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Another Print !!!! I hate this one in mind for a while now and I finally decided to listen to myself and just DO IT So here’s a print of Decay!Gaster. I had SO MUCH fun with the coloring and his facial expression ! I absolutely can’t wait to start underdecay, you guys have no idea !

If you want a full sized print of this picture you can order it over HERE.

Art & Decay!Gaster© @little-noko

       i’m home from the john william’s concert and bawling my eyes out.   he did the big s.tar w.ars ending with the throne room song and the end titles.  then ran back on like  “okay we going to do a bonus song”   AND BAM IMPERIAL MARCH.  and i had tears rolling down my cheeks and i feel  #blessed  to hear my son’s theme song like this with my own ears.