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still planning on doing various atla and lok fanedits, here’s an example of what finished color timing/grading/correction, lens correction, and general filmization (i love film grain……) might look like. i’m not even sure this is the right look for this scene but it’s more just an example of the general cinematic/filmic look i’m going for

step by step if you’re interested:

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“We just get to be big children again, playing dress up. It’s great.”

when the compromise has been made to just i guess draw some expressions from JoD •u•

am i productive yet

Face of a Lover, Hands of a Stranger

Thank you to my betas: @the-queen-of-the-light and @orangemonster33 who are both wonderful and help control my rampant comma splicing. 

The-Queen came up with the title, thankie thankies friend!!

You can also read this on AO3 

“Hey, can I join you?”

Maggie turned at the voice and smiled. “Babe, you can always join me in the shower.” The curtain opened and Maggie shivered at both the cool air and Alex’s look. She chuckled. “But I’ve got work, so no wandering hands.”

Alex frowned and pouted her lips. Maggie just laughed and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “What’re you doing today?”

Maggie turned her smile into the water spray and ran her fingers through her hair. “More paperwork than you could imagine.”

Alex’s fingers brushed over her hips and Maggie’s smile broadened to a flash of teeth.

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