my soul is having a cardiac arrest

That overwhelming feeling of “fuuuuuck” when you realize you’re only A MONTH into hiatus and you have about 8 months to go. Just think about it; the entire summer, then the entire fall, then PAST christmas until spring. Snow on the ground will have come and gone before the show is back. We’ll be closer to summer ‘18 when the show comes back. Someone getting knocked up around this time will have had their baby by the time the show comes back. I will be a year older. I’m already having mini melt downs daily. Yet Clarke motherfucking Griffin spent 6 years talking to Bellamy, not knowing if he is alive or not. What was I doing 6 years ago, it’s been foreeeever! I’m a completely different person! Fuck, someone give me some of that Clarke Griffin strength and hope because I’m about to go into cardiac arrest right now just thinking about how long hiatus will be. Clarke and Bellamy will have spent over 6 years apart. Yeah guys, I’m about to internally combust. *Loud sounds in the distance*. What you are hearing right now, is the sound of my heart crashing, my lungs giving in, my head exploding and my soul leaving my body. This post was written from the other side.

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We need a master plan to prevent Sebastian from always looking so flawless. He needs to be stopped. He's a danger to society.

Not only to society, but to my physical and mental well being too. I swear, I nearly go into cardiac arrest everytime there is a new chapter out, and he manages to look even more perfect than from the previous one.

I also have this little theory, that the reason Sebastian continues to become more beautiful and alluring, is because his hunger is increasing. The hungrier he is, the more handsome - to lure those poor, gullible human beings towards him, so he may make a quick contract and then goodbye soul (never mind the fact, that Yana’s artskills have improved, that’s irrelevant in this case)

Zero to Kira (A Death Note Parody)
Zero to Kira (A Death Note Parody)

//Confession time: I have never been a big fan of Disney’s Hercules, mainly because child me had a special interest in Greek mythology and thus I have trouble getting past the fact the movie GOT IT ALL WRONG, THE HORROR. I do love this song, though, so I just had to give it the Death Note treatment.

Lyrics below the cut.

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hello i have a good friend (my nickname for her is travis and though that’s not integral to the story i think you should know we have mcelroy nicknames as well) who said that she had actually Had banana with the skin on?????and i almost went under cardiac arrest. she said it tasted like candles (she’s eaten that too this fool will see something and eat it immediately) and i’m worried about her

a) i love that you and your friends have mcelroy nicknames that warms my soul. 




I know it’s late in the game, but it’s time to tell you all why Revolution means so much to me. It’s time to tell you why I fight.

But before I start, I want to thank Nyxie for sharing HER STORY on Tumblr. I’ve been avoiding telling my story for a long time because it’s hard. But Nyxie was brave. And it’s time for me to be brave too. And I want to thank her for inspiring this in me, because I needed to do it even if no one ever, ever reads it.



In late September of 2012, my mom got sick with low potassium. We don’t know why it was low and we might never have known it was a problem if my sister hadn’t had a bad car accident. We were in the hospital with my sister, in the ER, when we noticed my mom’s lips were blue, even though she could breathe just fine. She said she was just worried about my sister and wanted to be there for her. Once my sister was released, we all—my sister included—convinced my mom to get checked out, because we just knew something wasn’t right. She barely had strength and she was cold even though it wasn’t cold.

Her blood pressure was 68/42. They started IVing her potassium and making her swallow giant white potassium pills, one after another, over and over because she was critically low.

She was in the hospital a week and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, but her levels went back up, so they let her out. They did suggest we take her to the other big hospital in town next time, because they would have more resources there.

A few days later and her symptoms were back. We take her to the other hospital and they said they would keep her. We thought she was finally in the best place for her.

My gran (my mom’s mom) and I visited her every day when she was in the hospital. Finally, she began to improve and they said she’d be able to go home on Monday and we were thrilled.

If you’ve ever stayed with anyone in the hospital for two weeks, barely having time to shower and always getting food out if you can get food at all, you know it makes you exhausted. So, Sunday, we thought we might rest because we wanted to be ready for her when she came home on Monday in case she had any specific needs or needed errands, etc.

The phone call

Because of everything that had been going on, we were behind on the shows we like—Revolution chief among them.

Monday morning, I called the desk and asked them when we could pick Mom up. They said give them a couple of hours, so we thought we’d watch the episodes of Revolution we missed On Demand while we ate our breakfast. The episode was 01x04, The Plague Dogs.

We were about fifteen minutes into the episode when the hospital called. I thought they were telling me to come get her.

I said something sassy like, “Let me guess: You’re ready for me to take her off your hands.”

The nurse was one who had taken care of my mom when she had a previous health scare when I was 14, ten years prior. She knew me and she told me to sit down. I said no. She said sit down. I said no.

She told me my mom slumped over in her chair and they were “working” on her. I asked what did that mean.

She wouldn’t say it outright. So, I just blurted, “IS MY MOM ALIVE?!

Her answer: “I don’t know.”

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