my special snowflake


Spread love, not hate.
There’s no need to get rid of 95% of the population because your sjw cultism screams that they’re all oppressive.
There’s no need to use a goddamn Robot and two nine year olds who’s gender is up to the player to promote your shitty, genocidal agenda.
Seriously, you’re all like, fourteen. Where are your parents?



Yup, this is how the fight went. Im 99.9% sure. At this point Isayama should just hire me as an editor.
Truly, my greatest contribution to the fandom.
Maybe ill draw something with annie as 18 and mikasa as vegeta or goku later, who knows

scene kids aren’t dead
  • crytyping is the new emo talk
  • shitposting is the new “unique” way of being random lolz
  • please do not pretend you don’t see all these teenagers dying their hair and wearing piercings, lookin’ all… ~unique~
  • do not get me started on kin and its drama
  • basically people doing their damm best to be out of the crowd all while being absolutely cringey
  • take a look at how the fans of the shows like over the garden wall, gravity falls and steven universe are. Reminds me of invader zim fans hmmm

Do not even try to tell me that scene and emo cultuure is dead, it’s still here but in a more… modern way.  If you do any the things listed above, your a scene kid, edglord

I saw this on the facebook and quite liked it. Also, this is MY blog and if you don’t like that I post political things you can just fuck right off. Do I come on your blog and tell you what you should or should not post? Do I insult you for voting for Trump? I do not. Voting for him was your right just as speaking out against what he is doing is my right. Respect it or be blocked. Period.


Have you wanted to give a subtle f-u to anyone who has called you a snowflake recently? Or do you want to embrace the fact that “yes, I am a special snowflake!”? You’re in luck, my friends! I have stickers, shirts, mugs, and more with a simple snowflake design for just that! Snowflake designs with words coming soon…

edit: I didn’t post a link to my redbubble shop omg. 

You can find this product here!!


1. Fill a saucepan with water

2. Place saucepan on stove 

3. Turn stove on

4. Wait for water to boil

5. Pour hot water in mug

6. Add tea bag


I was like an autumn leaf that fell for you, but then got covered and forgotten with the first snowflake
—  I shouldn’t fell for you

INTJ: So this one time when I was 3 I kept asking my mom for something and she kept saying no well eventually she got really annoyed and just asked me “How many no’s do you need??!?!” and me the intj-in-training was sarcastic before I ever knew what sarcasm was an answered “I don’t need any no’s, mommy! I just need a yes!” and that’s the day she realized I was a special little snowflake. Reblog with your type and a childhood story of when you were no doubt your type.