my soul's been sold

The Imamura Brothers  👥

    1760 - Present

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The more of your works that I read, the more I've come to the conclusion that the reason you write so much about the Folk is because you absolutely made a deal for excellent writing skills.

There is a non-zero chance I sold my soul at the crossroads.  We have been on watch for the deal coming due for years.

Happy Richonne Anniversary ❤️❤️ I remember the whole reason I started watching the show was because I was on tumblr and saw Rick and Michonne gifs from season 4 and I was SHOOK!! I was just like “omg these idiots look so in love and cute bye I’m watching idc if they’re not together” and I binged watch the whole 4 seasons and was able to watch the season 5 premiere live. First of all, best decision ever because now I’m obsessed and I’ve met Steven Yeun, Michael Cudlitz, Josh, Sonequa, and so many others & like who would have thought. So I was then like well even if I don’t get this otp, at least I found such a great show. Then season 5 was filled with Richonne goodness like omg I LOVED it! Then we get to season 6 and I see Jessie and y'all know I was upset LMFAOO Rick was acting a fool and I had to deal with it weekly🙄🙄.. then we get to No Way Out and y'all know I’m already giddy as shit cause I read spoilers about a certain blonde getting the chop chop and the whole family being wiped out (I know evil, but fuck it) and I saw Michonne wild out and help her husband and just desperately trying to get to him and kissing Carl 😩😩❤️ and I was just gone!!! Then she’s carrying Judith while Rick is preachin to Carl about the new world, lmao I was like okay what is this fuckery if they don’t get together then I’m going to riot cause look at this fucking family!!! SO YALL KNOW WHEN THE NEXT WORLD CAME OUT AND THEY STARTED OUT WITH GRIMES FAM 2.0 I was like BITCH IF THE SPOILERS ARE TRU IM JUMPING OUT DA WINDOW!!!! And then rick was home and Michonne kicked his arm and they were looking at Judith, talking about their day, giving her mints & I was like NAWWWWWWWWW then their hands touch and I’m screaming and they’re looking at each other and I’m screaming and they’re getting closer and IM SCREAMING AND THEYRE KISSING AND RICKS IN IT, MICHONNES IN IT , BITCH IM IN IT AND IM STILL SCREAMING.. THEN I see a naked Rick and a naked Michonne and Rick gripping on that ass and bro…. IM SCREAMING!!!! Then they get up naked ready to fuck someone’s life up (mine mostly) and that’s when I knew my soul had been sold to Gimple.. so all I want to say is shout out to Andy for fucking with Richonne since the longest & being the king of our ship and for going all out in his scenes (can’t wait to see him in 7x12 (; ) and for being the sexiest guy out here & shoutout to Danai for being beautiful and amazing in her scenes as well and just amazing and beautiful in general. Shoutout to Andy’s mom for calling out the show and saying if they had any political balls they would put those two together 😩😭❤️ and just shoutout to the most amazing and talented fandom out there!!! I love y'all, even though I wasn’t here from the very beginning, it felt like I was because of how nice y'all are❤️❤️❤️❤️ so thank you for excepting me into this hell hole and making my life a complete mess🆘 here’s to more Richonne goodness everybody 🍾🍾

Cool Artists (Masterpost)

I feel like I’m totally using the term masterpost incorrectly but whatever. Heres the some blogs that I think are super cool artists (some of these blogs are specifically for art, some are just bloggers who also happen to be great artists)

@thepotctales | @marty-the-flying-bison (their artblog is @mustachemouths) | @constant–wanderlust | @carryonmyfellowcountries | @smileytrashbag1 | @that-one-gay-fish (their artblog is @that-one-gay-fish-arts | @rusapen | @trying–my–best | @krisdoesthings | @incaseyouart | @maddox-rider | @beeken | @ne-ne-your-soul-has-been-sold | @rjart47 | @euclase | @thatsopurple | @peppypigeon | @peilinsirpale | @nomidot

And theres probably plenty more that I can’t think of right now but I’ll add on as I think of/find more art blogs.


Quest for Glory Countdown
Day 1
Favorite Book: The Last Ever After

It’s supposed to be a kinda poem for The Last Ever After, but I’ve never really done this before, so I hope it will pass.

I tried to make everything rhyme as best as possible, but some aren’t exact. \_(-_-)_/

Sophie’s is my favorite, and “her soul has been sold” is a reference to selling your soul to the devil, aka Rafal

Because he can go rot in a pit

Snapped Out

Just take it out on me
Beat it in until I agree
Killer in a cage and I can’t control it

This cat’s about to snap
One more grab behind my nap
My claws may shred your existence

This demon’s breaking out
Crying as my mind does shout
There’s evil all around
Too mad to make a sound
These bars I’ll surely bend
Your words I can’t defend
I'm​ anti-everything
Only trama do women bring

This distance grows across
Plains and oceans painting chaos
Use silver bullets because I’m unnatural

Am I misunderstood
Or completly mad, up to no good
Kill this demon before he breaches

It’s always the same
Being dragged through the flame
My mind’s a total mess
Darkness I can’t confess
Letting go of my hold
My soul has just been sold
It’s way too late to salvage this wreck
Hit the wall and break my neck

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I have a request: could you just talk about chubby Bucky, anything your beautiful chubby loving heart desires, anything you've ever wanted to say that you never have, ANYTHING

Can I talk about chubby Bucky?  I can and I will.  It’s one of my favorite topics of conversation.

Okay, so since you asked for anything my heart desires, I decided to be pretty self-indulgent with this. Allow me to present to you, my dear dumpster anon –

Chubby Bucky Barnes: The Evolution

Okay, so first, let’s just establish that Bucky has never not been a little soft.  

Again, for the folks in the back: he has never not been soft.

Let us consider him in the First Avenger:

You can tell me that he has a six pack under that uniform, but I will spit in the face of your skinny propaganda.  Bucky Barnes was sturdy, well-fed, and sleek as a baby seal before the war.  You will never convince me otherwise.  

And let’s think about what that would have meant to Steve, who’s tiny and sick and all knees and elbows and angles? The feeling of Bucky’s sturdy body when Bucky casually throws his arm over his shoulder, that easy camaraderie and physical contact?  It would feel so different to Steve than  his own body, safe and comforting.  And imagine, if you will, how much Steve might have liked knowing about that secret little puff of softness around Bucky’s waist, that tiny little pooch of belly fat that no one else saw but Steve knew was there because Bucky is absolutely shameless around him, shirtless in the summers, cuddled next to him for heat in the winters, and Steve knows.  

So.  Then shit hits the fan (and Bucky hits the ground from a great height).  Enter the Winter Soldier.

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Does the Soldier look soft? No.  No, he doesn’t.  Hydra has shaped him into an actual, factual cyborg, a walking, talking weapon.  He doesn’t need to be soft.  He needs to be finely honed.  


Consider the thighs.

Originally posted by angrymysticarchive

Consider the softness of the jaw:

Originally posted by blackinjustice

Consider the fact that, even when he’s stripped shirtless and about to get wiped, there’s a sturdiness about him.  He’s muscled, sure.  Abs, definitely.  But is he ripped to shreds?  Nope. 

And that’s part of what makes the Soldier so goddamn heartbreaking.  Because there are shades of Bucky Barnes in him everywhere you turn, that lingering softness around the edges.

And then, my friend. Hoo boy.  Then Civil War happens and the entire game changes.

Bucky looks like this:

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And like this:

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And, dear sweet jesus, like this:

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And let’s imagine what that means to Steve.  Steve, who remembers a time when Bucky was so much bigger than him, when Bucky was his protector and guardian angel and safe haven.  Steve, who is now bigger than nearly everyone he meets – but not Bucky, not anymore. Bucky’s still the bigger of the two. Bucky’s shoulders are still broader, Bucky’s waist is still thicker, Bucky’s chest is still wider.  

Imagine what that does to Steven Grant Rogers.

And imagine what it does to all of us, when we watch that goddamn mid credits scene.  Because here is this man, so fucking powerful, so fucking BIG (oh my god, him biiiggggg), and yet he’s completely vulnerable.  He is, in that moment, so ridiculously soft.

Originally posted by hurtbymanyblogs

I’ll be honest, anon. I would have sold my fucking soul for this scene to have been shot topless.  Hell, just for a slow pan of his midsection in that stupid tank top, which you KNOW would have been pulled taut over his belly – maybe enough to stretch out the ribbing, right over the thickest part of his waist.

Fuck, anon.  Just writing this damn answer killed me.  I have died. 

But yeah.  Chubby Bucky.  I have thoughts and feelings about him. 

  • Rythian: I can't sell you my soul, it's already been sold sorry.
  • Sjin: Who'd you sell it to?
  • Rythian: Uh confid...
  • Kim: Zoey.
  • Rythian: What!?
  • Kim: *giggling* well that's what she makes all the rainbow sparkles out of so...
  • Rythian: Yeah.
  • Sjin: She makes them out of your soul?
  • Rythian: The remains of my waisted soul.
  • Sjin: Ohhh all your happiness it's just like been sucked into her rainbows.

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Just curious, how and why did you become a kaisoo shipper? Love your blog! 💓

Thank you sweet anon for loving my blog T__T i’m very touched!! <3 

Well I became a kaisoo shipper towards the end of 2012. I was initially an Exo M fan (RIP ;-;) and then I was like “oh what’s Exo K???” 

so I checked them out (fell for Exo K too) and then, there they were… kaisoo.. I had been a kpop fan for about 2-3 years at that point so I’d had liked some male/male ships before BUT NTH LIKE KAISOO!!!!! Kaisoo was on a entirely different level O___O I was like… are.. they.. together?? Cuz I’d never seen two ppl interact or look at each other the way they did :’)

So I basically sold my soul and I’ve been devoted ever since. My love for them has only progressed over the years and even if it’s been hard at times (especially now) I’ve never left <3 

Look at the fetuses that made me fall in love with their love a long time ago!!!!! T__________T

the signs as weird out of context quotes
  • Aries: leg water makes my boob itch
  • Taurus: i whored out my dog in the search for dank memes and inner peace
  • Gemini: i can put my head behind my neck
  • Cancer: the amount of cows i eat is irrelevant to the amount of dishes i wash
  • Leo: i fought the bronies for this rare picture of granny
  • Virgo: i hear you standing
  • Libra: honk your eyes if you're gay
  • Scorpio: we live in a daddy dominated world
  • Sagittarius: i'm gonna punch you in the left throat
  • Capricorn: can you hand me my feet over there?
  • Aquarius: my throat is meant for pure thoughts
  • Pisces: i sold my soul to three bees