my speeches are intense

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you have misophonia?

yes o(-(

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Marius would probably try SO HARD to get on R's good side after he finds out his Cosette brother. Like R probably got over it after he see how happy he makes Cosette but R keeps up the Protective Older Brother role to mess with Marius.

He really does like R gives the most INTENSE “if you hurt my sister” speech in the history off the ABC 

One time Courf was asking if Marius has “hit a home run” yet and suddenly R was by his side in seconds and Marius felt his life flash before his eyes

when Cosette and Marius move in together?

R just off to the side “SO YOURE GETTING A TWO BEDROOM RIGHT?!”

To be honest Marius is probably scared of R than he is Valjean like dude probably asked Grantaire permission to marry Cosette before asking her dad

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Can I still submit? So one day when I was 15 my dad gave this long speech about my future but was really intense about not using pronouns for my future partner so I was like 'yay he knows' but then when I came out a few days later he was HORRIFIED AND CONFUSED and I was like 'what was up with that speech my dude?' and he didn't really have an answer. Anyway he moped around for awhile and then I told my rabbi and my rabbi called him into his office and told him stop being dumb and it was fine.

go rabbi !!! im so glad it turned out good!! ppl can be so weird like that like they accidentally sound accepting bc they just never assume it would be anything other than Hetero like “u can marry whoever u like sweetie!!!!” can actually mean u can marry a poor guy or a rich guy or a handsome or ugly guy it never for a second meant marry an nb person or a woman so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ parents ???? amirite🙄🙄🙄🙄 anyway nice im glad it worked out !! 💕

Top 5 Season 3 Olicity Moments

Ciao Jen,
You are a fantastic writer, really! but I miss your answers on your blog so here’s my question .. What were your 5 favourite Olicity moments of season 3? thank you <3

I miss writing answers on my blog!! I’ve been in a fanfiction hole. What is this thing they call sunlight? But I’m peeking my head out to answer some asks. Hope you don’t mind me pulling this off fan mail. I thought it was a fun question.

Let’s dig in…

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Cap 2
  • Sam: *stares longingly at Captain America*
  • Sam: *pays Steve one million compliments*
  • Sam: hey, drop by my work sometime.
  • Sam: "my boy Riley"
  • Sam: *intense speech about losing loved ones*
  • Sam: oh you need my help let me drop everything to risk my life
  • Steve: Cool.
  • Steve: So, you wanna help me track down my mentally unstable ex?
  • Sam: gOD DAMNIT