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I just got my hair cut and I’m feeling overly emotional, and I don’t know how these two things relate, but here have some sterek.

They have been together for a while now. They just got their first apartment together, and saying that both of them were high on love (for each other) and hope (for a new happy life) would be quite the understatement.

There had been a time when either of them had thought that they could never have the other, that after Derek left they would never find each other again, and they had never even thought possible that one day they could have a place, a home together. And yet, here they were.

They just finished mounting their new bed, and Stiles falls on the bare mattress with a satisfied “oof” Derek following shortly after him.

And it’s then that somehow it hits Stiles. It hits him so hard and so suddenly that he’s so overwhelmed with it that his eyes burn and he wants to yell it at the top of his lungs, but at the same time the emotion is so strong that clogs up his throat, and he can barely manage to speak.

So, he just makes a small noise (all he can muster right now) and rolls over to Derek’s side, throwing one arm over Derek’s body and burying his face into Derek’s neck.

Derek huffs out a surprised laugh, but promptly starts rubbing his back soothingly.

“Derek,” Stiles mumbles, when he finds his voice again.

Derek hums questioningly and Stiles hugs him close, a little bit tighter, before he gets out of his hiding spot and looks up at his boyfriend.

“You’re my best friend.” He says, all intense, earnest and sincere eyes.

Because it’s true. Yes, Scott is the friend he knew longer, they had their high and lows and highs again, and he’s like a brother, but that’s just it, Scott is his brother.

Derek is his best friend.

Derek is the person that he thinks about first when he’s thought of a stupid joke and wants to share it with someone. Derek is the one he looks for when he wants to tell someone about what his favourite character is going through, even if it’s a show or a book that Derek hasn’t watched yet. Derek is the name on his lips when he wants to tell or show someone how he managed to do something, even if it’s just as ordinary and banal as Stiles managing to doodle a real-looking wolf shadow, he knows that even if his first reaction would be to roll his eyes, he’d do so smiling in that warm way that always tell Stiles so many things. Like how loved he is, and how Derek is proud of him, even for the little things. And Derek is the one that he glances up to look at before he even knows why.

And that’s why he hates fighting with him so much, because he’s fighting with his boyfriend and best friend. And really, there’s no one in his life that can match with everything that Derek means to him. Derek is his special person, everyone has their special person, don’t they?

And Derek is Stiles’ person.

And yes, Derek is his boyfriend, and they had already said their ‘I love you’s to each other a long time ago, but Derek is also, and maybe most importantly, Stiles’ best friend too, and Stiles really needs him to know that.

“You’re my best friend,” he repeats, because he needs him to understand.

And of course, because Derek is his everything plus his best friend, smiles small and understanding, before he leans down to kiss him on the corner of his mouth, feather-light and all softness, and whispers “you’re my best friend, too.”

And Stiles knows that Derek understands, because he can see in his eyes that Stiles is his person too.

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My Sourwolf *Derek Hale x Reader*

fiesty-kitten123 : Hiiiii! Again with a request, can you do a Derek×reader and he’s a big jerk but likes her and doesn’t know how to act and she a sexy badass vampire who just as bad as him and much sourwood please! Thanks!?

A/N: omg tsundere derek i like (google it if you dunno what that means!). even though i totes suck this was mega fun to write and i’m actually proud of this one? XD  hope you enjoy it ! xxx

(Y/N) (L/N). Someone you most definitely did not want to provoke. She just moved to Beacon Hills, something she ends up doing a lot. She was helping Derek, Scott, and Stiles find their newest threat, a vampire. So, since (Y/N) herself was a vampire, they thought that that’d be their best bet of finding their threat.

‘To get one vampire, you gotta use another vampire’ as Stiles worded it.

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“Wise men say

Only fools rush in

but I can’t help 

Falling in love with you.” 

Hey, my names Peyton and I’m gonna be co-owning this account with Hanna (aka running her account because she doesn’t know how the hell to run a tumblr blog lmao) My user is @sourwolf-wot and yeah I hope I don’t suck at running this blog haha :^) I look forward to getting to know everyone. (drawn by Hanna not me lol)

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Okay, but what if.

Stiles has his signature red hoodie, right? He’s had it long enough, had to grow into it honestly, that it’s the perfect softness and feels like it’s made specifically for Stiles. Yes, he knows that sounds a little ridiculous, it’s a hoodie after all, a very pliant and forgiving material, yada yada. Whatever, it was made for him. 

But this shade of red is the exact shade of Derek’s eyes, at least when he was an alpha. Total coincidence. Well… Perhaps on a subconscious level Stiles finds another reason to love his red hoodie. He and Derek, they’re not - they’re not friends exactly. But they’re something. Saving each other’s lives all the time can do that. 

As much as Derek likes to reiterate that, no Stiles, this isn’t a fairy tale, I’m not the Big Bad Wolf. Stiles loves to press it, loves to tease doesn’t he? Sure big guy. Stiles has seen the side glances, he’s caught Derek looking at the hoodie, even when it’s been tossed over a chair. 

But then Cora is sick, she’s dying. There’s nothing else for it, of course there isn’t. Derek makes a sacrifice for those he cares about, those he loves. He gives up his alpha powers (so easily, no hesitation) in hopes of saving his sister. And it works. It works. 

Derek, he’s still a “Big Bad Wolf,” just with different colored eyes. Blue. 

They’re not, they’re still nice. Honestly, Derek’s eyes are still beautiful in any form. Derek may not like what the blue represents, but Stiles get’s it, he doesn’t blame him. Stiles doesn’t mock or look down on the choices Derek had to make. Life has thrown a lot of shit at Derek, you know? Stiles, he understands. 

And Stiles, he has other hoodies, come on, it’s a staple in his wardrobe. They’re practical, no matter what Lydia says. And maybe, maybe Stiles starts to gravitate to his blue hoodies. Oh, his red hoodie will always be his favorite, it’s a defining feature and all that. But. Blue is nice too. 

It’s not like Stiles was trying to find the exact shade of blue, that’s ridiculous. He just happened to find it on discount at a second hand store no less, and it’s in excellent shape. It barely seems worn, so you know, it’s perfect for Stiles to “break in.” It’s whatever. 

And if a certain broody wolf takes notice that yeah, maybe Stiles is wearing blue more often (a very specific shade of blue), well. It’s no big deal. 

And, and Derek is smiling, a small private thing. Okay that’s, that’s something. That’s…

Stiles smiles back. 

Sterek is life. Sterek is love. sterek-todaytomorrowforever

Sterek Request 3/ ∞

Fox!Stiles & Wolf!Derek

Whenever Wolf!Derek gets really sad and thinks about his pack family and how he will never see them again (mean poachers known as Argents), Fox!Stiles makes it his absolute best duty to cheer up his mate super best friend who he shares a cozy den with. He will bring Derek the juiciest deer kill and braid him a flower crown with the biggest and brightest flowers he can find in the forest! Of course it doesn’t take that long to cheer the wolf up and remind him that he has a wonderful new pack full of betas that love him as their alpha, and Stiles who will always be by his side and give him all the pack cuddles he so possibly can! 

Derek can’t help but always feel a flutter in his heart and warmth in his soul whenever the happy fox tries to cheer him up. 


Derek was never intended to wed Prince Stiles, until the fire destroyed the line of succession and made him considerably more desirable; he had been fifteenth or sixteen in the line of succession, expected to make a good marriage to a minor noble, and then–and then. The Hale holdings are strategically important; the offer had arrived immediately after the appropriate mourning period had elapsed. There were other offers, but Derek chose Stiles. 

                                                              Safe Harbor by Helenish

nyxelestia  asked:

There's a lot of fic where the Sheriff gets turned into a werewolf or is a supernatural creature. Are there any where Melissa is turned into a werewolf or is a supernatural creature? Please and thank you! ♥

Found you some werewolf!Melissa!  -Emmy

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Love is a Battlefield by tiger_lily1989 

(5,175 I Mature I WIP)   *steter, melissa/sheriff

Sheriff Stiles Stilinski has been leading the Beacon County Sheriff’s Department for the past seven months. She rescues the Hale family from their burning home and becomes a strong ally as well as a good friend. Peter Hale finds himself deeply attracted to the beautiful, single mother and wants to take care of her.

Surviving the Apocalypse with a Sourwolf and My Best Friend’s Dad by RavenclawCipherOfCabinOne 

(11,951 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

After a few years of being a prime example as a deputy, Stiles makes it into the FBI. He’s working in D.C. when the freaking zombie apocalypse happens. He and Rafael team up and stick together to try to get back home. They come across Derek in their travels. Together the three do their best to stay alive. To not die by the elements, crazy/paranoid frightened people who are also trying to survive, hunger/thirst, and of course…not get bit/mauled/or infected by a zombie.

Sentimental Value by captaintinymite (augopher)

( 15,785 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek, talia/melissa

Thanks to some pilfered cookies, Derek has nothing but disdain and suspicions about his brother Scott’s roommate when he comes to stay with them over the summer.  Derek will never admit he finds Stiles attractive, but he finds he’s having serious trouble avoiding his him, especially with the unsolicited, erotic dreams he keeps having at night about his brother’s best friend. As it turns out, the pair have more in common than first believed; they grow to enjoy each other’s company, and then some.
But my how things change after a break-in results in a stressful situation for Stiles.

haunting, familiar, yet i can’t seem to place it (do you have to let it linger?) by amorremanet

(22,342 I Teen I Complete)   *scott/stiles

It’s just supposed to be the standard start of term meeting with one of the campus disability services advisors, not an invitation for an old wound to open up again. Scott just wanted to make sure he got early access to his assignments and a designated quiet space to take exams — and it all blows up in his face because of a fidgety, full-lipped boy with purple hair.


Sterek Request 4/ ∞

The Doge AU 

Doge!Stiles saw a new movie he would like to watch on Netflix and wanted to ask his Alpha if they could watch it for Pack Movie Night….Stiles keeps forgetting that he should knock before entering any rooms, especially when said Alpha just came out of the shower.