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*sigh* I guess my Sinnoh remake will have to wait huhu
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Sense8 Christmas special
  • Nomi: time to be super gay and run from the fbi
  • Wolfgang: *is barely holding himself together* everything is fine
  • Kala: sex? Of course I know how to sex *breaks Rajan's dick* sHIT
  • Will: fuck you Whispers and fuck your little garden u fucker
  • Riley: must protect Will at all costs
  • Capheus: I HAVE A NEW VAN!!!!
  • Lito: I am calm *deep breathing* *screams*
  • Sun: @whoever tried to kill me: dumb move
Voltron exists because of Lance

So….. I’ve been reading a ton of langst since I finally watched the show and there is something IMPORTANT that I think everyone needs to think about right now! Uh, I mean, ahem…. Anyway.

I don’t know how many people have pointed this out already, but like, there would be no Voltron without Lance. Not in the sense that there needs to be a blue paladin, but in the sense that the blue lion chose Lance in that cave on Earth.

If Lance hadn’t been there, or if someone else had? They probably wouldn’t have found the blue lion at all–even though Keith could feel its presence. None of them would have been paladins.  

Potentially, that would mean that Zarkon could have straight up conquered Earth before anyone else found and was chosen by the blue lion. But I think it’s more important to think about how not becoming paladins would have affected the characters:

  • Pidge wouldn’t get the chance to find Matt and their father.
  • Keith wouldn’t find out that he is half Galra.
  • Shiro might not have gotten any of his memories back and would probably have suffered powerlessly with survivors guilt while Earth-bureaucracy™ grilled him with questions and decided what to do.
  • Hunk didn’t really have any personal stake in the fight against the Galra, but I’m just going to put it out there that he might never have gotten to go to space at all. Considering his propensity to vomit even in a simulation, he might have just washed out of space school.

As for Lance himself, he might not have ever known his true worth WHICH IS SOMETHING HE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO KNOW AT SOME POINT, FOR SURE, ANY DAY NOW.

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idk what they’re doing, idk what this was for, but I found this predebut video and I’m crying bec they’re so smol;;;

Moment no.375 where Cassian is the sweetest, most sensitive, perfect being ever!

“You’re Angry” He refused to speak until I started my circuit of warm ups… And only when we’d begun sparring, his hands wrapped against my onslaught of punching did he say, “You and Rhys hid the truth from us. And we went into Hybern blind about it.” 
“About what?”
“That you’re High Lady.”
“What difference would it have made?”
“It would have changed everything. None of it would have gone down like that.”
“Perhaps that’s why Rhys decided to keep it a secret.”
“Hybern was a disaster.”
I halted my punching. “You knew I was his mate when we went. I don’t see how being High Lady alters anything.” 
“It does.”
“I put my hands on my hips, ignoring his motion to continue. “Why?” 
Cassian dragged a hand through his hair. “Because… because as his mate, you were still… his to protect. Oh don’t give me that look. He’s yours to protect, too. I would have laid my life down for you as his mate and as your friend. But you were still… his.”
“And as High Lady?”
Cassian loosed a rough breath. “As High Lady, you are mine. And Azriel’s, and Mor’s and Amren’s. You belong to all of us, and we belong to you. We would not have… put you in so much danger.”

This whole scene is so beautiful. Cassian just has so much love and care and worry for his family. It kills me! He just doesn’t get the credit he deserves for how sensitive, and how emotionally aware he is. He’s so incredibly special and I love him so much!