my soul just combusted

anonymous asked:

Are we sure that Frank is kissing Karen on the cheek and not whispering something in her ear? After watching the video (i won't say how many times) I'm leaning more towards whisper. In the gifs it looks more like a kiss on the cheek. Either way its a major kastle and TP moment! I am strapped in and ready for these two to interact and be such a beautiful, important part of each others lives. For Frank I think Karen's it but it'll be a unique journey & slow burn which makes total narrative sense.

To me, there’s a clear press/smack sound in the video. And Karen appears to take in a breath right after it, as if in response to the touch. There’s also the fact that they’re alone and we know have already been alternating between near-whispers and shouts, so I don’t think Frank would lean like that to say something else? And what would he be saying after he’s made his feelings clear, confessed his vulnerability when it comes to her, and both tried ordering (”You don’t get to do that”) and pleading with her to presumably stop working on this story? And both the cheek kiss and their body language has that goodbye vibe to it. Plus there’s the way he licks his lips after that just…spontaneously combusts my soul tbh.

Gosh, same; Frank intimate like this with anyone else in present time?? I just. I can’t see it, he’s so obviously utterly and completely wrecked by Karen (and she is by him too, those tears and that mirroring panic, omg), they’ve got a deep special connection here that you can’t form with just anyone.