my spirit animal forever and always

Trying a new Three Gems spread, still needs some fine tuning to really sing: position 1 for strength (otter), 2 weakness (stingray), 3 guide (deer). Cannot get enough of this Animal Spirit deck!

I see otter as my silliness of spirit, even in dark times, and for resourcefulness. Stingray, well, sometimes my words can sting when pushed past my breaking point, or I can also lack a backbone and choose not to put up a fight if it’s something that only impacts me. I see deer representing kindness, nurturing others, and it’s always been my guide; love it so much it’s inked on me forever 😊

How would you read this?


i still remember the first time i saw this, and had no idea wtf was happening. i obviously dont speak Korean, hahaha and i just laugh when they laugh. but the moment Hobi our spirit smiley animal began to cry because his parents popped up in the messages, i just lost it and cried too. and i am crying as i write this because the video is playing and i am a mess. 

another year, another birthday, and another great hopeful day. i am happy for Hoseok’s existence and am grateful for his debut. his eyes will always capture my soul. his rapping will always take my breath away. his singing will always and forever leave me speechless. and his wild personality will always make me love him and so much more. 

i can’t wait for the derp photos and the next surprise he’ll receive on his birthday. :”))