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hottest misha gifs in your opinion

Ho buddy,  ho friend,  oh baby, oh darling … you asked for it

*furiously digs through the contents of her phone*

Okay … let’s start off mild:

He’s so serious and brooding … mmm

Okay,  now some sweet-hotness:

Oh the sweater and the eyes and the adorable dad-ness

Okay,  what about some dressed up/ flirty smile Mish:

What about sex-face Misha? 

Or bamf Misha? (I know some of these are Cas gifs but it’s still Misha ok? )

I mean,  c’mon …

And what about his arms in this one:

Fuck me sideways …

Umm … yes

Okay … this one is just too adorable:

And then there’s all this bullshit:

How about confused/skeptical/sexy:

And everyone deserves to see Misha taking off his pants …


And of course …

And what would this list be without shirtless,  panting,  moaning Misha? 

Alright that’s it for now.  I do have more,  but I’m legit getting a headache from staring at my phone. 

I hope you enjoyed– what am I thinking? 


Drunken Woman berates me when I'm trying to help.

A few years ago I used to work overnight (11pm-7am) for an insurance company. I did roadside service which consisted of people calling in about a flat tire, dead battery, or in this case, keys locked in the car. I’d then call and pay a contracted company to go out and help.

So around 3 am my time, a woman calls in from Phoenix for help. She’s locked out of her car. She started the call off very impatient and belligerent. First off, she was slurring heavily so I was having a hard time getting her address. Which I guess was my fault. I had to have her repeat the city a few times since I genuinely could not understand her. She hated this and began mocking me and implying I wasn’t from the country, which I in fact was. Apparently my southern accent didn’t allude to that.

Anyway. Once I get the address I asked what the address was for a reference for the lock smith. House, store, gas station etc. She said it was a house. I looked it up in google maps and it was, in fact, a dive bar. Uh huh. Put her on hold to call the lock smith. Once I got back over she continued to be generally displeased and angry at me personally it would take 45 minutes for the lock smith to get there. Which is actually a decent time, especially past midnight. It was my fault she’d have to wait for her keys. Whatever.

I hung up with her and googled the local police. Called them and reported her for potential DUI. Mostly because she pissed me off.

Sure enough, about 45 minutes the locksmith called back saying he couldn’t perform the service. I could hear yelling in the back ground. Apparently the woman began fighting with the police when they arrived and was being arrested by the time the driver showed up. Her boyfriend/husband (who the driver said seemed sober) was trying to talk them out of it.

So it turns out she did have a DD, but her drunken anger made her start fighting the police that showed up.

Be nice to call center employees.

Black Paladin Shiro VS. Black Paladin Keith
  • Black Paladin Shiro: Is everyone all right?
  • Team Voltron: Yeah, we're all okay!
  • ~
  • Black Paladin Keith: Are y'all okay?
  • Pidge: ...
  • Hunk: ...
  • Lance: ... Does anyone understand what the quiznak Keith just said?
Just a Friend pt 1

louve-noir: Hi! First of all….I LOVE sites like yours. We as black women are underrepresented in fanfiction. May I have a Steve x reader? I would like the reader to work at the Avengers tower with Tony. She and Steve are really good friends and she tries to help him with Sharon but really she likes him. Can Bucky realize she likes Steve & tries to help the reader tell me.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

“Buck, this for sure shouldn’t rust. Sorry that dumbass over there decided to make your arm out of iron.” I say glaring at Tony who was busying himself by improving one of his suits.

“Well he shouldn’t of killed my parents huh?” Tony says, not even looking away from his work.

There was silence as Bucky’s face hardened and I didn’t know how to respond.

Instead I tapped him on the knee, “You’re all good Buck. I’ll see you later for beers with the guys at 8.”

He silently nodded, giving me a small smile before leaving the lab.

“Tony I’m done with the modifications for Peter’s suit. So I’m gonna go ahead and head out. Don’t forget to sleep at least five hours and to eat dinner.” I tell him, packing up my things.

“Alright, mom.” He says sarcastically with a salut and I nod with a smile.

I then make my way home quickly in order to freshen up before meeting Sam, Bucky and Steve for our weekly beer and pizza night at our favorite pub.

Once home, I take a quick shower and try to do something with my type 4c hair before giving up and letting it do what it wants.

“What to wear? What to wear?” I say to my cat, Dima.

Dima just looks up at me with his jade green eyes while I continue to look through my drawers for something to wear.

“Well I don’t want to wear something too casual since I’m already thought of as one of the guys. But I don’t want to look like I’m putting in too much of an effort. Even though I do want to impress Steve.” I say to the black cat that continues to look at me bored.

In the end, I decide to wear a black body con dress with a red flannel tied around my waist and my adidas superstars. Then I finish the look with some mascara and red lipstick that matched my flannel. This wasn’t that dressed up…at least it wasn’t for me.

Seeing that it was already 7:50, I go ahead and call an uber.


Once I arrive to the pub, I see the three men sitting at a table in the corner. It was pretty hard not to miss the two super soldiers and the almost equally muscular Sam. A seat beside Steve was conveniently left empty for me.

“There she is!” Sam says, getting up to give me a side hug.

“Hey! What’s up?” I hug him back, before hugging Bucky and Steve and taking a seat.

God Steve smelled incredible as always. Honestly I was surprised that I was into Steve. He was different from what I usually went for—the bad boy type like Bucky, or the fashionable and street kind. But it didn’t really matter because it was obvious that he was way too into Sharon to notice me and besides, I’m not one to chase. Not to mention, he only thought of me as one of his good friends.

“You look great, what’s the occasion?” Bucky asks with a knowing smirk.

He was able to catch onto my crush on Steve although his best friend couldn’t.

“Boy, what you mean? I always look good.” I say flipping my hair for extra effect while Steve and Sam laugh.

Steve then pushes me a glass of dark liquid.

“Whiskey and Coke?” I ask excitedly.

“Of course, doll. And with an extra shot of whiskey. You’re the only girl I know that can handle this much whiskey.” He looks over at me with his piercing blue eyes.

“Well it comes with being a southern girl.” I say, emphasizing my south southern accent.

Sam then coughs, breaking Steve and I from our conversation.

“So you never finished telling us about your awkward encounter with Sharon.” Sam says with a slight laugh.

My face falls ever so slightly, but it isn’t missed by Bucky.

“It wasn’t awkward. I just don’t know what to say after we—“ Steve trails off.

“Kissed?” Sam finishes, not noticing that I didn’t really want to hear this conversation.

“I mean what do you say or do after that? Buck, surely you know.” Steve looks over at Bucky who was quietly listening and observing me.

“Steve, you know I don’t know today’s dames.” He shrugs and his eyes dart to me quickly.

Steve suspiciously looks from Bucky to me before deciding to brush it off.

“What do you think, Y/n?” He asks as I take a sip of my drink.

I’m gonna need a couple if this turns into another, help me with Sharon night.

“I don’t know. Just be normal and maybe ask her about the kiss casually? Don’t want to embarrass yourself if it meant more to you than her.” I say before I can stop myself and immediately feel like slapping myself in the back of the head for being stupid and giving him advice to get the girl I don’t want him with.

I can tell that Bucky feels the same as he looks at me with a deadpanned expression.

“Yeah, you’re right! I’m glad to have such a good friend like you, doll.” He says, side hugging me and I smile a smile that doesn’t quite reach my eyes.

The night continues on with laughter, fake smiles (on my part), and funny stories from missions and before you know it, it’s about 10:30.

“I guess I better go. Gotta get up bright and early to help Tony tomorrow.” I stand and hug everyone goodbye.

“Hey, let me walk you home.” Bucky says getting up, causing Sam and Steve to look at us curiously.

Bucky and I were somewhat close compared to the rest of the avengers but I was still much closer to Sam and Steve since Bucky was just now opening up and going back to being himself.

“Alright?” I sort of ask as I link arms with Bucky as we walk out of the pub.

Once we’ve exited, Bucky stops us and looks at me.

“What the hell was that, Y/n? You’re obviously into the punk and you give him advice for another girl?” He huffs and runs a hand through his hair.

“Buck, he’s not into me. So why try? I’m not little miss perfect, blonde haired, blue eyed Sharon Carter.” I roll my eyes.

“That’s because he’s too stupid to see the tall, dark eyed, smooth skinned, beauty with cool hair.” Bucky says, building me up as we continue walking to my place and I can’t help but smile wide.

“Why do you want me with him so bad?” I ask, suspiciously.

Everyone liked perfect Sharon. Nat and Wanda invited her in our girls nights (which I stopped attending), Tony liked bantering with her, as did Sam, and Clint liked to spar with her and teach her to shoot arrows. I on the other hand didn’t like to be around to see how perfect she was and be jealous that I wasn’t the same.

“I just feel like you’re a better fit for him. You need someone who’s respectful and kind, and he needs someone more exciting that’ll keep him on his toes. Besides, I just like you more.” He shrugs an arm over my shoulder as we continue walking.

I ponder over what he said as we walk up to my apartment building.

“I get that you want me to be with Steve but I’m no Sharon and I have to deal with that. Thanks for walking me home, Buck.” I hug the super soldier around the neck and he hugs back cautiously, still afraid of hurting me with his arm.

“I don’t know. He looked pretty jealous when I was looking at you and offered to walk you home. But anyway, goodnight doll.” He smiles before turning on his heel and walking towards the tower.

@louve-noir  this is just part one. I’ll have part two out tomorrow probably :)

Donald Pierce Imagine

Donald Pierce x Reader

Warnings: Bondage, alotalota smut, Donald Pierce saying ‘baby’


It was only the beginning. I knew they were coming after us. I just didn’t know when they’d show up again. So, it was just another day. Make sure everyone is up, fed, brushed teeth, and change into the same pair of clothes I’ve had over the past 2 years, which included the following items of black jeans, alongside a loose-fitted t-shirt. After I’d get up, I would then do the chores. Just another day.

When they first tried to capture us, we were living just outside of the city in an abandoned apartment building. They shot at us, chased us, and burnt the building down.

This time would be different.

Coming from the back, I held a pale full of water in my hand and opened the door. A rumble shook the ground, causing me to whip my head around. Racing to the gate, I saw about 10 large trucks or so rushing into perspective. All heading towards our hideout.

They found us.

I raced into the building, gathering all of our stuff-yelling at all of the children to get in the car. But going back outside, with 15 children huddled around my feet, the cars crashed through the gate and skidded to a stop around us.

“Go back inside,” I muttered, and then repeating my words, I raised my voice. “Go!” The children, who I had taken from Transigen, raced back inside and shut the doors. I heard the lock click from their side, and I felt a small part of myself relax.

Soldiers, jumping from the cars, cocked their guns and pointed them at me. I held up my arms and looked through them cautiously. Surveying the scene as it was. All of the sudden, a single black truck trailed behind the others, kicking dirt up from its path.

I saw his machine hand grip the steering wheel, his yellow glasses pressing into the bridge of his nose. The engine of the car died, and he stepped out. His combat boots thudding against the dirt ground. He walked slowly at first, but then saw me, and surged forward.

With his heavy shoulders pressed back, he neared me and I lowered my hands to my side. My muscles tensed under the heat of the sun, and I stared at Pierce. He lowered his glasses, looking me over-I noticed his eyes hesitate over my hips, trailing over my arms and breasts. Swallowing, my throat became dry with nerves. He smirked, letting his lips part to reveal a single gold tooth, his machine hand twitched at his hip. Donald Pierce was the chief of security. Famous for his design of the weapon x-23 after that of the Wolverine, he held a high reputation on his shoulders.  

Pierce cleared his throat, and took a step closer to me, pushing his glasses back up, and slightly tipping his head to the side. “Now… All I’m lookin’ for is a little cooperation, Y/N.”

“You’ve always been the clown of the group, Donnie, but really, what makes you think I’d do anything for you?

He sucked in a small breath, leaning back and furrowing his eyebrows with an exaggerated notion. “Ouch… Now, I thought ’s you was a friend.”  He slow southern accent rolled off his tongue. “I don’t wish to hurt you, y/n.”

“Oh, save me.” I scoffed, frustrated at his games.

He then shot forward. “I need you to hand over them kids now.”

With a deep breath, I pressed my lips together, and growled, “you’re never going to get them.”

“Well… We’ll see ‘bout that.” Nodding to his men, I sucked in a heavy breath, my chest tight from nearly forgetting to breathe. He inched closer to me now, furrowing his eyebrows in thought. His blonde hair blew slightly in the wind, falling over his forehead. He swept a few strands out of his eyes with his machine hand, the slow sound of clicking metal echoing through the air between us. Soldiers stormed into the building behind me, as Pierce inspected my movements.

Realization then filled his eyes, and he shot his eyes behind me. Surging a step forward with such power I flinched, he looked into my face.

Hissing, his words hit my face, and I tried to step away, but he had already wrapped his hand around my chin. “Where. Are. They.”

I glanced back at him, and let a thin smile pull at the edges of my lips. “As I said, you’ll never get them.”

Letting me go, he cursed under his breath and walked away. His strides heavier than before. Soldiers then surrounded me, forcefully clasping my arms behind my back with heavy metal cuffs before they pulled me behind them towards one of the trucks. I saw Pierce watching me from the driver’s seat, his lips pressed to a solid line. Expecting me to fight against their efforts, but I didn’t have the energy to, and something glinted in his eyes.

The children had escaped into the tunnel that lead to the road one mile away, hidden. They had gotten away. That’s what mattered.


Transigen had taken the cover of a Pediatric Cancer Study research facility when it was built, and from the time before I escaped with the children, I had been able to uncover secrets hidden from the naked eye. This had been with the help of Gabriela Lopez-a nurse who had been working there for 6 years before I had been captured. I found out that she was planning on breaking the children out. She asked me for my help, and I agreed with the promise that I would get out.

She was then shot and killed. That was 3 years ago. Only 2 weeks after she broke us out. After I took the kids and lead them to the abandoned apartment building. Thinking it would be safe for the mean time. But it wasn’t even close to 10 months before they found us again.


The steel walls surrounding me were brightly lit-squinting my eyes, I tried to move. But the metal cuffs around my wrists and ankles dug into my skin. Sighing, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. Waiting for something other than the ticking of the clock to startle me out of my trance.

Countless hours went by… All in which about 3 different doctors came in. Hooking me up to machines, taking blood, pricking me with needles, exedra. This was before the door unlocked, and slid open with a large figure standing in the way. Adjusting my position, I leaned forward, pushing against my restraints.

Pierce locked the door behind him. Letting the door bolt shut with a heavy thud before he walked over to me. Fiddling with the machines, he pulled a seat over by the table I was laying on; reaching his hands over me, he pulled the IVs from my arms and the metal stickers from my chest. Leaning his elbows against his knees, he then looked at me. His piercing blue eyes shining in the light. I looked away. Afraid that I would stare.

“For a pretty girl like you… You sure put up a hell of a fight.”

“For an asshole like you, you’re paying an awful lot of attention to these kids.”

“I’m liable, now, y/n. You know that. ” His voice was tired, heavy. But amusement still tickled at its edges. He pressed his lips together, mulling over his thoughts. Repeating his words in my head, his thick southern accent lingered in the air, and I found myself breathing heavier. Itching to get out of the metal cuffs.

Pierce then raised his eyes to mine and took a key out of his pocket. Unlocking the cuffs as if he could read my mind. Leaning over me, he looked down, and even with the restraints falling away from my wrists, I stayed as still as a rock.

Pierce suddenly slid his hand under my neck, and I felt my eyes drift closed as he brought my lips to his. I then sat up, and he pulled his arms around my waist. Cinching my back into an arched shape against him. Pushing my fingers through his disheveled hair, I guided them down his face-cupping my palms over his cheekbones and grazing my thumb over his bottom lip as I sucked in a breath.

With a forceful push, I climbed on top of him. Wrapping my legs around his waist. He turned over, leaning against the table. Sliding my feet to the floor, I shoved him back. His arms hung in the air as I moved above him. Grabbing his hands, I pushed them to my hips, allowing his fingers to knot in the belt of my jeans, kissing him deeply for a few seconds. Allowing him to melt under me before parting them, and shoving them to the bedside. He looked up at me with stern eyes, watching my every move. But to block his view, I pressed my lips to his, his tongue moving across my gums and his strong arms pushing against mine. Before he broke my strength, I wrapped the cuffs around his wrists and clicked them shut. Puffing up his chest, his breathing became erratic as he struggled against them. His machine hand contracting into a fist and releasing again, turning and scratching against its counterpart. While he brought his knees up, I pushed my hands down on his chest. I couldn’t help but feel a swell of flustered emotions building up in my chest, anticipation buzzing through my veins. Looking down at him, I let my eyes wonder from his slightly parted lips to the skeleton tattoo on his neck, of which was half hidden underneath his golden chain.

Grazing my fingers along his jaw line, I traced the light brown scruff around his mouth and sat on his lap with my knees pressing into his sides. Leaning down, I kissed the side of his mouth and then bit his bottom lip. I felt him raise his head, his chest rising and falling in large breaths. Trying to push himself against me, a low growl formed in his throat, and I sat up. Keeping my hands on his chest to keep him down for a minute, before moving them to the black buttons of his shirt. Leaning his head back, he raised his chin and sighed heavily through his teeth.


“Shut up,” I said in a quiet voice. He stared up at me with confusion, and then anger flushed through his cheeks. But in my concentration, I unbuttoned his shirt. Not paying attention to his sharp gaze, I pushed his shirt away from his shoulders, its short sleeves stretched over his biceps.

Kissing him, I moved my hips over his lap in circular motions, running my fingers down his chest and abdomen. Lacing my hands in his jeans, I felt him squirm under my touch, and I undid his belt. Moving my body down his legs, I tugged at his cargo pants. Pulling them down to his ankles.

I began to kiss the inside of his thighs while palming his member through the fabric of his underwear. Watching him as he strained against his moans, I saw him bite his lip and shut his eyes. A small smile then plastered on my lips. Moving my hand over his member, the fabric of his underwear created friction between us. I looked at him with thirst. While he, with fixed eyes, was full of hunger.

Out of patience, I nearly ripped off his underwear. Teasing him with my hot lips. Kissing down his hip, he gasped for air and moved against me. I set my hands against him, holding him down. Grunting as I kissed his tip, curse words flowed off his tongue, and I slithered mine down his shaft. Trailing with my hand, I guided his member to the back of my mouth. Pushing deeper, the insides of my cheeks hummed against his shaft.

I felt his muscles tense under my hand that rested on his stomach. He struggled to gain grounding-yet so close to releasing, he groaned and fell back. I moved my mouth away from him, and sweat slid from his brow.

Throbbing against my panties, I became wet with anticipation. Watching him, I felt my chest tighten. I almost left him there… I could have just left. I was thinking about how they would find him. Laying on the table, cuffed down. Naked with his shirt unbuttoned at his sides and his pants at his ankles. Tracing his jawline, his scruff scratched at my skin, and I cleared my throat. With desire filling my stomach, I moved my fingers down his arm. He strained against my touch. His skin sensitive. Grazing his forearm, I looked at the cuff with curiosity as to what would happen if I unlocked him from its clutches. He must have been thinking the same thing, or what he would do. He had lost patience. His breath erratic and quick, his eyes watching me like a hawk.

Sighing, I reached for the key that was now cold from sitting on the tray beside the table. I picked it up, palming it for a second before putting it in between my teeth. Slowly sliding my pants to the floor, I kicked my underwear aside. Letting a shiver travel up my back and goose bumps rise on my legs before climbing onto Pierce’s lap.

Moving over him, I aligned him to my entrance before sitting down. He groaned, hissing through his teeth.

“Fuck.” He called out, as my throbbing walls pressed tightly around him. “Fucking let. Me. Go.” His voice became hard, forceful, and I slid the key into the lock of the cuff that held his human hand.

His arm shot up, wrapping itself around my neck, and I opened my lips. Choking against his touch. He sat up, smashing his mouth on mine, and I began thrusting my hips slowly. Forgetting of his machine hand that still lay in the cuff.

Taking the key from my hand, he let himself go. Throwing the key onto the floor before moving his machine hand onto my breast. The cold metal pressed into my soft flesh, the pads on the bottom of his fingers grazing over my nipples. Pierce closed his eyes. Kissing the corner of my mouth, he grabbed my hips, leaning me back as he moved his mouth down to my collar bones. His knees were arched up now, his hips angled into mine.

Scratching my nails down his back, I leaned my head back and arched my back, letting his teeth graze against my chest, as he moved his machine hand down my stomach. Stopping at my clit, I gasped as he scraped over it, sending shockwaves through my body. Massaging my lips with his machine hand, I made circular motions over his member. Gently thrusting as I leaned into him. An orgasm went through my muscles, and I shook under his touch. His lips numb and damp against mine as we kissed each other eagerly. I bit down on his bottom lip as I orgasmed, knotting my fingers through his hair.

His thick southern accent filled my mouth as he kissed me. “You feel so good, baby.” A soft growl then vibrated in his throat and he arched himself up, pressing his human hand around the back of my neck. The muscles in his arm flexed as he held my head up. Pressing our bodies closer together-I moved against him in more desperate motions and he chuckled under his breath. “Cum for me baby.” Bucking my hips slightly, I pressed my face into his shoulder. My clit throbbed as he pulled his metal fingers away. Throwing me over his side, my back landed against the table, and he pulled my legs to the edge. Holding them over his shoulders, I lowered my head and felt him push inside of me. Slamming against me, his nails dug into my thighs as he held me close. His breath gruff as he thrust his hips in a rhythm until he felt pleasure moving through his body in waves.

Letting my legs go, they fell to his side, and his hands fell to the side of my hips. With a few hard thrusts, his whole body shook. Pulling out, he let himself ejaculate onto my stomach. I felt his warm cum drip onto the side of the table.

Lowering himself down, I sat up, attempting to see what he was doing before his pushed my legs open and began kissing and the inside of my thighs. With a small whimper, I dug my fingers into his hair, holding on with tight knots as he moved his tongue over my clit. Pushing his machine fingers into me, he grabbed onto my hip with his human hand and began to suck at the sensitive skin around my clit. Nipping at my lips between my legs.

He then muttered against the inside of my leg, “I’m not done with you yet, Darlin.”

He pushed his fingers deeper into me. With my clit already over-sensitive from earlier, electricity ran through my veins and I groaned. I gasped for air as another orgasm rippled through me, and I pulled at his hair. He kissed me gently. Massaging my entrance-his machine fingers now slippery with cum as it dripped from his fingertips. Pulling his hand out, he sighed. Sucking the metal free of my juice. Closing his eyes, he sat me up with his other hand, standing in between my legs.

Letting his machine hand fall from his lips, I watched him as a small smirk parted his lips. “You taste so good, sweetheart.”


Soldiers suddenly began storming through the halls of the facility, as Donnie picked up the key from the ground. His pants hanging tightly around his hips, and his shirt tucked into them. I pulled my shirt over my head from the ground. Buttoning my jeans, and brushing my hand through my messy hair.

“Your plan worked, I see.” He looked out the window. Scrunching his eyebrows, and I walked up to him. Taking his machine hand, and rubbing his fingers with a clean cloth. He looked down and then shook his head. I wiped my cum from his palm, and he smirked at me. Pulling my face to his for a kiss, before smacking my butt as I walked away.

“I told you, if they trusted me, they’d believe me.”

“I just don’ get how you could be so damn heartless baby.”

“You tell me, Donnie.” Raising my eyebrow, I threw the cloth in the trash. Rubbing my shoulder, I sat up on the table. Sighing. “I don’t know.”

“You alrigh’?” Donnie walked to me, holding my face gently in the palm of his human hand.

“They had no idea.” I looked up at him. “No idea it was an ambush. No idea, that the whole time I was with you.” I paused. “No idea that the tunnel wouldn’t end up on the road. But instead here…”

“Baby, they ain’t gonna matter. We have to get em off the map.”

“I know. I know.” He kissed my forehead and then smirked.

“That was s’ some pretty good actin” Pressing his hand on my thigh, he leaned forward. “We should do it more often…”

“Shut up, Pierce.” Sliding from underneath him, I walked toward the door. Looking through the window, and slowly unlocking the door as soon as the hall was cleared of the mutant children being brought in.

Donald watched me leave. The door shut behind me, and he cocked his head to the side. Biting the inside of his cheek, he suddenly cleared his throat and followed my trail.

people are SO condescending towards Appalachia… like the North/South rivalry is one thing but the attitude towards the Appalachians by both Northerners and Southerners (mostly Yankees tho) is so superior and nasty and based on unfair stereotypes (started & perpetuated by sensationalist writers & journalists looking for a story)

like never mind the fact that Appalachia has provided so much for the country, both through natural resources and culture (music, literature, folklore, oral tradition, art, etc). ignore the fact that we’re behind much of the country in business and education because outside corporations used economic exploitation to take advantage of and manipulate a largely agrarian society.

instead of understanding the difficult history and appreciating the rich culture of the area, why don’t we just make fun of them for the way they talk!!

my-name-is-long  asked:

How long did it take you to get used to Chinese pronunciation and tones? I'm thinking of trying but the main thing holding me back is the pronunciation! Like, for example, the difference between x and sh, j and zh, how to do the r sound, and I can't tell if I'm doing the tones right... (I'm least confident in the 3rd tone)

How long did it take me…? Well, considering that Mandarin is my native language, I’d say I had to get used to it pretty quick :P

Don’t be afraid to try! And don’t worry about being perfect, either, especially in the beginning. Chinese people are generally very impressed when they see someone trying to learn Chinese, and if you try a little, you’ll probably be flooded with compliments (actually though, this is a real thing).

For pronunciation of the sounds, IPA is very useful if you’re familiar with it (and even if you’re not, it’s worthwhile to learn it to help with general language studies). Having audio or a Chinese-speaking friend is also helpful, and hearing the sounds a lot will help you differentiate between them. 

As for tones, I think that’s generally just a lot of practice. There are a couple different ways I’ve seen people learn tones – you can practice them in pairs so that you learn to differentiate between them very well, or you can colour-code your notes so that each tone is assigned a different colour if that helps you remember them (the app Pleco does this). The third tone specifically is like a falling-rising tone, but if you listen to actual Chinese speech, you might find that native speakers don’t actually enunciate the falling and the rising – it often just sounds like a low-pitched tone, like near the bottom of your vocal range if that makes sense.

A few additional resources to help you: 

  • Standard Chinese phonology (also from Wikipedia – this is useful if you have a linguistics background, but even if you don’t, I think it’s quite fascinating)

Good luck! Chinese is a great language, don’t let it intimidate you! :) 

There was no way I could do this, I was only a song in and I didn’t want to be myself. I didn’t want to remember everything we had, everything I left. I couldn’t help the guilt that hung heavy on my shoulders. That clung to my bones and haunted my mind.

The wine was easing the sting but it was still prominent. I could feel everything again as if it had just happened. As if I had just left.

Piano chords started slow into the next song, thankfully the title wasn’t something that had sentimental value to me like the previous one had. That didn’t mean, however, that hearing his voice hurt any less.

“Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times.” stung, since I had been crying. It’s like he knew that if I ever were to hear this, I would be a mess after the first song. That I’d be in tears and that he’d have to consult me like he always had.

I always admired how calm and collected Harry seemed compared to me.

There had been so many times he had seen me broken before him, see me a sobbing disaster over the littlest things.

“Baby, it’ll be alright.” Harry cooed, his fingers stroking my hair as I cried into his chest.

I could hear the hint of his smile in his words, and when I looked up to him, it confirmed how hilarious he found the whole situation.

“It will not be ‘alright’, Harold.” I hissed, my eyebrows furrowed as my vision blurred with more tears. “I think my ass is broken.” I said, as a consistent pain radiated through my body.

“Your ass is not broken.” he said, his laughter threatening to spill with each word he spoke. “It’s not funny!” I yelled, attempting to use his shoulder to stand, my legs still wobbling. “See, I can’t even stand normal. My ass is broken. I’ll never be the same as I was.” I said, more tears falling down my face.

“Brooklyn, I swear, I’m trying to keep a straight face. Stop saying your ass is broken.” he spoke through gritted teeth, his eyes light. “You just fell down the stairs.”

“I SLID DOWN THE ENTIRE STAIRCASE, HAROLD. THATS LIKE THIRTY STEPS OF ASS POUNDING.” I screamed and his demeanor fell. Clutching his stomach, he let out loud and hearty laughs.

“It’s not funny!” I whined, finally feeling the strength return to my legs. I removed my hand from his shoulder to cross my arms over my chest. “You just yelled the words 'ass pounding’ in a sentence. The situation is a little funny.” he said between gasps.

My tears began to dry as I held back my own laughter, “My ass is broken, Harold.” I sneered, to which he stood up straight. Coughing slightly as his face went straight, his eyebrows knitted as he tried his best to seem endearing. But soon after air puffed from his lips as his face tore into a laugh, his dimples poking at his cheeks.

“You’re a pain.” I sighed, my lips turning upwards at his reaction.

He looked up at me through his eyelashes, his smile changing devilishly. “Am I…” he started, moving slightly backwards from where I was standing. His body pivoting in the opposite direction from me, as I stared to him confused. “a pain in your ass?” he said before darting away.

“I SWEAR TO GOD, HAROLD!” I screeched before finding my balance and ran after him.

“Just stop your crying, baby it’ll be alright.” it took all I had not to slam the wine bottle against the wall. To not have a full blown mental breakdown.

He always knew what to say or do. Even now, when I’m not with him, he’s saying the right thing. Even with him being wherever he is, he was soothing me.

I slammed back onto my mattress, my hands finding their way to rake my face and up into my hair. Knotting my hands into my blonde locks as I held back the urge to scream.

“It’s for the best.” I slurred, my mind jumbling as it got harder to believe the words I was saying.

What if it wasn’t for the best? What if I had fucked up one of the best things that happened to me? I already knew I had but I figured it was better for him this way. What if it wasn’t? I didn’t know how to feel.

My heart screamed at me, told me that I was an idiot for ever trusting my brain.

“Baby, stop crying.” he said, his large hand engulfing my knee as he squeezed it lightly. My hands were pulled towards my face, covering my mouth as slow tears fell from my eyes.

His mouth didn’t match his eyes. Where his lips were turned upwards, his eyes were filled with worry.

I tried to stop crying, but I couldn’t. I really wanted to, and I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t. “Your face.” I stuttered, my voice caught in my throat. “Baby, it’s fine!” he assured, his hand leaving my leg to pull my body into his.

“You just looked so distressed.” my words came out mumbled as I cried into his chest.

“I’m not actually dead, I’m right here.” he said, his fingers dragging from my shoulder and down my back. “You just looked so helpless.” I said, sniffling as I looked up to him from where I laid on his torso. “You were drowning!”

“I knew I should’ve warned you.” he sighed, his smile returning. “Or at least blocked the words 'Dunkirk’ on your twitter.” he joked.

Someone has just sent me the first cut of the Dunkirk trailer, and in the two seconds of seeing Harry underneath water my eyes had flooded. “Not funny.” I groaned, bringing my hand to swipe at my cheeks.

“You have to promise me you’ll never go to war.” I said sternly, my eyebrows lowered as I glared at him.

“Don’t really think that’s something you need to worry about.” he joked, his hands brushing through my hair.

“Promise me, Harold.” I warned, I knew the situation would never arise but I just needed some reassurance that he would never get stuck under a boat. I don’t know why, but I knew it would make me feel better.

“I promise.” he said. He brought his hand to the front of my face, his pinky jutting towards me. I let out a soft laugh, moving to bring my finger to twist around his.

He took a hold of it with his other hand, wrapping his fingers around it and bringing it to his lips. “And you have to promise to never go swimming again.” I added, semi-joking. He stopped his gentle assault on my hand to look at me. “Ever again. No more water for you.”

“I swear I’m a good swimmer.” he said, his lips ghosting against the back of my hand. I shook my head.

“What if I need to shower? Does that count as being in water?” he questioned, his tone suggesting that I was being ridiculous.

“From now on I will wash you with the hose outside.” I said, trying my best to keep my composure. He dropped my hand, eyes rolling as my smile broke on my face. Letting out a chuckle as he joined.

“You’re insane.” he said, his thumb moving to trace down my jawline. I raised my eyebrows, “Must be why I’m dating you.” I stated nonchalantly as I moved to stand from the couch.

It took him a second to realize what I had said before he let out a “hey!” and moved to grab my waist. He pulled me back down on the couch, shifting so that he was hovering over me. His fingers finding my sides as he tickled me.

“TAKE IT BACK!” he yelled as I fidgeted beneath him, air not fully getting to my lungs as I let out loud laughs. “NEVER!” I protested, kicking my legs to try to slide myself down the couch. It would’ve worked if he hadn’t noticed.

He smiled from ear to ear, gripping my waist once more and pulling me back to the top of the couch. His legs straddling either side of my body so that I couldn’t move. “Now tell me all the reasons you love me and I’ll stop.” he demanded, his fingers still brushing on my skin.

“NEVER!” I screamed through giggles, as he continued even harder. My air intake was getting low as tears came to my eyes again. I didn’t know how much longer I could handle this. “OKAY! I’ll tell you my top five.” I gave up, to which he nodded. His fingers slowing as he sat up, his eyebrows twitching up, silently telling me to begin.

“You’re kind to every single person you meet.You put your heart into everything you do. You do nice things without me having to ask. You always think about how I feel in situations rather than assuming I’m being irrational. And you love me good.” I counted on my fingers, mocking a southern accent as I finished my list.

He moved his head down to kiss my lips, “That’s so sweet of you to say.” he joked, his hand touching his chest. “Your turn.” I pushed, arms crossing over my chest as I tried to steady my breathing.

“You’re alright.” he shrugged, moving his legs to walk towards the kitchen. I laughed, picking up a pillow and chucking it to his back, screaming out a “hey!”.

“That’s not very nice, you donut!” I added before turning my attention back to my laptop that was placed on the table in front of me.

“Don’t make me play the trailer again.” he yelled, peaking out from the kitchen doorway. I swung my arm back to give him the finger as he laughed.

“We don’t talk enough, we should open up before it’s all too much.” he belted and I felt those words hit my heart. It felt as if everything he had written was specifically to me and I hated it. I hated knowing he felt this way. Maybe I should’ve continued to be blissfully unaware.

I couldn’t find the strength to finish the song. My fingers slamming to pause Spotify as I screamed.

I brought my pillow to my face, clutching it tightly in my fingers as I screamed again. My frustrations and feelings pouring out all at once.

Tears dampened my pillow as I pulled it from my face, afraid I would suffocate myself.

I grabbed my phone, unlocking it without looking before slamming in Lily’s number. It didn’t even ring twice before she had picked up. “What song are you on?” she asked, not bothering to say 'hello’.

“Sign of the Times.” I coughed, I could never talk when I cried. My throat would close and it was hard for me to articulate. I needed to speak in short sentences.

She sighed, “I’m surprised. I was waiting to get a phone call after the first song. Or none at all. I didn’t actually think you’d listen to me.” I turned on my side, my legs curling into my chest. “It’s so hard.” I sobbed.

“I know, but you need to do this. I know you. I know it would kill you not to listen to it. It may seem rough now but you have to get through it.” she soothed, her tone soft. I knew out of all people, Lily hated seeing, or in this case hearing, me cry.

“I can’t.” I said, my head shaking even though I knew she couldn’t see it. “It’s the least you can do for him.” she snapped, her voice on edge.

Lily never fully understood why I did what I had done. She even tried to talk me out of it originally when I had came to her house that night. She loved us together. She always told me how perfect we were for each other, but even when she said it, I couldn’t believe it.

But she was my best friend, so when I had put my foot down she had supported me. She helped me find a new place and helped keep my mind off of him.

I knew she was doing this for me, that even if it hurt, it would be better if I knew. If I knew how he felt and what I had put him through. I just needed someone to be stern with me right now, someone to tell me that I needed to stop being a baby and deal with this.

“I’m here if you need me, you know that. Even if I’m not there, you can call me again if it gets too much and I’ll slap some sense into you.” she joked, to which I couldn’t help the laugh that fell from my lips. “Hell, I’ll even come to your house and slap you if need be.” she continued, I sniffled, “I know.”

“I honestly thought you’d pretend to listen to it..” she said, mainly to herself. “I love you, call me if you need me.” and with that she hung up.

I need to push through this, I needed to get it over with. I picked up the wine, it’s contents close to being half empty.

I hit play and took a drink simultaneously, Harry’s voice radiated back through my room as he sang the new few lines powerfully.

“We’ve got to get away.” he whispered into my ear, making me jump. I looked back to him, his eyes were focused forward. “Don’t look at me, it’ll be suspicious.” he continued, talking from one side of his mouth. I laughed, looking back to where I originally was. “What are you talking about?”

“I don’t want to be here anymore.” he said, sounding similar to a child. “This is your party..” I stated, taking in all of our friends.

Once again, Lily was given another reason to throw a party. Although the Dunkirk trailer had originally made me cry, Lily found it appropriate to celebrate it’s coming out. She somehow found out Harry’s friends from New York’s numbers, I assumed with the help of Niall, and invited them to her house.

“That’s why we have to be sneaky. We can’t let them know we’re leaving.” he said, his eyes darting back and forth, scanning the crowd.

“We can just say we’re leaving.” I suggested, turning to look at him fully. He put his hands on my shoulders, turning me back around with wild eyes. “Are you insane?” he asked to which I laughed. “According to you, yes.”

He nodded, “True, but not the point. You need to help me. I need someone to boost me out the window.”

“Absolutely not.” I laughed, walking off to find Lily. “Where are you going?!” he panicked as I continued to walk off.

I found her with Niall, his arm wrapped firmly around her shoulders as they laughed to one another. Drinks spilled from their hands moving back and forth as he rocked them both. “I think we’re gonna head out.” I said, catching her off guard. “Alright, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” she said, looking over my shoulder. “What’s Harry doing?” she asked and I couldn’t even take a guess on what he was probably doing.

“I don’t know, I’ll see you later. Bye Niall!” I said walking off to the door, grabbing Harry’s wrist from the wall he was propped against and pulling him outside.

“I don’t think they saw me, I was incognito.” he beamed, proud of himself. “A six foot tall, broad ass man trying to blend into the wall with his arms stretched out isn’t exactly incognito.” I joked, handing him his car keys from my purse. “It worked didn’t it?” he said, nodding down to me with an amused expression.

“Oh yeah, you got us out of there.”

Small memories like that one were the ones that hurt the most. The ones that held more significance in my heart than anything else. It was the little things that truly haunted me.

He always loved that I remembered small things. Tiny moments that would slip his mind would be my favorite. The way he would goof around, the insignificant conversations we had, the quick jokes he’d make, the way he would look during small situations always stuck with me more than anything.

He would love to ask me about random things I remembered, like that night at the party. How small the encounter was but how I remembered every detail.

At night we would lay in bed together and he’d wrap me in his arms and ask me about what we did that day. Ask me what stood out to me. He was the only one who had cared about that. Who payed attention to me in ways no other man had before. That’s what made me fall for him so quickly.

He was so different than anyone I had met before.

The night before I left was one I could recall every second of, because I knew what was going to happen. He had no idea, so I spent the whole day memorizing everything. Every little detail because I knew it would be the last time I’d have him to myself.

“Do you ever think about how this will play out?” I asked, my nails picking at the skin of my lips. I knew he was leaving in a few hours to go write, I knew that when he left I was going to grab my things and leave before he got back.

I spent days trying to rationalize it, figure out if it was the best thing for us. That morning I had made the decision that it was. He looked at my from over his laptop, his face twisting at my words. “What do you mean?”

“Us. Did you think this would last as long as it had?” I asked, not able to meet his gaze. “Brooklyn, you’re scaring me. Are you okay?” he said, shifting his laptop to the table between us and moving from his couch to sit by me. “Did you?” I reiterate.

He sighs, bringing his hand to rake at the back of his neck, “I hoped we would. I wanted to be with you the second I saw you.” he explained, he didn’t realize how much his words had effected me. I was trying to keep my composure.

“What if it hadn’t? What if that night we never spoke? Would you have been okay with that?” I continued, he didn’t know I was testing him. Testing to see if he would be okay after I left. I needed to know before I did it.

He looked at me, his hand moving to my back, “What’s wrong? Talk to me.” he soothed, I kept my eyes on the floor. “Just answer, please.”

“I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without you and I don’t want to. I don’t want to think about how it would be if we hadn’t talked because we did and we’re here. I think you were meant to be in my life. Whether it was that day or months from then. We would’ve crossed paths. I know we would have.” he explained and it took all of me not to start crying. I nodded, not wanting to dwell on this anymore.

I wanted to cherish every moment of today. I wanted to look back and remember every little thing or smile he gave me not me sulking and ruining our last day together. “Okay.” I said, moving in to curl into his side.

He kissed my head, rubbing his hand up and down my arm. “I really love you, Harry.” I breathed, pushing back my tears. “I know you do, baby.” he said, his fingers catching my chin as he pressed his lips against mine.

“Believe me, you couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.” he laughed, kissing me once more as I smiled. “We would’ve met again somewhere. Somewhere far away from that club.”


Mammi Water

Alright so, I wrote another thing. My mind just can’t stop sometimes and I should be focusing on those two prompt requests that are still in my inbox (I haven’t forgotten about them). I saw a post on here and I just… couldn’t help it, lol. Hope you like it.

Michonne basks in the sun by the bank. She rolls over onto her side, propping her head up with her hand as she runs her free fingers through the luscious green grass. She lets out a sigh. Maybe today isn’t the day. Her dark eyes scan over the tall palm trees, whose large leaves provide shade from the piercing sun. She peers up into the blue sky and the fluffy white clouds as they pass. It’s a beautiful day. She doesn’t even regret venturing out of her home, even if she returns with nothing in hand. She closes her eyes a little as she revels in the feeling of the sun warming her glistening dark skin.

There’s a rumble in the bushes to her left. She turns her head slowly, her eyes squinting as she sits up on her knees. There’s a low growl as two yellow eyes peer back at her. Out steps a black panther, slow, meticulous, his large paws digging into the sand and dirt as he moves. Michonne lowers her head slightly, mimicking the wild cats’ behavior as they size each other up. He growls again but she doesn’t flinch. He bares his large canines then lets out a ferocious scream, all the while keeping those eyes on his prey. Michonne merely smirks at the animal as he circles her, growling and hissing to intimidate her.

“Hush now.”

He stops, ducking his head low, his nostrils flaring as he collects her scent. It’s different. She’s different. His tail whips behind him as he screams again, this time a little quieter and less menacing. She holds out her hand to him, raising her eyebrow, that smirk still playing on her features as his eyes soften just a little. He’s still cautious, his stance still menacing as he eyes the woman.

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The moment you walked on to set, Harrison was immediately drawn to you. Your eyes, your lips, the way your nose slightly scrunches when you chuckle.

He was hooked. And because of that, he had to constantly remind himself not to stare.

Though, some days, like today made it impossible for him.

A smile began to form once his eyes landed on you. And felt his heart skip a beat. In this moment, all he could think was, ‘she is incredibly breathtaking.’

As you met his gaze, you felt a sudden rush of chills cover you up and down.

“What’s with all the staring, Ford?” You teased.

He quickly cleared his throat, and shot his gaze else where. Trying to come up with something, anything.

“I was um I-” he swallowed hard glancing at you then over to the camera man who sat at the table looking over the film. “We were just discussing the scene and laughing over my southern accent. You missed it.”

You slowly nodded your head as you held his gaze. “Is that so?”

Harrison could feel the heat radiate off his body as his palms grew sweaty. “Y-yes. That is so.”

TITLE: F#*king marry me already


AUTHOR: Valarie Ravenhearst2


Imagine Loki trying to propose to you, trying to make it the most perfect occasion. But every time that it comes to the big night, something happens, like you getting sick or have to work, so it keeps getting put off because he wants it to be perfect




Loki had set hourly reminders in my phone about tonight’s dinner plans; which brings a smile to my face each time it goes off. It’s been rather quiet today so I take off an hour early so I can be ready by the time Loki even walks through the door.

Home: I jump in the shower, undertaking all my bathing rituals before drying and sitting in front of the mirror in a towel as I apply my makeup. I haven’t eaten all day and the mere thought of the food at Teresa’s is making my stomach growl in anticipation. Oh I already know what I’m having. Looking forward to tonight has literally been the only thing keeping me happy all week. Once I pack away all my things in the drawers (so Loki doesn’t walk in and have a cow), I skip across the living room and up the stairs where my dress is already laid out on the bed. I pull out a new set of lingerie that I’ve been meaning to wear and model in front of the mirror. Yeah, I’d do me.

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