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SPN 12x22 Who We Are

What an awesome fight scene. I love how it starts out with Dean disoriented and defenceless, with that small “No!” as if just saying that could somehow make Ketch disappear. And then how Dean goes into angry attack mode, even as he’s still disoriented and way off his game because of the drugs, his injured leg and the emotional rollercoaster he’s just been on.

Dean’s fight scenes always stand out to me. They feel so physical, so raw and real. Like it really takes a lot to keep going, to take the hits and hand out some more, to remain standing or to get up, to collect himself after a particularly hard hit that knocked him down.

I’ll happily take scenes like this over the lame attack on the BMOL base any day.


Destiel Confessions


Cas is telling Dean and himself that good circumstances of luck and fortunate events as this meeting can occur.
Dean can not believe that he will get out of there alive.
Even if he finds Castiel attractive, at that moment he is on fleeing or fighting mode. 
Albeit, both the are talking about the same issue, Castiel celebrates the love at the first sight, Dean can’t believe that this can be possible for him ever.

I’m afraid I think exactly like Dean.


12.18 The Memory Remains
Guys like us, we’re not exactly the type of people they write about in history books. But the people we saved, they’re our legacy. They’ll remember us, and then I guess… we’ll eventually fade away too. But that’s fine, because we left the world better than we found it.
What are you doing? Leaving our mark.


SPN 12x22 Who We Are

The writing of this little speech was pretty bad (though nowhere near as bad or cringeworthy as Sam’s speech to the hunters at Jody’s). What gets me though is that thanks to Jensen, it doesn’t really come off that bad. He has a gift of taking lines that seem pompous, preachy or self-important and delivering them in his quiet, understated way, which makes the final effect so much better.

I think it might be because he always tones it down in such scenes, and instead of going big and extra dramatic, he basically does the opposite: he goes small and personal.

It also doesn’t hurt that he looks so beautiful ;)