my southern accent

people are SO condescending towards Appalachia… like the North/South rivalry is one thing but the attitude towards the Appalachians by both Northerners and Southerners (mostly Yankees tho) is so superior and nasty and based on unfair stereotypes (started & perpetuated by sensationalist writers & journalists looking for a story)

like never mind the fact that Appalachia has provided so much for the country, both through natural resources and culture (music, literature, folklore, oral tradition, art, etc). ignore the fact that we’re behind much of the country in business and education because outside corporations used economic exploitation to take advantage of and manipulate a largely agrarian society.

instead of understanding the difficult history and appreciating the rich culture of the area, why don’t we just make fun of them for the way they talk!!

things i've heard in the band hallway: a masterlist

“if you say silly one more Goddamn Time I will shove my silly clarinet up your ass”

“marching band is like a cult. except more sexual”

“I don’t want to look just sexy. I want to look: pin me against a wall and talk bandy to me sexy”

“merchin’ bernd is lerf”

*a five year old, asking our pic player*
“where’s the rest of it?”

“congratulations, you finally suck”

*band director, talking to a clarinet player*
“you know, Brandon’s too confusing of a name. your name is now Johan”


“oh you’re so cool, with your mirror baritone selfie”

*saxophone player, looking into the distance, in a southern accent*
“my diaphragm hurts”


“okay, so it started out by arguing about who had the better ass…”

*band director, addressing the band*
“you guys are like lemurs. you follow me around, and when I jump a cliff, you do too. except, without the cliff part”

*talking to a Mello player who had a concussion*
“I guess you could say you play perCUSSION now”

“it could be worse, the tuba could be on fire”

“okay but this section shouldn’t be HEY! it should be more like heeeeey”

“I pronounce it peep or peh-pay depending on the weather, the position of Mars, and how many caribou can fit Ito 3.7 square miles”

“if we’re a family can I be the distant estranged cousin from France”

“if you don’t feel like you could pass out right now you’re not doing it right.”


The moment you walked on to set, Harrison was immediately drawn to you. Your eyes, your lips, the way your nose slightly scrunches when you chuckle.

He was hooked. And because of that, he had to constantly remind himself not to stare.

Though, some days, like today made it impossible for him.

A smile began to form once his eyes landed on you. And felt his heart skip a beat. In this moment, all he could think was, ‘she is incredibly breathtaking.’

As you met his gaze, you felt a sudden rush of chills cover you up and down.

“What’s with all the staring, Ford?” You teased.

He quickly cleared his throat, and shot his gaze else where. Trying to come up with something, anything.

“I was um I-” he swallowed hard glancing at you then over to the camera man who sat at the table looking over the film. “We were just discussing the scene and laughing over my southern accent. You missed it.”

You slowly nodded your head as you held his gaze. “Is that so?”

Harrison could feel the heat radiate off his body as his palms grew sweaty. “Y-yes. That is so.”

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Okay because this is literally me can you do a small fic of McCrees s/o being this cute little shy baby but when they're at a bar, someone hits on McCree and the reader just smashes a whiskey bottle on the bar and suddenly a southern accent comes out as they become protective and possessive over McCree? Sometimes when I'm angry my southern accent comes out and it's funny idk also PS I love your blog!! Its my favorite overwatch imagine blog and I adore it!! Keep up the great work!!!!

You gently rested your hand on McCree’s arm, head resting on his warm shoulder. You gave a small sigh as he smiled at you, cigar tilting slightly with the movement of his lips. You ignored the footsteps coming towards the pair of you, just breathing in his musk.

“How about you leave them and come have fun with me,” someone purred and your eyes whipped open.

“What in tarnation,” you drawled, rage building up inside of you.

McCree placed a hand on your arm but you shot up, “Now if y’all ain’t seen it, that’s my boyfriend. So I’ll ask ya kindly to back off.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I’ll gut you with a smile on my face,” you smiled at her and she backed off, before sitting back down.

You hummed a tune as you leant your head back on his shoulder, that peaceful smile on your face. He chuckled as he wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you close, finding that whole ordeal adorable.

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How long did it take you to get used to Chinese pronunciation and tones? I'm thinking of trying but the main thing holding me back is the pronunciation! Like, for example, the difference between x and sh, j and zh, how to do the r sound, and I can't tell if I'm doing the tones right... (I'm least confident in the 3rd tone)

How long did it take me…? Well, considering that Mandarin is my native language, I’d say I had to get used to it pretty quick :P

Don’t be afraid to try! And don’t worry about being perfect, either, especially in the beginning. Chinese people are generally very impressed when they see someone trying to learn Chinese, and if you try a little, you’ll probably be flooded with compliments (actually though, this is a real thing).

For pronunciation of the sounds, IPA is very useful if you’re familiar with it (and even if you’re not, it’s worthwhile to learn it to help with general language studies). Having audio or a Chinese-speaking friend is also helpful, and hearing the sounds a lot will help you differentiate between them. 

As for tones, I think that’s generally just a lot of practice. There are a couple different ways I’ve seen people learn tones – you can practice them in pairs so that you learn to differentiate between them very well, or you can colour-code your notes so that each tone is assigned a different colour if that helps you remember them (the app Pleco does this). The third tone specifically is like a falling-rising tone, but if you listen to actual Chinese speech, you might find that native speakers don’t actually enunciate the falling and the rising – it often just sounds like a low-pitched tone, like near the bottom of your vocal range if that makes sense.

A few additional resources to help you: 

  • Standard Chinese phonology (also from Wikipedia – this is useful if you have a linguistics background, but even if you don’t, I think it’s quite fascinating)

Good luck! Chinese is a great language, don’t let it intimidate you! :) 

speaking of night crew, i read one (1) comic book and im entirely back into this verse again. fun fact, the whole story is set in texas, but the only character confirmed to be a native texan (confirmed… as if im not the one confirming it) is ember! the sad part is most of this is her normal outfit, she’s just mad about the belt buckle. 

Ugh, suddenly I’m thinking about John’s accent. Like how it must vary from time to time, given I mean, technically, he’s been living in London since he was…what? 17? 18? So like, yes he’s got that Liverpool, working intonation, it ain’t going anywhere, but he’s also liven in London for most of his adult life which must come through as well. Like idk, I feel like instead of losing his accent the longer he stays in America, he just starts pulling out more of a London dialect because most Yanks understand it better, unless he’s being a pain in the ass. Also anyone he’s close to will hear the rougher tone at certain times, when he gets emotional, half awake, in bed, or just when he’s not thinking about it.

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Holy Mother of Sin! Cajun accents do somethings to me too

I am very partial to British accents, specifically Geordie. Its gorgeous. I’m not into southern accents, my stepdad has one and that sorta sucks the sexy right out of anything.


Best Irish slang teacher the world has ever seen!
All I can say after this video is, now my mumbling Southern accent makes sense. It’s because we have Irish in us! Only explanation!
No, in all seriousness, my mom has told me some of our ancestors are Irish so ayeee! :D Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone!!! 🍀