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hottest misha gifs in your opinion

Ho buddy,  ho friend,  oh baby, oh darling … you asked for it

*furiously digs through the contents of her phone*

Okay … let’s start off mild:

He’s so serious and brooding … mmm

Okay,  now some sweet-hotness:

Oh the sweater and the eyes and the adorable dad-ness

Okay,  what about some dressed up/ flirty smile Mish:

What about sex-face Misha? 

Or bamf Misha? (I know some of these are Cas gifs but it’s still Misha ok? )

I mean,  c’mon …

And what about his arms in this one:

Fuck me sideways …

Umm … yes

Okay … this one is just too adorable:

And then there’s all this bullshit:

How about confused/skeptical/sexy:

And everyone deserves to see Misha taking off his pants …


And of course …

And what would this list be without shirtless,  panting,  moaning Misha? 

Alright that’s it for now.  I do have more,  but I’m legit getting a headache from staring at my phone. 

I hope you enjoyed– what am I thinking? 


AU where they all have a Youtube game channel

in a universe where Jack never went to Samwell…

Jack listens to podcasts during roadies, while running, at home to fill the silence, all the time. At some point he feels like he listened to every podcast and video  about history the Internet had to offer, when Youtube suggests a little gem:

Video Games Shit with Ransom and Holster

The name doesn’t interest him, until he sees that it was about the Hockey game where he supposedly starred. (Tater kept telling him to check it out, he never did.)

He watched it and was delighted to see it had some history of hockey, and even some history of hockey games. Jack, being 110%, listened to the entire series.

He learned they were part of a video community called The Haus, and that other vloggers produced content along the same lines. Soon enough, the voices of strangers filled his days, and they soothed him, even when they were yelling obscenities about blue shells. 

There was the group named The Frogs, where two of them played versus games and argued incessantly, while a third one acted as a referee with a sunny voice that failed to hide his biting remarks.

For Shits and Giggles was an interesting series that analysed representation in games with foul language that became almost pornographic when the games were actually good.

Lardo’s channel was one of Jack’s favourites. She talked in a low and steady voice, killing zombies without blinking. She had a four hour let’s play of a pong game where she ranted about art history, which Jack listened to when he was feeling anxious. She also made those short paint mixing videos without a sound, and Jack spent an entire night watching them all.

The last youtuber was something of a challenge for Jack. He looked and sounded nice enough, played the cutest games with the wittiest commentary, but his accent was so strong that Jack had trouble understanding most of it. Since Jack hated leaving things uncompleted, he made a point to listen to every video twice, or even three times, until he understood every word.

All that would have stopped there if it weren’t for a reporter-

‘So, Jack, anything you’ve been following, recently?’

‘I, huh, been listening to these videos? About games. The Haus. They’re pretty great.’

‘HA!’ yells Snowy from next to him. ‘You spent all last flight watching the same vid, over and over again- I bet they’re pretty great!’

At the reporter’s look, Jack felt flustered.

‘It’s the accent. Heu, Bitty’s, specifically. It’s hard for me to understand him, but I’m getting better.’

At this point, the interview shifts to hockey, and nothing else would have come of it,

if it wasn’t for Eric Bittle to die of mortification when his favourite hockey crush mentioned him by name because he watched his videos so many times because he couldn’t understand a word he said. 

BBS As Things My Friends Have Said
  • Vanoss : Oh man I've never been the leader of a group before. I...I don't like's too much responsibilty.
  • Delirious : You gun of a son I never eat - a-ate you - fuck! *pause* This is why I can't learn another language I can't even English.
  • Moo : I read that every friend group has the one mom friend and I was thinking and none of us are - *pause* *gasp, quiet voice* I'm the mom friend...
  • Terroriser : I like to think I'm a calm individual and - YOU SON OF A BITCH JENNY PUT MY GOD DAMN SKITTLES DOWN I PAID TWO WHOLE DOLLARS FOR THEM!
  • Mini : I wish I could leave this friend group and join another but making friends is hard and I am socially awkward.
  • Wildcat : Yeah the problem is I'm 6"0 of anger friends with you dumbasses who get emotionally hurt too often and you make me feel sad when you're sad so stop!
  • Nogla : I'm a DUFF. But not like an ugly friend and shit, I'm just who they tease to make themselves feel better so...I'm the...W-T-T-T-M-T-F-B?
  • Lui : I act like a child to cover up I've lived too long and want to die.
  • " You're 17. "
  • Seventeen years too long...
  • Ohm : I feel like whenever you guys come up with horrible pranks or dares you store them in your brain so when I'm around you unlock them and force them all on me.
  • Smitty : Look the difference between Americans and Canadaians is after one night stands an American will bite their own arm off to get away and a Canadaian will probably just kill the one night stand and move away in shame.
  • Basically : THIS IS RACISM!
  • " Just because you suck at tag doesn't the game is racist! "
  • Scotty : You make fun of me for my Southern accent one more damn time I will put on overalls, a straw hat, grab a pitch fork and burn your house down all while chanting "y'all" and drinking iced tea!
Drunken Woman berates me when I'm trying to help.

A few years ago I used to work overnight (11pm-7am) for an insurance company. I did roadside service which consisted of people calling in about a flat tire, dead battery, or in this case, keys locked in the car. I’d then call and pay a contracted company to go out and help.

So around 3 am my time, a woman calls in from Phoenix for help. She’s locked out of her car. She started the call off very impatient and belligerent. First off, she was slurring heavily so I was having a hard time getting her address. Which I guess was my fault. I had to have her repeat the city a few times since I genuinely could not understand her. She hated this and began mocking me and implying I wasn’t from the country, which I in fact was. Apparently my southern accent didn’t allude to that.

Anyway. Once I get the address I asked what the address was for a reference for the lock smith. House, store, gas station etc. She said it was a house. I looked it up in google maps and it was, in fact, a dive bar. Uh huh. Put her on hold to call the lock smith. Once I got back over she continued to be generally displeased and angry at me personally it would take 45 minutes for the lock smith to get there. Which is actually a decent time, especially past midnight. It was my fault she’d have to wait for her keys. Whatever.

I hung up with her and googled the local police. Called them and reported her for potential DUI. Mostly because she pissed me off.

Sure enough, about 45 minutes the locksmith called back saying he couldn’t perform the service. I could hear yelling in the back ground. Apparently the woman began fighting with the police when they arrived and was being arrested by the time the driver showed up. Her boyfriend/husband (who the driver said seemed sober) was trying to talk them out of it.

So it turns out she did have a DD, but her drunken anger made her start fighting the police that showed up.

Be nice to call center employees.

Black Paladin Shiro VS. Black Paladin Keith
  • Black Paladin Shiro: Is everyone all right?
  • Team Voltron: Yeah, we're all okay!
  • ~
  • Black Paladin Keith: Are y'all okay?
  • Pidge: ...
  • Hunk: ...
  • Lance: ... Does anyone understand what the quiznak Keith just said?

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HERE YA GO FOR HEADCANONS: - mike hanlon having the losers over for an epic thanksgiving feast, complete with food that's mostly from the hanlon farm

- its straight up a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
- They have lawn chairs and rocking chairs and regular kitchen chairs. and they LOVE it because it’s so them.
- Everyone insists Mike sits at the head of the table, even though Mike refuses.
- They threaten to tie him down.
- He decides it’s best just to sit his ass down.
- When the turkey comes out, they are all in awe.
- It’s the biggest turkey they’ve ever seen.
- Richie grabs the carving knife, followed by him saying in an old time accent:
- “Four score and seven years ago-”
- Bill snatches the knife right out of his hand.
- Ben proceeds to tell Richie that Abraham Lincoln said that, not the pilgrims .
- Eddie just straight up calls him a dumb ass.
- They all vote Mike to carve the turkey.
- They have a HUGE argument about gravy.
- “What do you mean you don’t like gravy??? It’s a gift from the gods!”
- the cranberry sauce has been spilled a total of 6 times, Ben being the only one who has not tipped it over.
- Richie tries to fling mashed potatoes with his spoon at Stan 4 times.
- Each time the mashed potatoes landed on a different person.
- Eddie was very angry to say the least, and now had mashed potatoes in his hair.
- When some hits Beverly’s eyes Richie started yelling in an old timey southern accent:
- Stan ends up shooting a ball of dressing with his napkin at Richie.
- It lands in the dead center on Richie’s forehead, making him tumble out of his lawn chair.
- Everyone applauds Stan.
- Ben gives him a 10/10.
- Before they eat they decide to say something they’re thankful for.
- Everybody’s is the same (except for richie and eddie who add that they are also thankful for the other boy)
- they’re thankful for each other.
- Beverly’s speech brings a lot of emotion to everyone. she talked about how she was so grateful that they stuck with her, because no one has before
- Ben will deny that he cried
- Bill says that he’s thankful that they’ve been with him in his worse moments.
- Soon everyone is crying and they’re all in a group hug.
- “Guys I’m thankful for one more thing” “What is it? “Eddie’s Mom.” “RICHIE!”

i just submitted a petpet spotlight for daisy, adech’s petpet!! since i have been drawing for my boy today hehe. it’s dumb and cute and i’ll put it under the cut for anyone who might want to read it. let me know if you like it!

“Hello!! Welcoming you to the garden, friend!!”

A little yellow Barlow hops up and down excitedly to greet you, pawing at your legs. You push the gate open and scuff your feet at the dirt, kicking up a bit of gravel. A slight breeze rustles the leaves nearby, reminding you of the coming autumn. A large garden meets you at your right, and a field of sunflowers to your left. The barlow runs in circles to get your attention.

“Daisy is nice to be meeting you!! Please follow Daisy to be showing you around!!” She exclaims, tongue lolling out. Her speech is a little awkward, but at least she has manners right? You trail after her to the vegetable garden, where an unusual looking skeith is working somewhat haphazardly nearby. His tan skin is rough and bumpy, with little scarred wings on his back. A mop of brown hair covers his eyes, which you do not get a good look at. He seems to know what he’s doing, regardless of if he can see or not.

She runs to greet the skeith, circles a few laps around him, and comes back to your feet. He waves to you briefly and introduces himself, “Adech. Pleased to make yer acquaintance.” You assume he’s a bit shy, as he goes back to tending to the garden with some mumbling.

“Daisy likes to help big friend with the dirt and the vegetables!! And the WEEDS!! Daisy does not like weeds, they do not let the food grow. Daisy is here to teach you a bit about gardening, and about big friend!!” She seems very excited about Adech and her job around the garden, so you listen.

“Big friend is blinded!! Not so good at seeing. Daisy helps big friend get around, and helps with garden.” You look surprised, but do not say anything. They seem an unusual pair, a semi-blind skeith and an overactive barlow. The garden is full of healthy plants and life, so it does not seem to hinder him. She gets distracted, looking happily at a Springabee buzzing by in the shade. It flies past her quickly and startles her, but she resumes her talking.

“Garden is big and good to take care of. We grow lots of foods, like radish, and tomato, and lettuce. We pick out of ground to eat, Daisy like carrots best.” She wanders over to the wooden sign marked with a crudely drawn carrot, and starts sniffing at the patches of leaves sprouting out of the ground. All the bundles sit neatly in a row, healthy and tall, giving off a fragrant scent that wafts over to you.

“Daisy is good at picking big one!! Can sniff if they are ready to say hello!” To demonstrate, she sinks her teeth around the leaves and digs her feet into the dirt, tugging backwards. A hefty sized carrot pops out of the earth, sending dirt flying and surprising you.

“Lookie! Look! A carrot! A carrot!!” She runs around you with it dangling from her mouth, and drops it at your foot.

“Carrots like lots of sun, and lots of space. Carrots also hate weeds!! Just like Daisy.” She lifts her nose to the air, looking proud. “Daisy brings watering can out many days, and gives lots of water. Carrots also like when ground is cold!!” You’re not quite sure what she means, but now you feel like you could grow carrots too. If this small round thing can do it successfully, why not you too?

She takes you around to each vegetable in the plot, and gives you a strange care guide for each. You weren’t sure about gardening before your visit, but little Daisy has struck your interest. At the end of your tour, you follow her back to Adech, who gets up from the ground to shake your hand. Dirt smudges and granules transfer onto you from his claws that had been digging in the dirt.

“Great thanks for listening to her. She’s mighty eager, and a darn good seeing eye Barlow. We’re lucky to have her here ‘round the garden.” You hadn’t seen anyone else on your visit, but enjoyed it all the same, thanking the skeith too. You’re carrying the large carrot the little barlow had pulled up, your souvenir from the day. You tuck it into your coat pocket, and you look to Daisy, who is rolling in the dirt excitedly before shaking off and jumping up on your leg as you make a motion to leave.

“We thanking you! Please come to visiting again!! We hope you like garden too!!”

You just might, you smile to yourself.
To add insult to injury.....

At 10pm, I found out that my most recent ex of less than 3 months is now engaged to be married. How did I grieve? I listened to Tom Petty’s “Good enough”, with the lines,

“God bless this land
God bless this whiskey
I can’t trust love
It’s far too risky
And if she marries into money
She’s still gonna miss me
And that’s good enough…..”

At 1 am, one of my best childhood friends called me, frantic, as his wife was pinned down-along with her mother and sister- by gunfire as they were walking back to their room at Mandalay Bay. They were herded in and out of the belagio, and finally made a mad dash to Rio, where a childhood friend picked them up. After he let it out and was pretty much in tears, I was reminded of our friendship and the changes we have gone through as people. Later, as I put it all together, Tom’s song “to find a friend” was singing in my ears:

“And the days went by
Like paper in the wind
Everything has changed
Then it changed again
It’s hard to find a friend
It’s hard to find a friend”

And now you Tom, the musician who taught me so much as a songwriter, in the process of going to the great beyond; to see your folks, Roy, George, and Howie to name a few. I think about all of the moments of your music that moved me, but of all of them, this song has touched me the most.

There’s a southern accent, where I come from
The young ‘uns call it country
The yankees call it dumb
I got my own way of talkin’
But everything gets done, with a southern accent
Where I come from
Now that drunk tank in Atlanta’s
Just a motel room to me
Think I might go work Orlando
If them orange groves don’t freeze
I got my own way of workin’
But everything is run, with a southern accent
Where I come from –
For just a minute there I was dreaming
For just a minute it was all so real
For just a minute she was standing there, with me
There’s a dream I keep having
Where my mama comes to me
And kneels down over by the window
And says a prayer for me
Got my own way of prayin’
But everyone’s begun
With a southern accent
Where I come from –
I got my own way of livin’
But everything gets done
With a southern accent
Where I come from

Thank you for everything sir, you will be missed.

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For consideration: Julia with a subtle southern accent? She's careful w her 'i's and 'o's but when she mutters "shit" it's drawled out an probably way more endearing than it has right to be. It's most obvious when she's drunk and slips into the dialect, even triple contractions like "i'dn't've" or "ya'll'd've." She probably wrestled a cow at least once in her life. I bet she drinks Whiskey like a champ. (Then again, this is also prob me just projecting my voice n habits on her lol)

no no this is so good… i love this a lot for a lot of reasons


Worthy holding his bit in his mouth!
He has held the bit for a second before, but yesterday he just held it. It was so cool! I think the reasons why he held it are because he was very sleepy yesterday, he really likes this bit, and he’d had the bridle on for a while before I went to take it off.

@upcomingfarrierstudent and @themotherfuckingclickerkid I think you’d like to see this!

people are SO condescending towards Appalachia… like the North/South rivalry is one thing but the attitude towards the Appalachians by both Northerners and Southerners (mostly Yankees tho) is so superior and nasty and based on unfair stereotypes (started & perpetuated by sensationalist writers & journalists looking for a story)

like never mind the fact that Appalachia has provided so much for the country, both through natural resources and culture (music, literature, folklore, oral tradition, art, etc). ignore the fact that we’re behind much of the country in business and education because outside corporations used economic exploitation to take advantage of and manipulate a largely agrarian society.

instead of understanding the difficult history and appreciating the rich culture of the area, why don’t we just make fun of them for the way they talk!!

Good things about today:

  • They actually made some of the videos related this time. Huge improvement.
  • The “main” segment and the More actually felt casual.
  • The super enthusiastic cuddle expert lady. And her freaking out about the roaches, which is exactly what I would have done
  • Introducing stress to make them cuddle more even though I hate roaches with a passion and finding a roach in my bed would literally be a nightmare and I laughed and cringed so hard for that part
  • “They’re called cockroaches not…well, I guess that does make sense.”
  • Link’s hair looked beautiful. T_T

Bad things:

  • Rhett pissing me off with his stereotypes comment.

also, someone please cuddle with me immediately, thanks