my soul just combusted

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Can we pretty pretty please have an example of Namjoon's hypnotic powers? Like an instance in the past or what he prefers to use them for? (And I fuCKING LOVE THIS AU HOLY FUCK YOU HAVE ME SO WHIPPED FOR THIS I AM READY AT ALL TIMES TO HAVE MY SOUL COMBUSTED FOR SOME GOOD FEELS. LIKE- J-JUST. FuCkkk!!!!! Thank you so much for making this :'') you're the real mvp my bro)

I’ll have examples of it in the future!! Just in general though, he uses it for peacekeeping a lot, esp during protests he attended. People thought he was just really good at the art of persuasion lmao. He actually dislikes that the basis of his powers is manipulation, so for the people who know he’s a mutant, he always asks for consent. He also uses it if he really needs to like if someone’s life is in danger. As for post eyesight loss, he uses it more aggressively esp for missions.

And ahhhh ty sm!! I’m always happy to draw for this au :’-)