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Tag Game!

I was tagged by @tamaction who is the reason for my Voltron binge and my subsequent love for Shiro

1. relationship status: Do fictional characters count as boyfriends? Because if so, I’ve got many lol I’m actually dating a real guy

2. favourite colour: blue, but not like crayon blue, more like the sky after a summer rain blue

3. lipstick or chapstick: chapstick, but I prefer the beeswax lip balm my family makes the best

4. last song i listened to: “Oh, My Soul” by Casting Crowns

5. last movie i watched: The Spiderwick Chronicles

6. top three tv shows: Voltron, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99

7. top three characters: Shiro, Captain America, Bucky Barnes

8. top three ships: Jily, me and my bed, Danjorie (idk @a-radioactive-platypus is that what you call this ship?)

9. books I’m currently reading: Idk if it really counts as a technical book, but @a-radioactive-platypus‘s Fracture is what I’m currently reading (y’all go check it out because it’s amazing!)

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But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it’s real
You’re just too good to be true
Can’t take my eyes off of you

It’s still the 25th where I am so… one last happy birthday pic for Vitya!


My soul writes poems of you in words that don’t exist. The songs I sing about you are composed of words I dare not utter. The scattered beating of your heart speaks to me in morse code. Maybe one day I will love you loudly.

The Imamura Brothers  👥

    1760 - Present

S/O to my fkn bae4life @bananahut​ for this amazing edit!!

KAZ BREKKER // A Playlist 

  1. Human // Rag’n’Bone Man
  2. Ain’t No Grave // Johnny Cash
  3. Beat The Devil’s Tattoo // Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  4. Mad World // Gary Jules, Michael Andrews
  5. Staying Up // The Neighbourhoods
  6. Short Change Hero // The Heavy
  7. Hurt // Johnny Cash
  8. Lose Your Soul // Dead Man’s Bones
  9. Blood on My Name // The Brothers Bright
  10. Blackbird Song // Lee DeWyze
  11. The Preacher // Jamie N Commons 
  12. Seven Devils // Florence + The Machine
  13. It Will Come Back // Hozier
  14. Gold // Imagine Dragons
  15. Glory // Jamie N Commons


“Did you ever see a dream dancing? Well, I did

Did you a ever see a dream romancing? Well, I did

Did you ever see heaven right in your arms, saying, “I love you, I do”

Well, the dream that was walking and the dream that was talking

And the heaven in my arms was you“

- Did you ever see a dream walking? (Eddy Duchin cover)

If you listen to Henry Hall’s version you can almost imagine it’s Edward singing :)

me preparing for long car trips: brings three different books, game boy, downloads fun apps, lots of activities,
me on long car trip: listens to a single song on repeat for two hours while staring out the window

In honor of the anniversary of the Tales series today (yesterday for some in later timezones), what was your first experience with the series? Mine was seeing Tales of the Abyss in an AMV on Youtube, which interested me enough that I decided to pick up the game. I thought Jade was a woman until the game introduced him and my favorite character in the beginning was Guy, but by the end it was EVERYONE. Then I found out there were more Tales games…years later…and now it’s my goal to play them all!

Write in the tags or reply with what your first experience was!