my spongebob


Can never get a moment’s peace

With these two idiots in STEREO!’’

The original trio, right? If there was any screencap redraw I wanted to try from the cartoon, it was this one. I mean, so cute, right? I think Squidward secretly likes it.

(I decided to draw his original costume in the sketch, cuz he looked kinda cool with the belt and his shirt was lower cut…mm sexy)

things i think about a lot
  • mr. krabs literally sold spongebob to the flying dutchman for 62 cents
  • bubble buddy was alive the entire time and he let a dude die
  • patrick’s pet rock won a race
  • spongebob and mr. krabs literally thought they killed a dude and tried to hide the body
  • also, in hash slinging slasher, if the buses don’t run that late - WHO WAS DRIVING THE BUS