my special snowflake


Spread love, not hate.
There’s no need to get rid of 95% of the population because your sjw cultism screams that they’re all oppressive.
There’s no need to use a goddamn Robot and two nine year olds who’s gender is up to the player to promote your shitty, genocidal agenda.
Seriously, you’re all like, fourteen. Where are your parents?



Yup, this is how the fight went. Im 99.9% sure. At this point Isayama should just hire me as an editor.
Truly, my greatest contribution to the fandom.
Maybe ill draw something with annie as 18 and mikasa as vegeta or goku later, who knows

I don’t think a lot of people understand the terror some of us live in from terfs. Especially trans women and those of us with multiple hated identities by them.

I’ve been targeted, abused, and conditioned by terfs before. I’ve had people I trusted or looked up to turn out to push ideas that were created to harm me. I literally am terrified that every time I think I’m safe, that safety is going to be torn to shreds as an illusion because the safe space was created to exclude me. I am so scared because their rhetorics have been so layered with dog whistling and have become scattered and accepted in different ways all throughout the community.

So when I see people absolutely refusing to understand or care about terf ideology - denying the danger of using identical rhetorics and validating them, insisting that they’re allowed to agree “on some things,” selectively hating specific parts of me (like my queer identity, or my “special snowflake gender,” or my intersex identity, or my bisexuality,) I can’t help but be petrified that they’ve won. They’ve infested and convinced those who SHOULD be my allies that they aren’t so bad, that their ideas are tolerable, and that the only safe place I’ve ever known is going to shove me out, bit by bit, because it doesn’t seem so insidious when its only little pieces of my identity at a time.

So no, its not some overreaction when we flip out over seeing terf resembling rhetoric. You can brush off your accountability by claiming we are making mountains out of molehills; but the reality is, its an iceberg, you you’re refusing to acknowledge the colossal threat hiding beneath the surface.

Every little acceptance of “minor” terf ideology, every little rewording of terf arguments, every attack on one of my identities; every last one is slowly furthering terfs and making it more dangerous for all of us. Every time you choose to ignore terf origins and agendas behind things because you think it sounds reasonable, you are making it less safe for us, and are fully accountable for the resulting outcomes that damage us and benefit you.

I was like an autumn leaf that fell for you, but then got covered and forgotten with the first snowflake
—  I shouldn’t fell for you
Am I upset? Oh boy you bet I am. I’m upset because I live in a world where everyone’s told they’re a snowflake. Everyone’s told they’re special and different and one of a kind. I’m upset because I live in a world where I’m lied to, you know? When I was younger I thought I was special, I thought I was going to change the world. I thought I was better than average. I’m not. I’m a special snowflake all right, but I’m a special snowflake that’s lost in a drift with a million other snowflakes who are as, if not more, special than I am.
You know what makes it worse? Nobody will tell me that. Whenever I say I’m not going to make a difference or that I’m not special, a soccer mom comes running in screaming that I am. If the participation medal I got when I was seven or the paper honor roll certificate I got in eighth grade is what makes me special, boy do I have a reason to be upset. That’s not special. Maybe compared to someone else it is, but they’ve probably got something special of their own that suburban moms are gushing over.
I’m upset that kids are told they’re special. You’re not born special. You played on a sports team? Well good for you kid, that doesn’t mean you’re the next Babe Ruth. You won a debate round? Great, let me know when you become president. It’s harsh I know, but maybe if we stopped telling kids they were amazing, talent, wonderful flowers from God’s own garden, they’d stop believing it their entire lives. Maybe they’d get their heads out of the clouds and work towards being something special.  
You know what believing I was special got me? A whole lot of anxiety and an inferiority complex, that’s what it got me. Because my mom told me I was special my entire life, I believed her. So when I saw some kid do better than me, I thought, gee I wish I was that good. Instead, I was constantly living short of my so-called potential. Maybe if I was raised to think, you’re okay, but you’re never going to be better than average if you don’t try and work for it, I might actually have worked for something and not assumed it would be handed to me because I was a special perfect snowflake that was gracing everyone’s life by simply drifting through.
So yah, I’m a little upset. Worst of all, my parents’ generation and their parents’ generation sit around complaining that people my age are entitled, prissy, lazy, narcissistic, broke, stressed for absolutely no reason, underachieving punks with no work ethic. Well guess who raised us to be entitled, prissy, lazy, narcissistic, broke, stressed for absolutely no reason, underachieving punks with no work ethic? I can promise you it wasn’t the special little snowflakes and God’s personally grown flowers that feel like they don’t live up to their parents expectations because they were raised in a world where they have a little special something that other kids don’t have and yet if anyone else asked, they’re all equal because you don’t want a kid to feel bad about themselves. Don’t let other kids know that they might be less by giving them participation trophy when they suck. Don’t let other kids know that they might not make it far in life by giving them a bogus award that doesn’t mean anything so that they don’t feel bad that some kid got a four point oh by studying non-stop while they sat around and did nothing and scraped by with a two point.  
OF COURSE I’M UPSET. Even now, I have some much stress and anxiety in my life I can barely keep my sanity for a semester. I cry when break comes because it’s over, but I know it’s going to start again in a month. I was raised with a sense of entitlement that lead me to think everyone wants to give the special snowflake everything I wanted. So now that scholarships are harder to get and there’s fewer jobs and everything costs more and there’s downright awful social conditions for me to live in, don’t think for one second that I wouldn’t be upset.
I’m upset because I’m working so hard to be special and make a difference, but so is everyone else. Maybe if someone didn’t destroy everything for us before we got there and then say that it was our fault that the world was going to hell because we’re a bunch of entitled, prissy, lazy, narcissistic, broke, stressed for absolutely no reason, underachieving punks with no work ethic, we’d stand a chance. Maybe if we didn’t think we were special snowflakes in a world where we’re nothing but average, we’d try and be something more instead of falling short to outrageous expectations. If we were raised to believe we were average, we’d set our goals to be above that.
I’m upset because kids are raised to believe that they are above average. You know where goals are set when you think your above average? They’re set at perfect. I’m upset because an average kid can’t ever reach perfect, yet they were raised to believe that that is the only place they can go. So, yes, I’m upset.
—  KJS // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #15