my splice


GD Monthly Prompt | Canon Divergence AU | Astra is in the pod that Kara finds at the end of Season 1. She’s immediately taken prisoner by the DEO. However, when the Daxamites attack, and their prince tricks Kara and breaks her heart, Astra escapes the DEO to track him down. Alex joins her. Astra kills Mon-El, and almost gets killed by Rhea in retaliation, but Alex manages to save her and kill Rhea, with the help of the DEO. Along the way, the two get to know each other better, and come to an understanding.


GD Monthly Prompt | Favourite Romantic Comedy AU: She Loves Me | When Alex starts helping out Alura, the widow next door, and her young daughter Kara, she doesn’t expect to meet Alura’s sister, Astra, whom Alex immediately butts heads with. However, as time passes, there seem to be more and more similarities between Astra and Dear Friend, the penpal whom Alex has been writing to…