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Castiel in every episode
↳ 4x07 | It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

In the tentative first days after truths and confessions come out, Dean thinks if he and Cas are gonna really have a go at this and try to be a couple, it might be easier if to do it away from the monsters and lore and crisis- and hell, maybe it’s past time they stepped away and took a break for their own mental health, anyway.

The cabin is remote and spacious, and, frankly, Dean loves it the moment he lays eyes on her. What with the forest for miles in ever direction, the trails leading into the woods or toward the mirrored lake’s edge, and the animals who are curious rather than afraid.

There’s an empty barn out back and little dog that likes to sit on the wood pile and watch them as they chop firewood, which is something of a novelty Dean finds therapeutic in a way. He tells Cas they aren’t keeping the dog, but the former angel insists they’re not getting much choice in the matter as the dog seems to have adopted them. Dean just sighs when Cas names him Toto.

Things are awkward and cozy and new and great, and Dean’s pretty sure he never wants to leave the cabin save for runs into town for supplies. He doesn’t even say anything when Toto hops in Cas’ truck cabin and settles between them for the ride.

For the first time in Dean’s life, things are pretty much perfect.


Castiel in every episode
↳ 4x18 | The Monster at the End of This Book