my special butterfly

We know two things for sure...

First, Star Butterfly’s magical ability is nigh-unparalleled and she is shaping up to be the most powerful Queen of Mewni to ever live.

And second, the only one who ever matched her is Eclipsa, who Queen Moon just completely and deliberately fucked over instead of making good on their deal. 

While Eclipsa is obviously not the evil being of legend, I bet she’s not the forgiving type.

Do you also get that special feeling when you see me? I don’t want to admit it, but I think I have a crush on you. You’re just really cute and you’re constantly on my mind. Baby, do you feel the same?
—  L.N. | falling for you

This is the day Harry meets Louis in Them Butterflies

Harry takes a step closer to him, the tips of his fingers tracing the curve of Louis’ waist. They haven’t said a word since they left the dance floor, but Harry feels like the silent conversation happening between the blue and green of their eyes is as loud as anything.

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Here are the Paladin, Bard, Druid and Rogue enjoying a rare quiet moment in the summer sun. Our Paladin Fariz (with his ridiculous long hair) has a very ‘special’ herbal tea he likes to share, which would explain the mellow disposition of the company. 

…Of course inspired by the ‘braid scene’ in Disney’s animation: Tangled.

Happy 1st Anniversary Strange Magic!

This movie was released on 23rd of Jan 2015 and look how quickly time flies! My life has definitely improved because of the fandom! You guys inspire me to draw, and I’m so happy that my art skills have improved because of it! Case in point, check out my very first Butterfly Bog fanart here:

What a huge difference!

Anyway, my thoughts and ramblings under the cut:

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deancas meme → ten episodes
↳ 5.14 My Bloody Valentine”[2/10]

sxkyuhyun said: /chuckles softly, sliding slowly his arms around your middle as he feels your lips upon his/ Aren’t you a greedy fishy? /murmurs before kissing you softly/

I just love your kisses… -strokes your hair, bites your bottom lip, pulls back to look at you- I love you, baby. -kisses your back-