my soul saw you

I think back often, and I can’t help but wonder- did you really know me at all?
Through all of the laughter and the silly questions and late nights exchanging messages… did you ever dig deep enough into me to care for more than a minute?
I like to believe I found out as much as you allowed me to know. But to you I opened my heart and bared my soul, and I’m not sure if you truly saw me or not. I don’t know if you’re blind or if you just chose to turn away.
Maybe it’s better if you didn’t actually know me. Because I like to think that you’re not heartless, and it would be infinitely more cruel if you had taken everything I gave you and then, after all this time, still decided to leave without a second glance.
—  semisomniac

Your continued support through fanart or comments motivates and inspires me to keep drawing; that, along side how healing and meditative it is to draw, are the sole and best reasons I have to keep drawing every day!! 😙💨💖

This post goes out to those who’ve shown support through sacrificing their hard earned pennies on my behalf, so I’m financially able to continue doing what I love!



BRUH @hathawkesquawk Thanks for the coffee my dude!! I SAW YOU REBLOG A COUPLE OF MY THINGS, AND CAN I SAY?? YOUR COMMENTS ARE SO CHARMING HAHAHHA! They made me so damn happy broh!! X’D I love how ecstatic you are with the way you type, it’s so fueling!!! XDDD <3


I don’t know what more can be said, @glitterypeachlover! You’ve been unfathomably supportive of me and others, churning out gift art and support in countless forms!! I honest to goodness don’t know how you manage it, but you do, and you’re a clear beacon of radiant cheer and motivation for all to soak up and plug through hard times. Thank you for your strong helping hand in this amazing community, Peachy pie!

oh, shucks. STOP IT, YOU! 💕



It’s rare when I get support on Patreon, and it’s my biggest source of income, so your pledge there means a helluva ton to me! Thank you from the deepest pits of my heart’s chasms!!! 

HAHAHA I was hoping to have replied to you before we spoiled it for each other, but I recognized your typing right away.

And, @kaweii, OMB I love you. We spend every day, morning till night, on the same canvas just drawing, watching movies, working on commissions, talking– It ain’t a long list of activities, and it looks mundane to read it, but each one of those things are so important and every day feels like an adventure with you.

I’ve told you once before and I’ll tell you again, that I haven’t woken up every day, EXCITED to get out of my bed, until you came around.

We’re an ocean apart but I’ve got ya in my heart, in my soul, and hopefully hand in hand someday soon! See ya back on the canvas, sorry I’ve been quiet so long but this post took some time to put together!

And Finally,

Thank you again to everyone who’s following; all 1,641 of you! Your comments, be it on asks, reblogs, replies, or hashtags, I always look forward to them every time I post. You’re a basket of precious cinnabuns fresh from heaven’s oven and I look forward to our future, celebrating the unity & friendship Undertale’s brought us! Thanks, Toby! Thank you everybody!

‪i wanna feel empty; not the empty feeling in the pit of my stomach when i saw you kissing her nor the emptiness in my soul when you told me you loved someone else, but rather, the kind of empty feeling when you just woke up and your emotions haven’t kicked in yet and everything’s silent, even in your head, and you smile at the sun shining through your dark curtains. that’s such a nice empty.‬
—  (Wren Serrano), somewhere only we know

Jisoo staring at Seungcheol for an absurd amount of time followed by him wiping the sweat off seungcheol. :’) #howcanyousaycheolsooisnotreal