakin, soul marks au, 1.2k
   Anakin loathes the soulmark Obi-Wan bears, a black dragon that will one day take his beloved master away from him.
At Your Service by DonkerRood, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, crossdressing, spanking, 1.9k
   Anakin dresses up in a maid outfit and he and Obi-Wan have some fun. Just smut.
untitled by stonefreeak, shaak ti & yoda & kit fisto & mace windu & cast, 1.3k
   When Shaak Ti returned to Coruscant she had not expected anything remotely as dire as an explosion at the Senate—injuring several senators and staff, killing two, and leaving Master Kenobi in a critical condition—to happen.
Respite by GirlwithCurls98, anakin & ahsoka & rex & cast, 4.9k
   After a particularly grueling mission, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and the 501st are sent to Kamino for some much needed medical care.
Pursuit by Icse, obi-wan/anakin, mildly nsfw, modern au, 6.8k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is a Grand Prix jumper transitioning into the Eventing world. While his scores are good during the cross-country and show jumping phases of Eventing, his dressage scores are abysmal. His sponsor sets him up as a working student for two-time Dressage Gold Medalist Ben Kenobi to help him pursue his dream of competing in the Olympics.
Untitled part 1 + part 2 by glare-gryphon, obi-wan/anakin, NSFW, a/b/o, 2.4k
   Prompt: Anonymous asked: Hi are you still taking prompts at the moment? If yes how about Alpha Obiwan who when in rut tends to loose himself in his (very protective) instincts, while Omega!Anakin very much keeps his head and is very aware of what goes on around him but still willing to indulge Obiwan’s somewhat ridiculous alpha instincts
On the Day After by victoria_p (musesfool), anakin & bail & breha, ~1k
   Vader has many questions, and only one place to turn for answers.
i’m just a kid of ill repute (and this skin i wear is my only suit) by SashaSea (SHCombatalade), obi-wan & anakin & padme & cast, kingsman fusion, 5.6k
   “This is a disaster,” Anakin huffs out a near laugh, passing his remaining grenades to Obi-Wan. He accepts them with a grin and a few spare magazines for Anakin’s pistol, bumping their shoulders together. “This is fun.”
Ain’t No Light Without the Dark by lumenbriide, obi-wan & anakin, 2.2k
   “You should have joined me all those years ago, Kenobi.” Anakin overhears Dooku remind Obi-Wan about the temptation on Geonosis, and suddenly, Obi-Wan isn’t as infallible as he seems. He has secrets, just like Anakin; and their bond can only get stronger.
Rewrought by esama, obi-wan & qui-gon & maul, time travel, 4.4k
   Bit o time travel
Faithless by esama, obi-wan, 2.5k
   Obi-Wan loses his faith in Tatooine

full details + recs under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcanon where your dating Cassian but your shy and nervous person?

(Oh my god I feel like I haven’t written about Cassian in ages mY LOVE)

Dating Cassian as a shy and nervous person:

  • Him being super protective and caring, always checking in on you to make sure you’re doing ok.
  • Never leaving your side if you ever have to go to a meeting with lots of people.
  • Giving you a thumbs up or squeezing your hand whenever you have to give a presentation at a meeting.
  • Standing up for you all the time.
  • Him giving you lots of little kisses on your cheeks or forehead, and thinking it’s cute when he sees you blush.
  • You always getting super anxious when he has to leave on a mission.
  • Long hugs before and after he comes back to base.
  • Him always sending K-2 with you when you have to go somewhere and he can’t accompany you.
  • Always having his arm around your shoulders to make you feel more comfortable. 
  • Hugging you from behind and rocking back and forth.
  • Lots of hand holding !!
  • Him being the only one who can hear you, because you usually talk really quietly.
  • You always borrowing his jackets and shirts because they make you comfortable.
  • And him thinking you look adorable.
  • “Did you take my jacket?” “…yes?” “Nice.” 



“I should have ordered you to take me along…”

Rex regrets letting Ahsoka leave for Malachor and it’s killing him to know that his little'un isn’t coming back. He stands in his quarters and looks at a holo-image of Ahsoka that he froze before their last holocall ended. He looks back at their moments in the Clone Wars and it makes him even more torn up.

I really shouldn’t put my feels through such torment. It’s not healthy… Enjoy!

(P.S. Ahsoka Lives!)

Great fandom things of 2016

(because something positive is always nice)

* A glorious sendoff for an amazing cartoon

Originally posted by sansan9

* We got to meet this cutie!

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* And these guys!

Originally posted by dokirosi

* Sun and Moon is coming out soon

* Stranger Things is apparently awesome

* Also, I hear RWBY started a new season recently!

* Lots of funky mystery music stuff

Originally posted by reisearnor

Originally posted by nijimakotos

* FNAF: Sister Location. Welcome, Eggs Benedict

* Speaking of which, I love FNAF World

* Star’s back with a vengeance

Originally posted by dazthedazzler

* Weird Al’s voice-acting again and it’s great

Originally posted by kiwikandy

* Star Wars: Rebels

* Star Wars: Rogue One

* Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures

* Basically, SW’s slaying this year.

* IDK if any of you guys watched Battlebots this summer, but my family and I did and it was awesome.

* Moana’s coming out soon!

* Probably more that I forgot. Feel free to add on!

Can we talk about how EVERY Ruelle song fits Jemma Blackstairs?

(Of course I came with receipts)

• Storm
“I am torn apart by you
It’s a spell I can’t undo
Oh, I can’t escape it now
I am in too deep to get out

You’re taking my heart, by storm
I’m lost in your love, lost in your love
I can’t hold back anymore.”

• Invincible
“Bring on the fire and bring on the storm
We’ll still be here when it’s all said and done
Burn down the bridges and tear down the walls
We’ll still be standing invincible”

• Madness
“I see that look in your eyes
It makes me go blind
Cut me deep, these secrets and lies
Storm in the quiet

Feel the fury closing in
All resistance wearing thin
Nowhere to run from all of this havoc
Nowhere to hide from all of this madness, ”

• Where Do We Go From Here
“Like waking up from a fantasy
In all that’s left is you and me
We’re invincible in a violet sea
Dare to move, dare to believe

Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here
How do you fly with no wings
How do you breathe without dreams
Where do we go from here
From here”

• Up In Flames
“When it all goes up in flames
We’ll be the last ones standing
We’ll be the last ones
We’ll be the last ones standing

City made of thin glass
Smoldering in pitch black
Sin so thick you can’t see the stars
Can’t tell good and evil apart

We feel warmth in the cold corners
Eyes in the back of our heads
We roll out when the day’s over
Chasing silhouettes.”

• Until We Go Down
“And I feel it running through my veins
And I need that fire just to know that I’m awake
Erased, I missed till the break of day
And I need that fire just to know that I’m awake
Until we go down.”

• War of Hearts
“Come to me
In the night hours
I will wait for you
And I can’t sleep
Cause thoughts devour
Thoughts of you consume

I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you

Stay with me a little longer
I will wait for you
Shadows creep
And want grows stronger
Deeper than the truth

I can’t help but love you
Even though I try not to
I can’t help but want you
I know that I’d die without you

I can’t help but be wrong in the dark
Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts
I can’t help but want oceans to part
Cause I’m overcome in this war of hearts.”

• I Get to Love You
“One look at you; my whole life falls in line.
I prayed for you; before I called you mine.
I can’t believe it’s true, sometimes.
I can’t believe it’s true.
I get to love you, it’s the best thing that I’ll ever do. I get to love you, it’s a promise I’m making to you.
Whatever may come; your heart I will choose.
Forever I’m yours, forever I do.
I get to love you, I get to love you.”


Everyone’s asking how you got the part. But I’d like to know what you remember from you first audition - even what was going through your mind when you went into read?

It’s definitely the most nervous I’ve ever been at an audition. And I was there an hour early, so I went to like sit in a coffee shop, and then I still got there half an hour early. I mean, I must have gone for a wee a million times. Then I’m pretty sure they told me to go away and come back, and I was just like Oh God! It felt like a huge deal. And it’s funny because Star Wars was not a huge thing in my life at all. The whole way through, even though I was riddled with doubts and I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job at he auditions, I’d had a feeling that something was going to happen from it. So it’s that weird thing if being both driven on by something and being terrified of what that might mean.

Acting Tip #2

This one is very important to know: how to act with emotion!

Some people I know and have worked with have difficulty acting with the correct emotions in certain scenes. I have a few ways to act with the right feelings in a scene.

  • Analyse what is being said in the scene: This will let you think of what emotion your character is feeling in the scene. This may take several re-reads. 
  • Think about how you feel with any emotion: We all have emotions unless you’re some kind of robot, and we all know how we feel when we’re happy, angry, excited, sad, etc. Think about how you act when you’re feeling happy or angry or whatever and this will allow you to transfer those feelings to your character.
  • GET WORKED UP!! My favourite example of getting worked up comes from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. While the movie overall was terrible, I’d like to point out the fantastic acting of Ewan McGregor at the end of the movie. In the scene, Obi-Wan watches Qui-Gon Jinn get stabbed by Darth Maul. Obi-Wan lets out a horrified and angry scream as his master is killed. That, to me, was the highlight of the whole movie. Then it went back to emotionless choreography, but I digress. To shout such an angry noise, Ewan said that he started breathing heavily and getting very worked up, then when it was his time to shout, he did and it was brilliant. So, to be angry, maniacal, or distraught, get pumped. Feel what you would when you normally get angry and then get super worked up.

So emotions! Those are good things! Keep in tune for more acting tips from yours truly! 

Is John Williams eluding to Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture?

So hear me out.

I always felt like the music right as Kylo Ren bridal carries Rey up the ramp into the shuttle sounded like something “love theme-y” but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly it was until just now. That short musical moment doesn’t really sound like anything else in the track, and I realized that it totally has the feel of the beginnings of Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture.

Now, you know this music. I KNOW you do. This is the classic “running through a field of flowers into each other’s arms” music, that you just maybe didn’t know was written back in 1870.

This is the classic music.

And this is the music from the film

Am I the only one who hears them as feeling very similar?

Am I the only one that loves that this comes from freaking ROMEO AND JULIET?

Am I crazy? I’ll answer that. Yes, I am i’m sure. 

Find the rest of my musings here

oopalehyn  asked:

You might have been asked by now though just in case, more of Brightindarkness? Please? A flashback maybe, of dooku and Obi-Wan's meeting?

He doesn’t…understand.

No that’s not quite right.

He does but at the same time he doesn’t because…Obi-Wan can be a Jedi, he knows he can, he’s not weak and he’s not that brash and he just needs a teacher to…

He pinches his lips together and glances at the temple in the distance, the only home he has known for twelve, almost thirteen years. And now he’s going to be thrown out, rejected by every padawanless master and knight there is.

Its not…fair.

Its not fair at all.

Perhaps its a fit of pettiness that makes him reject Agricore. Perhaps its the Force.

Obi-Wan isn’t sure.

But when the ships leave, he is not on the ship to Bandomeer.

He boards the Star Princess and is on his way far far away.

And ends up in pirate hands, to be sold somewhere on the far Rims.


‘I karked up.’ Obi-Wan thought sullenly as he stared at the chains on his wrists that kept his hands to the floor after Obi-Wan had thrown the first pirate to the wall with the Force.

The ship jolts and Obi-Wan jerks to, the cargo room tilting enough for even the heavy chains holding him down to roll and pull him along. ‘What in all Force name?’ Obi-Wan looked up in surprise, eyes wide.

He hears blaster fire.


And then an all to familiar sound that he can’t decide if makes his heart light up or sends depression to his stomach.

A lightsaber.

Obi-Wan has no choice but to wait until the sound quiets down and tapping steps of boots down the hallway. The door opens and Obi-Wan meets the ice blue eyed of a well groomed dark clothed Jedi with a green saber in hand.

The man raises a bushy eyebrow.

“Well then. Who might you be young one?”


Breathing out, Obi-Wan removed himself from the memory, staring at the sun of Serenno before sighing quietly and pushing of his knees to his feet. The faint breeze ruffles his hair and he ran his hand over it, mulling over the way his life had formed itself.

For all that he adored Yan, he wasn’t sure about the path the man had taken. There were so many…inconsistencies in what happened, the atrocious acts that were committed by Separatists though, looking away from the Jedi, the same could be said for the Republic leadership.

He wished his path was clearer then what he was looking at now but all he knew was what Yan had given him, the purpose of being…being…

Being by the mans side.

But this path.

This path lead to darkness.

Obi-Wan could feel it, see it, taste it, the air on Serenno that had so long tasted of sweet fruits and freedom felt stale against his skin, chafing even as he fought at Yan’s side. Never attacking the Republic but defending the man who had taken him in.

“Obi-Wan.” He turned at the voice and gave a low bow.


Yan’s eyes were scrutinizing him closely, a small furrow between his brows.

‘He knows I’m wavering…’ Obi-Wan straightened his position, raising his brow back at the man. “You wanted something Master of mine?” He paused for a moment before grimacing. “Its not to work with Ventress again is it?”

That got a small smirk that curled Yan’s lips. “Your distaste for each other is quite amusing but I grow weary of the bickering, no Obi-Wan, I require you to come with me to Drayoms. I have business there and I require someone to watch my back.”

Obi-Wan’s brows raised a millimeter at that before bowing. “Of course, I’ll go pack at once.”

He headed for his rooms, feeling Yan’s Fallen eyes in his back.

‘Master mine, how did this happen?’  

Did you just kiss me?! [Mike Wheeler Imagine]

Prompt: “Did you seriously just kiss me?!” w/ Bella name insert instead of reader.

Requested my @imastrangerthang on Wattpad

A/N: I’m starting to write the part 2 of the Steve Harrington imagine and I want an opinion if they should make up or not. Of course I have the main idea down and written but all I need is if you want a happy or feels ending. Also for this imagine I realized half way through that I started with first person and ended with 3rd so please don’t mind that. But I hope you enjoy this! And side note this is a semi AU after the events of season 1.


Today we were planning on seeing a Star Wars film! Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will, El, and I were planning on hanging out together like we always do. Mike got a VHS of Return of the Jeti we were going to watch it and sneak a butt load of food into Mike’s basement and after we would reenact it like we always do. We have been planning this day for about 2 weeks now and everyone seems to be canceling on us. Dustin has to go to the doctors for a check up, Lucas is grounded for cussing in front of his family, Jonathan is taking Will on a trip to a museum, and El is having a girls day with Joyce.
“Ohh my god! Bella! We’ve been planning this for ages we can’t just cancel the whole thing now!” Mike lets out a big sigh and jumps face first into the couch. Mike wanted us to get together and bond since we all make been busy or having nightmares about the Upside down.
I copy Mike’s sigh and place down a bag of potato chips is was just eating. I roll over to Mike and get up and sit on his back and start hitting it. I let out a big yell and say, “We can’t just cancel this, Mike! It’s Star Wars! ITS STAR WARS!”
“Bella! Get off of me! UGHHH! There is no way we can just everyone to stop what they are doing and come over here to watch Star Wars.” Mike rubs his face on the arm of the chair and starts do make annoyed sounds.
“I know. I know. But it’s return of the Jeti! I guess we can just watch it together. It won’t be as great but it’s something and we still get to watch it in the end.” I let out probably the 50th sigh I’ve let out today. I get off of Mike’s back and continue back to my potato chips as I feel a small dust of pink make its way to my cheeks. Thinking about spending time with Mike alone makes me feel a little flustered. Usually we are never alone together because we are always with another person in our gang. I have always had a close relationship with Mike even though I was one of the last people to move here considering I lived in California. Mike was the once who quickly warmed up to me as he saw a collectors Star Wars pin on my backpack. We soon became best friends and stayed together since.
Mike was one of the first people to talk to me in my new school so I have always felt like I owe him my gratitude and that means me probably spending time with him 24/7. The endless hours of us hanging out has made me develop a small crush on the floppy haired male. I was a grade below them but every hour after school he would be with me cheering me on or making his sassy remarks. No one knows about my crush besides El and El finds it really cute and wants us to get together even though we are still very young. El found out when she came over to my house and my older sister was teasing me and El overheard.
“Bella! Bella! You are zoning out again, you airhead! What do you want to go home now even though you were complaining just a second ago?” Mike sits up on the couch and crosses his arm and raises an eyebrow at me.
“I did not zone out, douche. I’ll stay here and we could still watch Star Wars and have a sleep over but it’s only going to be us! There will not be Dustin and Lucas to scream at the TV anymore!” I let out an exasperated breath and I hear a chuckle escape Mike’s lips.
“Why are you saying it like its a bad thing?” Mike’s bad mood starts to life and a smile starts to build itself on his face. His features light up at Bella’s ridiculousness. Bella doesn’t know this but Mike has had a huge crush on her the first time he saw here in the school campus looking oblivious to what’s going on in the real word as she whispered the script to Star Wars. Mike had make an effort to grow some balls and go talk to the girl and when he finally did he was relived at how normal it felt to talk to Bella.
“Because now you have to deal with my constant yelling and questions! You know me Mike-” Bella continues to ramble out a bunch of words that Mike would probably not even understand if he was listening. Instead of paying attention, Mike’s eyes drift to Bella’s plump light pink lips. Mike finds himself captivated as he soon focuses on them and wtches them move as she talks and occasionally would bite them when she stumbled on a word. Without realizing Mike started to lean closer to Bella.
“Mike? Mike!” Bella tries to get his attention as she notices his absence in the conversation but she soon realizes his close proximity. “W-what?”
Mike leans closer and soon their lips are touching. Considering this was their first kiss together it was a little unplanned and not practice for but they both felt like they were meant to me. It may all sound cheesy but they did love each other with all their heart and would do anything for each other.
Mike soon realized what he had done and pulled away quickly and soon followed by Bella as she stared shocked at him as her whole face turned a bright pink color.
“Did you seriously just kiss me?!” Bella lets out a loud breath that she realize she had been holding in and tries to avoid his gaze at her outburst that may had come off as rude.
“I-I mean.. Yeah. Ohh I’m so sorry, Bella! Was that your first kiss! I didn’t mean to but you are just so pretty and I really like you! Did I just say I like you I mean! Uhh I’m sorry…” Mike find it hard to form a complete sentence that makes sense but ends up finding his fingers more interesting than ever before.
“No no it’s okay Mike. How do I say this? I guess I like you too. Sorry I never told you I just didn’t know how! I know it’s not like me but I can’t help it!” Bella grabs Mike’s hands that makes his eyes land on hers.
Mike lets out a relieved breath as his nerves seem to lighten up. Mike’s grin that makes millions or girls swoon without realizing makes its way onto his features as he says, “umm since we like each other… Do you want to be my girlfriend?”
A smile that always seems to be molded on Bella’s face forms again as she looks like the happiest girl alive brings Mike close and kissing him on the cheek and whispers yes in a sweet tone.

Small Steps| Kylo Ren One Shot

Requested: no
Rating: PG-13, mild cursing, torture/interrogation kinda?? It’s not super graphic
Summary: Kylo’s only job for today was to interrogate the newest prisoner, so why does he suddenly feel like the one exposed.

(The one where YN gets into Kylo Ren’s head more than he gets into hers).


The room was cold, dim and smelled of metal and hash cleaning chemicals. YN didn’t want to think about what those chemicals were used to clean up.

She was strapped down to a chair, if you could call it that. She was strapped to a chair that felt more like a table, nearly flat except for slight shape to accommodate the natural curve of her body. How thoughtful of the First Order to think of my comfort. YN thought to herself, trying to mentally prepare herself for whatever was going to walk through those doors that she could see only by turning her had as far to the side as possible and straining her eyes.

Almost on cue, who she assumed to be the infamous Kylo Ren walked through the silver sliding doors. He only had to take a few strides until her was in front of YN, eyeing her up and down silently. YN knew that this was meant to phase her and tried not to let his behavior affect her this early in their meeting. He spoke suddenly:

“I know who you are, YN. Do you know who I am?”

Even through the filter of the masked helmet, his tone was com descending. YN didn’t know if she could trust he own voice to sound strong so she just nodded slightly, trying to seem at ease in he surroundings. Kylo raised his had in a sort of nod and spoke again. “Do you know why you’re here?”

YN decided to try and delay what she feared was to come within their meeting and shook her head to signal she did not. Kylo tilted his covered head slightly again, this time to the side to indicate that he had little trust in her answer and inhaled, YN could hear every inhale and exhale he processed due to the mask, she wondered if he relied on it to breathe or if it was more of a fashion accessory.

Once again, it was almost on u that Kylo responded to he thought process, slowing removing his helmet from his head. YN hadn’t expected to see such a young face beneath the mask, he couldn’t have been much older than her. She hoped that revealing his face to her didn’t mean that he intended to kill her before she left this room. A million thoughts were running through her mind at once.

“Relax, little one,” he stepped casually close to her. “I don’t want to hurt you- at least that isn’t my sole reason for our visit today, as I’m sure you’ve guessed- you’re smart. I can tell.”
YN’s heart was going a million miles a minuet, she flinched as Kylo placed his gloved hand over her chest, right above where her heart was positioned.

He held it there for only a second, long enough to feel her heartbeat. All the while maintaining eye contact with YN. He never broke this eye contact while taking off his gloves, but finally his eyes left hers to walk behind YN, placing the gloves near his helmet on a shelf that protruded from a far wall.

YN’s mind started to construct a joke about how Kylo Ren was giving her a strip tease in her head, but he nerves kept jumbling the beginning and end together so there was no real punchline.

Her heart picked up yet again when she felt his breath on the back of the chair, barred slightly by the back of the chair she was still bound to.

“Are you ready?”

She tried harder to calm her racing mind and concentrate on disassociating from any pain she was about to experience. She tried to focus on derailing Kylo’s train of thought, gently prodding at his mind, finding herself at the forefront of his thoughts.

Pushing past that, she found herself slipping into the thoughts of her enemy. How his actions were guided by strong currents of fear, loneliness. She hadn’t meant to pity him.

Suddenly, his hand was around her neck, applying pressure. “That’s a pretty damn dangerous game to be playing with me, little one. you don’t know how good I am at this game.”

She had struck a nerve, she could feel him beginning his invasion on her mind and blocked out his advances as best she could, throwing her favorite music and poems to the front of her brain, and her family, who didn’t live anywhere near the base. The love in her family. She began focusing on getting further into his head than he could get into her own.

“You should really just give up- you know that I have every advantage over you right now, I can see any and every thing inside your head that I want to.”

So then why are you so scared of me?“

Her inquiry was simple but it clearly struck another nerve with her captor. “I’d shut the hell up if I was you- none of your Jedi friends are coming to your aid.”

She just stared back at him, his hand tightening on her throat so that her breathing became more labored, but still possible. She looked deeper into his mind- hating the feeling of invading into his private feelings and thoughts, but he would do the same to her- was doing the same to her.

Finally, she hit something that felt significant, she relaxed and spoke out loud, feeling his hand clench around he throat to try and stop he speech.

“You dont have to be alone.” her voice was cut off abruptly by his hand clenching tight enough to choke her. Her hands pulled at her restraints to try and remove his hands but failed, her body beginning to panic at the lack of oxygen- spasming. “That was a cute trick,” he paused. “But now it’s my turn to do some digging in here,” He tapped her head with a finger from his hand that wasnt constricting around her throat. His hand finally released her thoat after what felt like ages. YN sputtered and Kylo began to speak.

“All I need from you is to tell me where the new rebel base is- can you do that for me, pet?” YN tried to shake her head to say no, but was preoccupied with regaining her breath, head falling forward due to it not being held up by restraints lie the rest of her body. YN could feel her neck begin to bruise, eyes hot and glistening.

“I think you can, I can almost see the location in your mind now. I can see your friends- do they know where you are? Will they ever forgive you after you tell me everything I need to know?” YN shook her head quickly now- breathing heavily still. “Get out” she murmured, focusing all her energy on pushing him from your head. “Not yet, little one- you’re strong, but not invincible.” he taunted, forehead almost touching YN’s.
"You’re the same way,” YN replied quietly, cringing as Kylo’s eyes opened to meet hers, breaking his state of concentration. YN feared that this interaction would result in another bruise, or worse, Kylo’s hand wrapped back around her throat.

It didn’t.

Kylo sighed and closed his eyes again, brushing hand over YN’s forehead as if it would open her mind more quickly to his prying mind’s eye. It didn’t, thankfully for YN.
The time had come for Kylo to take a break again. YN took this opportunity to scan his brain again, focusing on the force. Again, she could sense layers upon layers of shame and anger and fear, with one overarching feeling of loneliness. She wondered why Kylo didn’t block her more from prodding through his mind. At this point she was able to see some of his fondest memories, using the force to suggest them to the forefront of his mind. A family, a pet dog and then all of a sudden incredible tension- YN had guessed she had found the memory of when that period of Kylo’s life had come to a close, maybe when he’d joined the First Order. YN watched as the pleasant memories cause Kylo’s face to relax, shoulders softening a bit, before contorting into an expression of conflict.

“Why do you stay here?” She didn’t mean to ask it aloud, but there her words were, sitting in the air between them. Kylo, who had found a spot to sit in front of YN looked up. “Because the First Order allows me to use my full powers.” Kylo looked exhausted.
“This is your full potential?” YN questioned again, feeling slightly more confident.

Kylo stared up at her, unsure of what to say. He settled for “you haven’t seen my full potential- and you don’t want to. You wouldn’t survive it.” He put on a face of confidence, but YN was still in his head enough to know that this was just a front.

“Have you tried to use your powers the way the Jedi do?”
This flared Kylo’s anger to a flaming rage, his face grew hot and YN barely had time to process before his face was once again almost touching hers, hand tightening again around her throat.

“The Jedi tried to take advantage of me the way they are you. If only you could see how much more powerful you would be with the First Order- and not those fools in robes,” he hissed, but unclenched his hand from her neck, letting his head bend down and be held by one hand.

“But they don’t love you here, we would love you, Kylo.” His head snapped up again and YN flinched.

“No you wouldn’t.”

“How do you know?”

“They tried- I failed and they would never forgive me” Kylo’s voice tapered off at the end of his statement, it sounded easily rehearsed- either something he’d been told over and over or something he’d repeated to himself. YN remembered the family she’d seen in Kylo’s head.

She recognized who she assumed was his mother- she knew Leia had lost a son.

“Do you want to hear about how your family is doing? Your mother?” YN wasn’t sure this would work, but was willing to try.

“No. They’d only make me weaker.”
He didn’t sound like he believed what he was saying. YN decided to take her chances.

“Your mother is a general, she’s very well liked and people respect her. She misses you though, she spends extra time in her quarters after somebody mentions you,” YN paused to gauge Kylo’s reaction. She couldn’t read his face and his mind was such a fast moving whirl of emotion that it was hard for even him to know what he was feeling.

“You could come back, forget all of this shit and start over- you could be with your family-”

“Shut up!” Kylo let out a scream to silence YN. It worked, she shrank back into the chair as far as she could. “Don’t you get it? They don’t want me back- even if they did,” he paused again. “I can’t leave- not now and not ever this is my life now.”

YN found herself in his head again. It was so conflicted. Kylo wanted to hear everything about his family- his parents. He wanted to go back home and forget he’d ever come to the First Order. But how could he be sure- he thought this was what he wanted, to connect with his grandfather and become the strongest warrior in the galaxy. His family wouldn’t even want to see him, he told himself. He was a murderer.

Kylo could feel YN in his head- she had a warm aura, he was in her head too. He could feel her pity and sympathy, she could feel that he was tired. He could feel that she truly believed he could come home.

“Small steps, Ben. Nobody is forcing you to change overnight. Just take small steps to change.”

He hadn’t heard that name spoken so softly- so kindly and compassionately- in a long time. A voice in his head- one that was all his own, told him that maybe he could get used to that.

Maybe he should try.
“How, you know who I am and what I do- hell, what I’ve done to you just in one day- why would you even try and help me- or bring me home. How do you know I won’t just go with you and then destroy the base?”

“Will you do any of that?”
Kylo looked at her for a moment. “You’d just believe me?”
YN half smiled, mostly tired and glad to be having an almost normal, calm conversation.

“I can see in your head, Ben. I know that this is a tough choice, but I also know that there’s more people than you know who still want you to come home.”

“Small steps,” he muttered to himself. YN nodded- well as best she could while restrained.

“You could let me out, we could leave this ship and you could think things over, sleep- we both need it.” YN suggested gently. He was still unpredictable, it was nearly impossible to tell if her statements would be met by Ben or Kylo. They were the same person, but his fits of rage showed more conflict between the two than he’d care to admit.
YN didn’t even have time to process what was happening before Kylo presses a button and her restraints were immediately lifted.

She began to fall, feeling exhausted, when she was shocked to feel two metal-clad arms grasp her, breaking her fall. “Let’s just go back to my quarters for now. Please do not try anything it’s not safe here and I can’t vouch for any shit you pull okay?”
YN was too stunned to do anything but nod.
“Alright, stay close to me,” he said, opening the door and grabbing his helmet and gloves, slipping them back on. His voice anything but malicious, the change in demeanor so drastic that it felt like this was a whole new person- one that was working to fight the darkness, one small step at a time.

A New Hope

Words: 1.5k

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, anxiety, fluff

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Being Tony Stark’s assistant came with a lot of perks. You got a nice wage, a room in the Avenger’s tower, some new clothes; but the best thing by far was the fact you got to work with some of the hottest people in existence.

When you first arrived at the tower, you could barely look anyone in the eye and couldn’t even speak to Tony without blushing. You couldn’t help it, the man was bloody stunning. Sometimes you wondered how you’d managed to get the job at all, having stuttered your way through an interview without making direct eye contact. You had no idea what he saw in you but you were just happy to be there.

Despite being initially intimidated by Tony, the two of you got along like a house on fire after a few weeks. You spent most of your time either with him or in your room so you quickly became firm friends.

But what you didn’t expect was for him to invite you to one of his parties on the floor below. Part of you knew it was logical for Tony to invite you, being his assistant and all; but another part felt like a fish out of water. You were just a kid from out of town, how the hell did you end up on the invite list for one of the most notorious parties in the city?

It was that thought that had you panicking. You’d bought an amazing dress, showing just enough to get attention but not enough to look slutty, but you felt out of place wearing it. You tugged it down in the mirror, frowning as you spotted an imperfection with your eyeliner. The party would be full of gorgeous people and you were sure you’d stick out like a sore thumb. You resisted the urge to chew on your lip, knowing it would destroy your lipstick.

The knock on the door drew you away from your thoughts, tearing your eyes off your reflection with one last frown, you opened the door.

“Well you look beautiful.” Tony stated flatly, smiling. “You’ll fit right in!” His smile turned into a grin. You made a sound somewhere in between a huff and a laugh, taking your eyes off him for a second to get your clutch bag before coming out of your room and closing the door behind you.

Tony offered you his arm which you gladly took. As the two of you walked to the elevator, you couldn’t help but feel like a baby taking their first steps. It wasn’t often you wore heels, and you were beginning to remember why. You sighed to yourself quietly and accepted the fact that you’d take them off before the night was over.

When the elevator opened on the right floor, it was a sensory overload. There must have been more than a hundred people in the room, loud music blaring and coloured lights flickering around. The smell of alcohol was all-consuming, singing your nose hairs. Although you liked drinking, it was never normally in an environment like this. You froze for a second before Tony’s hand on your back guided you forward into the pack.

“Come on,” He had to speak louder than usual to be heard above the noise. “I’ll introduce you to some investors and stuff.”

After a good two hours of trying to make small talk with Tony’s clients, all you wanted to do was take off your God damn shoes. Jesus fuck you felt out of place here, like a wale in a corset. It didn’t help when you were introduced to Natasha, one of the Avengers. Normally, you avoided them all, only having met Bruce once before, but it seemed there was no chance of that happening again.

Nat was nice enough, you could see she understood how out of place you felt here. But she also looked far prettier than you, (not that you were jealous) and it made you feel even more inadequate.

After stumbling your way through a conversation with her, you excused yourself and painfully climbed the stairs to the small balcony overlooking the room. Each step felt like a thousand cuts and you couldn’t remember why you’d chosen those shoes in the first place. By the time you reached the top step, you’d broken into a sweat from the pain alone.

When you looked up, you froze. Even your pulse stopped for a moment. There was a single sofa on the balcony; and it was occupied by none other than Steve Rogers. Captain Fucking America. If you thought Tony was hot, Steve was on a whole other level.

He looked up from his phone and caught you staring, slack jawed and still frozen in place. You looked away quickly, face heating up. Your mouth opened and closed like a fish as you tried to find something to say.

“Do you wanna sit?” Steve asked. He didn’t seem surprised by your reaction. He must get that kind of thing a lot. He smiled reassuringly and you almost died right there and then.

You made a noise, somewhere between ‘ok’ and ‘yeah’ and stumbled forward. You were more conscious than ever about how short your dress was. You kept your head down as you moved to sit next to him, choosing to focus on the pain of your blisters rather than the Greek God to your right.

Saying nothing, you slipped off your shoes with a sigh, allowing yourself a quick peak at Steve. His suit reminded you of another time, hair slicked into a traditional side parting. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought you’d been transported back to the 40’s. Swallowing nervously, you tried not to stare at his muscles, the outline of them visible even under his jacket.

“So I take it this isn’t really your thing?” Steve’s voice ripped you from your thoughts and you blushed again, hoping you hadn’t been staring. You stuttered for a moment.

“I hate big parties.” You weren’t sure if Steve heard you over the music at first but it seemed he did.

“Yeah, Tony always insists that I come, even though I don’t work for Stark Industries… maybe he just wants me as like a tourist attraction or something…”

“I think Tony can do that all by himself…” You mutter. Steve laughs loudly, you hadn’t expected him to hear. Maybe super-hearing was one of the effects of the serum.

“Hey, you’re his assistant right?” You nodded, bringing your eyes up to his. Steve had a way of making you feel at ease somehow. “I bet that’s a bucket of fun.” He grinned sarcastically. You raised an eyebrow.

“It pays the bills and that’s all I care about.” You smiled back.

“How come no one seems to have met you before?” He asked. You swallowed and looked down, suddenly feeling more on guard. If he knew, he might find you weak and pathetic. That was the last thing you wanted to appear as in front of Captain America… Steve waited patiently for your answer.

“I have anxiety.” You breathed out, praying his super-earing would fail him.

Steve didn’t say anything for a moment, just raised an eyebrow.

“I bet working for Tony doesn’t help much.” He joked, leaning back slightly. That seemed to relax you again. He didn’t think you were a freak. “Being here is probably even less of a help. Do you wanna come up to my floor? Tony says I need to watch Star Wars but I need someone to explain it to me…” He grinned sheepishly and you found yourself nodding.

He took your hand and pulled you to your feet. When you didn’t feel the familiar pain in your feet, you remembered you’d taken off your shoes. Hand still in his, you reached down to take them with you.

Steve led you barefoot down the stairs and across the room, his hand never leaving yours. You stuck close to him, realising his large frame made a good battering ram against the horde of bodies. Or maybe it was the fact no one wanted to stand in the way of a 100 year old super soldier.

Relief washed over you when the elevator doors closed. You felt yourself deflate somewhat, releasing the breath you didn’t know you’d been holding.

“Tony recommended I start from A New Hope, but I thought there were some other ones before that?” Steve asked. You smiled devilishly, finding a burst of confidence.

“No, we have to start from the Phantom Menace. The first three films are shit but it’s like a rite of passage, we gotta watch them first.”

Steve frowned as if he was trying his best to make sense of this strange new world.

“Well whatever you say, I’ve missed a lot of the last 50 years so you’re the expert.” You smiled in victory as Steve hit the button for his floor.

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