my sonic collection


this is the scariest episode they’ve done since PT

So… here’s my whole Sonic the hedgehog collection! I’ve been collecting since I was 11 (I’m turning 16 this year!) I’m looking forward to get a Blaze the cat Plushie and a Sticks figure until next year, I’m really proud of my collection so far and I just wanted to share it :)


That is a very nice collection indeed. I adore the Tails beanie. ^_^ Thank you for sharing with us. 

~Mod Nerd


look what i GOT omg sonic soo dam cute >\\•\<
these are the build the bear work shop sonic and tails
i got the online exclusive good ring and sonic team paint ouo
i have yet to get the sound chip and the super cute t shirt but i will in due time
if u walk on by the shop please go get them before they get sold out like the the pokémon eve