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Twenty-third Christmas

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Here’s the last one … 23 chapters later … no idea it woud turn into this … and am totally glad it did :)

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Sitting quietly on the couch, fire crackling on the hearth, wind whistling in the eaves, Mulder put his head back, nestling in beside Scully’s as she read something or other with a pastel cover and a beach scene and a faceless woman wearing a floppy hat, “hey, Scully?”

Patiently, she put her finger in her book to hold her spot, “yeah?”

“I want to decorate the hell out of this place.”

She couldn’t fight the smile that burst forth, “only you would use hell to describe Christmas.”

“Come on. I think Maggie would like us to do it up right, our first Christmas back together and in her house to boot. We can intermingle her stuff and our stuff and I can go buy stuff for the front yard and porch.” Having sank his teeth into the idea, it was now exploding in his head, visions of inflatable things and blinking lights and evergreen garland, pointsettas and pinecones and cinnamon-smelling potpourri boiling on the stove, “I mean, it’ll be the stuff of Christmas dreams!”

“Okay, you had me with your overuse of the word ‘stuff’ but then you rolled out the emphatic Christmas dreams ending and moved it right on into over-saccharined insanity.”

Shifting sideways, he pulled his leg up, the ever present Flab jumping on his lap while Dagoo looked on, comfy from his blanket near the heat of the fireplace, “look, even Flab appreciates my saccharine enthusiasm. Look at her. She’d dying to have you say yes because she wants her own Grinch costume and Dagoo needs a Rudolph nose.”

“I think Dagoo wants you to be quiet so he can keep napping.”

He saw the moment he won and grinning, “we should go shopping.”

“Yes, we should.” Will’s voice drifted down the stairs where he’d been listening rapturously, with both mind and ear, feeling his father’s win and his mother’s amusement. Coming down further and poking his head past the wall, “right now. The Uncles will love it when they come over for Christmas.”

“That’s right, Scully. We’re gonna have like 20 people here for two days. We owe it to them to make this completely Maggie Christmas worthy.”

Not about to deny Will or Mulder a damn thing ever in life, Scully stood up, holding her hand out to pull him with her then gesturing towards the fire, “put that out so we don’t burn the house down and we’ll go buy out the Christmas sections of everywhere.”

Will hooted, racing back upstairs for a sweatshirt, Mulder gave her a big, wet kiss on the cheek and did as told while Scully just giggled in happy glee.


When the Gunmen had shown up with Will on that bridge, the world didn’t end but began anew, saving Mulder, getting everyone back to the hospital, aiming a homemade and completely genius EMP handheld device at the hovering ship, sending it and its government fuckers as Frohike called them, away for long enough to get the gang safely away in the boat parked just below the bridge.

She’d saved the world but more importantly, she’d saved Mulder with the help of Will’s blood and her ability to completely compartmentalize the fact that her friends were alive and had been hiding her son from her for the past 16 years. Science kicked in, she brought human beings back from the brink of extinction and when it was all over, she screamed at the Gunmen for three minutes apiece then broke down, crying with her equally emotional son in her arms.

Eventually, over the course of the following three days, while the world was vaccinated, her and Mulder learned the story of the past decade and a half of the Gunmen and Will in abstentia. In the silence that hung around them when Frohike finished, Scully breathed out the largest sigh of relief in her entire, God-damned life and looked at her boy, “will you come home with me and be our son again … if you can ever forgive me?”

More crying ensued and an hour or three later, Will moved into the Unremarkable guest room, which was neither a guest room nor unremarkable anymore, given it had proudly been a resting spot for Maggie and would now be the home of her grandson. Within a few weeks, an agreement was floated between the six of them, Scully, Mulder and William moving into Maggie’s home while the Gunmen took over the farmhouse, the basement perfect for computer equipment, enough room for the three of them and the solitude to which they’d become accustom.

They came over three times a week for dinner to see their nephew.


Shopping had never been so much fun. Both Mulder and Will had carts, racing down aisles in the local Wal-mart, doing their best not to steer into rows and nearly failing with regularity and hilarity combined. They called back and forth over tall things because, as Mulder put it, Scully was a short thing and needed to be kept track of. They debated icicle lights or fat LEDs for the front porch. They held up garish stockings and neon pink garland and giggled in unison at the metallic orange Christmas tree on display.

They ended up spending nearly all of Scully’s paycheck and she couldn’t have cared in the slightest.

Once back in the car, they stopped for Frosties, eating them while shivering their way home before finally pulling in the driveway and unloading Scully’s filled to the brim SUV. In typical teenage boy fashion, Will informed them that since he was out of school for Christmas break and had absolutely no reason to get up early in the morning, he would like to start the decorating now.

Mulder couldn’t think of one reason to argue and Scully gave them an approving smile, “why don’t you two start and I’ll go make the hot chocolate.”


It took until the next evening to finish, sleep finally taking the three of them down around two a.m. and lasting until noon. By that night, however, the only thing left were the Christmas trees, standing bare on either side of the fireplace, Maggie’s on the left and theirs on the right. William sat between them, boxes of ornament surrounding his crossed legs, lids off, treasures waiting patiently to be hung. “So, Scullly, would it be better to mix all the ornaments or would you like to keep them separate? Maggie’s on Maggie’s and ours on ours?”

She couldn’t give him a definite answer through the tears suddenly streaming down her cheeks.

Mulder’s heart cracked and with his own eyes damp, he pulled her into a hug, “I think we should mix ‘em all up. I have a feeling Maggie’d like it that way; she’d know that we’re really back together for good this time because, I mean, nothing says steadfast togetherness like mixing the mother-in-law’s holiday decorations in with our own.”

Scully laughed against his shirt, wiggling one arm from her hold on him to ruffle through their son’s hair, “what do you think, Will? Mix or separate?”

“Already mixing, mom, so the question is moot.” He had his own small box on his lap from which he was pulling homemade things, a popsicle-sticky, glittery, shiny, gluey, messy, intricate, woven, carved assortment of historically significant baubles he’d made with the Gunmen over the years. He lay them out on the rug, “we should keep taking one from each pile, nine ornaments each, put them on one tree then do the same for the other. We’ll have an even distribution that way or at least as even as we’ll be able to get given I don’t know your ornament count but we’ll make do.” The silence that hung above him made him look up to see his father shaking his head in befuddlement and his mother about to burst into laughter, “what?”

Mulder nudged Scully with his elbow, “he is totally your kid.”

Pointing to one of Will’s ornaments, “he made a green sequin alien head. He’s both of ours.”

Will held the alien head up to Mulder, “I sure am.”


It took most of the evening to hang 78 years worth of bulbs and memories, backstories being told for most, Will curious and open, questioning, commenting, loving the fact that he had a history, that he had a family with a history, that he was a part of that history. It was only when they’d finished that Scully suddenly realized, “if these are the things you made with your Uncles, what are they putting up on their Christmas tree?”

Will grinned, “I was confined to a building with them for 15 years, I made so many things that they’ll never miss what I took and besides, they wanted to give me more to bring home but I knew they wanted to keep a lot of it so believe me when I say, these aren’t even the tip of the iceberg … but I need to crash now so g’night and I’ll see you in the morning.” Giving both of them the long hugs they all needed all the time lately, he disappeared upstairs, leaving his parents to their standing and hugging and enjoying and occasional quick kissing.

Before anything got out of hand, Mulder pulled away from her, “I’ve got a gift for you.”

Because after several decades she was sure she knew what it was, she sat down, ready and waiting, grin on and hand out. Seeing her once he came back in the room, he chuckled, “no more surprising you is there?”

“Nope.” Waving her fingers in a hand it to me motion, “gimme.”

Laughing louder now, he sat down beside her, “it’s actually a two-fold gift. Here’s number one.” Opening the plain box, she found, resting quietly on the bed of cotton, the quarter necklace she had found in her mother’s possessions at the hospital, chain gone, Christmas hook attached. Before she could utter more than a small, confused, “Mul-,” he stopped her with a hand to the knee, “I know what that quarter is.”

She’d been wondering since the moment she found it, in the items envelope at her mother’s bedside, “how?”

“I gave it to her. Well, actually, she gave it to me. Back then, it was just a quarter from her purse but she gave it to me the night I met her, the night you were abducted by Barry. I was standing there, lost and confused and angry and scared out of my mind and I had to go do something, anything, just … find you. She’d watched me throw my cellphone at the wall at one point, frustrated as hell that no one was doing anything immediately, all talking and thinking instead of finding. Once I’d decided I needed to do something myself, she stopped me and gave me a quarter and told me to call her if I heard anything, regardless of time or information.” Stopping for a deep breath, he continued in a whisper, “I didn’t find anything out to call and tell her but I kept the quarter in my pocket anyway, holding it and hoping I’d need to use it soon. Eventually I got … we got you back but I kept the quarter anyways. I saw it as kind of my good luck charm at that point but then Maggie yelled at me and put me in my place for running with you so I had the quarter made into a necklace and I gave it back to her, telling her she’d never need a quarter to call me because we’d never be that far away again.”

Scully had been turning it over and over in her fingers, holding, spinning, twirling absently while she listened. When Mulder fell silent, she looked up at him, confusion still evident, “why didn’t you tell me when I found it or years ago, really?”

“Don’t be mad but it was a Maggie and me thing. It was ours. Our link. Our … connection to each other that was just ours. I never really had anything like that with my mother and …” now going sheepish on her, ducking his head, “I didn’t want to share it in case we went our separate ways. I didn’t want you to think of anything of your mom’s with a bad taste. I guess I figured a mystery was better than anger.”

Completely appreciating the logic, she first kissed his cheek, then kissed the quarter, dangling it in front of them, smiling through her ever-present tears, “I love it and the story and regardless of what may happen in the future, I’ve always loved you and always will so you don’t have to worry about that. I do however, wonder why you’re telling me now.”

“Because that was my last secret from you forever. I wanted everything out there when you got your second gift.” Reaching under the couch, he slid out a larger box, perfect size for a round bulb, “Merry Christmas part two.”

With that quizzical eyebrow he so very much loved to the ends of the Earth, he watched her open the box to a clear ornament, a piece of parchment paper rolled inside it, a handful of iridescent confetti heaped underneath it. Carefully unscrewing the sphere, she withdrew the paper, unrolling it carefully, reading intently then shaking her head in wonder, reading a second time just to be sure.

Once she looked up at him, eyes filled with twinkling amazement, he tossed the confetti in the air, covering them both, “so, will you be there?”

Her affirmative answer came in the form of her climbing eagerly onto his lap, straddling him, hugging him tightly as she whispered her, “I could never be anywhere else,” as she clutched her wedding invitation in her hand, the date printed as December 26, the time 2pm, the place being their front room.

“Gonna change your name? Let me make an honest Mulder out of you?”

As she kissed him once more behind the ear before shifting sideways, sliding down next to him, legs still akimbo around his thighs, “I was thinking more about Fox Scully. What do you say?”

Before he could answer, Will’s voice called down to them, in that uncanny way he had with timing, “I’m best man, right?”

Scully buried her head in his neck while he called back up to his son, “of course but you may have to battle it out with Frohike.”

“Naw, we’ll just tell him he’s Gunmen of Honor. He can be on mom’s side.”

“G’night, Will.”

“Night, Mom.”

Turning her attention back to her finally, very near future husband, “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Mulder.”

“Merry Christmas, Mr. Scully.”


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Do you have a mobile masterlist?

Like this?

✧ List of Finished Scenarios✧

(╥︣﹏᷅╥) = angst 

(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ = fluff

(っ-̶●̃益●̶̃)っ = humor

(¬‿¬) = ?

B A N G T AN ♥ S O N Y E O N D A N

✧  Jin  ✧

✧ Rap Monster ✧

✧ J-Hope ✧

✧ Suga ✧

  • Another Chance -  (╥︣﹏᷅╥)
  • Treasure - Part 1, 2 -  (╥︣﹏᷅╥)

✧ V ✧

✧ Jimin ✧

✧ Jungkook ✧

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✧ Joshua ✧

✧ Wonwoo ✧

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M O N S T A  X

coming soon…. ;)

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Drabble Game:


5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” &

42. “I swear it was an accident.” - V

6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” - Jimin

12.I think we need to talk.”, 30. It’s not what it looks like…”& 31.You lied to me.” - Jimin

20.  You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.” - Jimin

22. I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” - Rap Monster

32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

Rap Monster’s ver.

Jungkook’s ver.

35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” - Jin

44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.” - Jungkook

46. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” - V


21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?” - Youngjae

41“You did all of this for me?”Jackson 

Hey people

I just wanna share a little story of me, i just got fired from my work 2 days ago, from a work of 4 years and i really idk what to feel, for the part that i was fired is ok bc lately i wasn’t feeling good there and my boss was just looking for an excuse to fire me, i’m fine for that part, in the 4 years i worked there i gave the best of me, i gave my time, my body and soul, and they just say thank u, it’s okay every work does that, that happens to everybody, this is is for the emotional part, alot of my work partners are really upset bc they do that, yesterday i got alot messages all the day of people from work and they were saying that it was unfair and that they miss me and i felt really touched bc i really noticed how many people apprecite me and how they feel about what happend, and most for the part that my parnet the one i was really close to share so many things send me a message and i started to cry bc she’s one of the most kindest person i’ve met before, she’s so dedicated to her work and not everybody appreciated it, that’s why i really fell so bad bc i helped her when she needed help and i go a little worried for her bc not everybody is so kind to help there and i still feel a little bit broken for all those messages i received yesterday, but this teach me that there’s people who will be there for you when you most need and people who really dont care of what you so pls, be that kind of person who is for some who needs it, and i wanna thank to @westhallen and @sailoriu who really gave me some word to go through this.

Undertale characters: Canon Vs Fanon: Part 2
  • Fanon Grillby: *Sexy fire intensifies*
  • Canon Grillby: "....................................Pay your fucking tab, Sans."
  • Fanon Gaster: "Ayyyyyyy lmao u lil shit."
  • Canon Jerry: "Oh, what's that? You're having fun? Well, fuck you. I'm going to be annoying."
  • Fanon Muffet: "WHERE'S MY MONEY, MAN?! WHERE'S MY MONEY?!"
  • Canon Muffet: "What's that? How horrible! I can't believe the conditions those spiders live in! We need to raise money for them!"
  • Fanon Mad Dummy: *Anger intensifies*
  • Fanon Temmie: hOI!
  • Canon Temmie: hOI!

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I cannot find the post you made about how you annotate in your books! how you underline, and highlight—everyone has their own way, of course, but I'm interested in seeing yours again. could you be so kind as to reblog it? x

Oh, right! I didn’t think it was of any interest to anyone, so I deleted the post. Let me explain once more.

I rarely annotate, mostly because I’m comfortable enough with my highlighting system. When I study books for school though, I’m savage with annotations, colour-coded symbols, all with actual pens and not pencil, because I’m a book-wrecker.

For the highlighting now, I have three “steps”. More about it, and pictures included under the cut.

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Literally trying my best to stay neutral and not get into the “ship wars” of the SJM books fandom, however…
“Celaena deserves to be with someone who she can be both Aelin and Celaena and that is Dorian”
Two slight rebuttals to this:
1:) although Celaena will always be a part of Aelin, she is no longer Celeana. Let me further explain… Celaena was burned with hatred for herself, Celaena didn’t claim any of her heritage as fae or being the queen of Terrasen, Celeaena was a young girl at the abusive manipulation of Arobynn. I thoroughly apologize to Doraelin shippers for my next statement, but Dorian was the first kind soul that Celeaena met after losing Sam. I’m not saying their feelings for each other are invalid, they’re very true, but as friends.
2.) Rowan was the one to accompany her to visit Sam’s grave when Aelin first returned to Adarlan. He payed his respects and accepted her, the part of herself that was Caleana, and supported her. She can be both with Rowan Whitehorn, but with Rowan Whitwhorn, she grew to be the amazing fire breathing bitch queen Aelin Galathynius, the confident unfailing queen we all love.
3.) They are bound by blood and if you’re telling me that it won’t make another male jealous of her close relationship with Rowan, especially Rowan being her Carranam, I’m calling bullshit.
4.) and this is personal.. But the mere thought of anyone besides Rowan Whitehorn calling Aelin, Fireheart, makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

Shadow: Part XII

Prompt: The reader is a nephal. Nephalem are demon/angel children and are, I assume, very rare.  They would have ‘wings’. They can see the true forms of everything (angels, demons, etc.)  They can heal themselves, as well as manipulate holy fire. Can warp reality (sort of like Gabriel). Can also resurrect others and time travel alone without problem. Also unlike angels and demons they have their own body and do not need a vessel, however, they could infiltrate someone’s body, with consent, of course. (more)

Word count: 3,114

Warnings: Literal soul touching.

Author’s Note: My babies. MY BABIES.

Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 7.5, Part 8,Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

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Soulmates AU where Bruce was born with a strange S símbol on his wrist instead of the name of his soul mate like the other people. At first Bruce thought he was a special snowflake because he was Born with something special, diferent, but after his parents died he realisted how fucked up his existence was if life didn't even want to give the name of his special. Clark was Born with bat on his wrist, Jor-El and Lara were so happy and exited that they cried since the soulmark had disapeared

-continuation- centuries ago in the kryptonian race. Although it wasn’t a very Nice sign, some kind of black pointy caricature like creature, it was More than anything they expected since they expected nothing. When Kal-El was sent to Earth Jonathan and Martha just couldn’t be more proud of how special their son was, they always told him that he will be/do something extraordinary, big and good, and that bat like mark was only an indications of it. As he grow up and was forced to hide his power

-continuation2- he had to also hide his soulmark worried that this was another alien related blood thing and hoping with all his heart that there was someone out there for him. As they grew up Clark would stare at the sky wondering if his other half was out there, if there was another one like him or if he/she/it was on Earth, meanwhile Bruce would try to hide and destroy the strange sign, going to far as cutting his skin. For Clark the mark was hope, for Bruce a reminder of the damaged human

-continuation3- being he was. Teen years were the worst, people always talking about their wrist names. Clark would always blush and let his shyness talk telling his friends that it was his secret, a thing he would only share with his special one. Bruce didn’t had friends, he didn’t have to worry about this, though there was always the Gold digger who tired to look at his bandaged wrist hoping that his/her name was the one. They graduated HS And went to college, Bruce dropping out after his

-continuation4- second semester, travelling the world, trying to look for redemption, training his mind and body and for the first time looking at his wrist liking his damaged side since there would be no one who would suffer for him -apart from Alfred -. Clark went to college, a happy and easy time though his heart ached for that special one. He would look around and see the couples, how happy they looked around they soulmate, and he would stare at the bat praying for him to appear soon.

-continuation5- it was around this time that for the first time wished to have a normal soulmark, damning his alien blood. This feeling intensified when he met Lois Lane. That night he tired to burn his skin with his heat vision, ending up burning the shower curtains, crying and sobbing while gripping his wrist whispering how Sorry he was for trying something so foolish. That night he took a red hoodie, jeans and run through Metropolis spotting every crime that came in his way, trying to forget.

-continuation6- Bruce came back from the dead with his wrist burning and the S brighter than ever hearing rumors about a blue and red hope running through Metropolis. He didn’t Wait to put a cape and a cowl and start kicking asses, his eyes sometimes stopping on the criminals wrists, seeing names, even the Joker had one. He gave up that a long time ago. It didn’t took very long for his symbol to shine on Gotham’s sky. Clark swore that he didn’t breath for the rest of the day when the sign that

-continuation7- he had tattooed on his wrist was painted on the picture Jim was showing to him. He spent the rest of the day edgy, impatient and agitated wanting to fly to Gotham and find him. Perry sent him home early, Lois giving him a concerned look. When he arrived home he opened the closed and looked at the uniform hanging there and for the first time feeling ready and fully prepared to use it. He spent the rest of the day waiting for the night to fall watching himself at the mirror

-continuation8- the El house shield shinning on his chest. He found him on the rooftop crouched, looking at some warehouses full of mafia gangs, the sound of his heartbeat music to his ears. He landed next to him, his red boots and blue pants the only visible thing for the Bat from his position- the blur I suppose- he didn’t look at him. That ticked Clark off, making him grab his arm and turn him, the white lenses landing on his face and then chest - wha- he couldn’t finish since Clark kissed him

- continuation9- The kiss was passionate, full of need and want and desperation, not only from Clark But also from Bruce - you..- whispered the bat - me - the alien answered - so… Superhuman? - he could feel the comfortable warmth emanating from the other body - More like superalien - he chuckled, feeling the bat relax in his arms, their souls connecting. He kissed him again, his body on fire wanting more, the vigilante stopped him though - so… how about we kick some asses before you ravish me?


I swear!

With you and the lovely yjiheroesfan coming up with these wonderful and creative and long ass headcanons, you might be running me out of business! I fucking love this beautiful HC! My favorite part is in continuation 2, where Bruce is cutting his skin because of hatred. I like that. It really shows how much he despises himself. Another part I also like is how even though he cut his arm when he was young, he continued to cut and wear a bandage around it said in continuation 3 where he’s a young man by then.

Another part that I enjoyed was how Clark was so upset that he tried to burn off his own tattoo. That definitely says something about Clark and how it really effected him as well. Finding out that all you got was a sign and not a name or a letter must be really fucking frustrated.

Then one day he sees the fucking sign in the sky and he’s like, “Holy shit!” That must of been quite a fucking surprise. I can see him almost breaking everything in anticipation and he just wants to lose his shit.

Then they meet up and they start making out on a roof top and Bruce is silently freaking out because, “HOLY SHIT! THAT’S THE SIGN THAT’S ON MY WRIST! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” And then they go kick some bad guy booty and then Clark gets a taste of that Batman booty.

But I think afterwards, they decide to take it slow, talk to each other and start dating before shit gets out of hand. I can see Alfred crying happy tears that his son had finally found his soulmate and he’s just so happy to meet this mysteries S. Their wrists would grow bright whenever they made love.

Ugh! This freaking HC gave me feels I never even thought I had! This is wonderful, great job!


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Hospital PT 1  You’ve been snagged and now you’re being held in a mental instution by a bunch of crazy people. There’s only one person you can call.
Hospital Pt 2   
Thanksgiving Ghost farmer and demonic turkey. That’s all I can say. 
I know who you are  Crowley comes with a warning 
No Phone Gets Left Behind Cute worried Sam  
New Girl Sam has a run in with his ex. She’s not very nice. You, a bystander, decide to take her down a peg or three.   
Yacht Day You call up an old friend when you and the boys are in major need of some R&R. The boys gang up on you.
Nephew Without a Clue You get snatched by a gang of delinquent demons while Dean is inside Walmart getting pie. Humorous. 
Blood and Cocaine Dean oneshot! little angst then a little fluff. You get torn up by some wolfies then call Dean to apologize for the way you ended things.
Ghostly You and the boys try to help a kiss happy, sass filled ghost crossover.