my spirit animal with this tbh


30 Day Character Challenge

Day — A character who acts like you

Saiko Yonebayashi [ Tokyo Ghoul:re ]

stranger things 2 - character analysis ( part 2 )

8 ; jim hopper —

a big teddy bear !! :

- he protecc but he also attac

- like i said. teddy bear


- he adopted eleven

- he. loves. eleven.

- he brought her eggos and theN GAVE HER A HOME

- wow i love hop

- he cares a lot about will and joyce

- he paid off a kid to get eleven candy for halloween

- he’s so sweet

9 ; dustin henderson + dart —

i’m so glad dustin got more screentime this season :


- the little growl / purr he does

- his hair in the last episode

- wants to help will so bad

- loves d’artanagan so much

- even though dart ate his cat

- rip mews 2017

- he’s so beautiful

- dig dug enthusiast


- love him

9 ; lucas sinclair —

i’m also so grateful that lucas got more screentime too tbh :

- he got the girl

- hard to get


- stubborn x2

- his sister is my spirit animal

- i love his character so much

- wtf mood 25/8

10 ; joyce byers —

stop hurting her :

- just wants her son

- both of her sons

- and bob


- give her a hug

- and a break

- she’s such an overprotective mother

- winona is just my everything

11 ; billy hargrove —

hear me out :

- his character does need to calm down

- but his dad is abusive

- that’s why he is a douche

- just. give. him. a. hug.

- imma bite his dad

- his hair is nice

- but he needs to chill

- his car is also nice

- isn’t he a power ranger ?

12 ; bob newby —


- he gave will advice.

- he is so pure

- he loves joyce so much

- love him

- his dracula costume

- he loves the “ crappy ” music jonathan talks about

- he wants to give joyce a happy / normal life

- rip bob 2017

Puppy Love

Request: 113 [Where did all these puppies come from?] Carlos X reader? That ones perfect for him!! Thanks!! Xx

Warnings: PUPPIES

Words: 739

A/N: Carlos is my genuine spirit animal and dogs are amazing, I’m so happy that Carlos won tbh and I am so happy I have a decent amount of Carlos requests XD and because they asked, @hooked-onfandoms , here’s your tag darling! ♥

It was no secret on the Isle that Carlos de Vil was terrified of dogs, so when you arrived in Auradon you were extremely surprised to find that Carlos was no longer terrified of dogs, and in fact loved them and owned one. “Carlos de Vil, out of all the animals you could own you got a dog?” You laughed when you walked onto campus and was greeted by the white haired boy who held a dog close to him. 

“They’re a lot more loveable than mother made me think! I wish that I could have had one on the Isle, but mother would have turned it into gloves or something knowing her.” Carlos said, frowning some as he held the dog close to him, scratching behind the dog’s ear. “But anyway, this is Dude. He’s pretty cool.” Carlos introduced, and the three of you began to hang out rather often. 

A popular hangout for the group was at a nearby dog park, where you had to constantly remind Carlos that no, he could not pet every dog. And no, he certainly couldn’t take home every dog without a home. 

It wasn’t long before you and Carlos started up a relationship with one another, something that definitely could never be done on the Isle, and you wanted to do something special for Carlos because his birthday was coming up, and he had never been able to celebrate his birthday before because of, well, obvious reasons. So you were determined to do something special for the unlikely dog lover. 

So you talked to Ben, and you talked to Fairy Godmother. 

“Please!” You begged, folding your hands together as you looked at both the young king and the headmistress of the school. “Please let me bring some puppies into the dorm room for Carlos? It’s his birthday and he’d be so happy to just play with puppies all day!” You begged. 

“My dear, while I would absolutely love to be able to do that, it’s simply in the rule book-” 

“Carlos has Dude!” You argued, feeling your heart deflate because all you wanted to do was do this one thing for Carlos.

“Dude has been the school mutt since he was a puppy, that is different. He’s used to being in the dorms. Bringing a bunch of puppies into the dorms would just cause havoc.” Fairy Godmother said as she looked at you with her soft gaze. “But…”

You raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms; even Ben was intrigued. “I’m listening?” You said. 

“If you would be willing to clean up any, ah, accidents that would happen I suppose I could look the other way.” Fairy Godmother said, to which you grinned from ear to ear and jumped to hug her. 

“Oh thank you, Fairy Godmother, thank you!” You squealed excitedly before pulling back to look at Ben. “How many puppies do you think we can fit in the dorm room without over stimulating the puppies?” You asked, glad to know your plan was in full swing. 

It took just about everything in you the day of Carlos’ birthday not to scream in frustration. It took you nearly two hours to get all twenty puppies in the dorm room without them going ballistic, Jay had to constantly find excuses to keep Carlos from coming to his dorm. Twice you had to go to the grocery store by the school to get everything you would need for the party, but you finally had everything set up, so you shot Jay a text telling him to send Carlos your way.

At the moment it was just you in Carlos’ dorm room, sitting on the floor with the puppies to keep them occupied. Okay…even you had to admit that puppies were pretty adorable. It wasn’t long before you saw the door open, and the puppies all ran over to the door barking and jumping on Carlos who was clearly surprised. 

“Um, [Y/N]…not that I’m complaining, but where did all these puppies come from?” Carlos asked as he looked at you, and you gave a wide grin. 

“It’s your birthday…and I figured you should play with some puppies.” You said simply, watching as his face completely lit up, and it didn’t take long for him to get on the floor and begin to play. 

It was safe to say that was Carlos’ best birthday ever…not to mention Dude was extremely jealous that day.

I was watching @therealjacksepticeye play Night in the Woods, and I love the friendship between Mae and Gregg!!
(Gregg is my spirit animal tbh)


Suga Sass Appreciation

When you start having an extisential crisis but then realize you don’t care:

When someone asks you a question but you don’t feel like answering: 

When you’re competitive: 

When someone’s being stupid: 

When something good happens: 

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When you’re antisocial: 

When someone’s being stupid part 2: 

When you need to protect your friend cause they’re a fluff: 

When you get all fired up: 

When ou know you look good: 

When someone’s being stupid part 3: 

When someone says something 100% wrong but you don’t wanna be rude: 

When someone’s being stupid part 4: 

When someone you hate thinks you’re friends: 

When random people think you care about their opinion: 


Even more out-of-context quotes I've heard at school

“Yo, who farted in your face?”

“Okay, I have a question. Who takes chemistry and knows how the fuck to do this shit?”


“One day you’ll find someone who’ll appreciate your farts”

“Titties, titties, titties- no that’s a guy”

“I believe in spaghetti”

“Let’s trap it with education”

“Hold up, hold up, hold up, I need science”

“Come on Adian, let’s take a mystical adventure to the computers”

“I’ll show you my true IMac daddy rap skills”

“Who’s the guy that deepthroats bananas down there?”


“I want a little bit slower metabolism so I can get tHICC”

“My dick looks like a mozzarella stick”

“Guys, I lit a minion plush on fire last night”

“Dude, I was listening to waluigi noises for three hours straight”

“I’m in touch with my true spirit animal,,,a shitzu”