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As It Seems: Chapter 8

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Summary: The three of you meet up with Crowley and you keep trying to talk the Winchesters out of taking the drug

Word Count: 2880

Warnings: Drug mentions. Threat of overdose.

Beta’d By: @kclaire1​. I don’t know how I would do this without you!


~Reader’s POV~

“You got both of them to come! That’s great,” Crowley greeted jovially.

In the next second, Dean’s fist not-so-jovially connected with the side of Crowley’s face.

“What was that for?” Crowley’s voice squeaked up an octave as he grabbed at his nose that was already bleeding. At least it didn’t look broken. Here, Crowley couldn’t just snap his fingers and mend his bones.

Neither I nor Sam moved, but Crowley’s goons started menacingly towards Dean. Crowley, however, waved them back. It was probably just a show of good faith, trying to get Dean to let down his guard a little. Whatever it was, I was glad. I knew that Dean could handle himself, but didn’t like watching him do it.

“That was for pointing a gun at Y/N.”

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Top 5 Season 3 Olicity Moments

Ciao Jen,
You are a fantastic writer, really! but I miss your answers on your blog so here’s my question .. What were your 5 favourite Olicity moments of season 3? thank you <3

I miss writing answers on my blog!! I’ve been in a fanfiction hole. What is this thing they call sunlight? But I’m peeking my head out to answer some asks. Hope you don’t mind me pulling this off fan mail. I thought it was a fun question.

Let’s dig in…

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Cap 2
  • Sam: *stares longingly at Captain America*
  • Sam: *pays Steve one million compliments*
  • Sam: hey, drop by my work sometime.
  • Sam: "my boy Riley"
  • Sam: *intense speech about losing loved ones*
  • Sam: oh you need my help let me drop everything to risk my life
  • Steve: Cool.
  • Steve: So, you wanna help me track down my mentally unstable ex?
  • Sam: gOD DAMNIT